The Murder Weapon

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For those who have reached the second act of the first episode of "The Wolf Among Us" (and also the ending...) we now know that the victims are being beheaded in some gruesome manner by an unknown killer.

So far, Bigby has deduced that a beheading in this manner could only be accomplished by something sharp (brilliant deduction) or something magic. At this point, there are several potential murder weapons, all leading back to specific individuals.

The first, and most obvious, is the Woodsman's ax. The Woodsman is the last person (aside from Bigby) we know who saw Faith, and the weapon has both a sharp edge and a druid rune etched on it, thus meeting both criteria. We don't know, however, if this was the weapon used, or if it was the Woodsman who used it.

The second hint comes in the form of the storybook in Crane's office. Here we are treated to two different potential weapons: The first was the image of Ichabod Crane fleeing from the Headless Horseman. We've heard theories about how the heads are intended as a message to Bigby, though I suspect that they are intended for Ichabod Crane as a means to undermine his power and authority. Given Crane's backstory, these decapitations may allude to his encounter with the Headless Horseman. Crane is also not that popular with the community and thus has enemies.

The second weapon referenced in Crane's office was Excalibur, when we are studying the books. Though this is only an image and we have yet to see the physical blade, it fits the description as the murder weapon and shouldn't be ruled out.

The next weapon was the knife found in Lawrence's apartment. This, by far, is the most incriminating weapon, as it is found next to the blood-stained bed and the comatose Lawrence. Faith could very well have been killed in that room while lying on that bed with that knife. But the weapon was left there after a fresh kill, and we had confirmed that Lawrence had been rotting for about a week. This is most likely a set-up by another suspect.

The final weapon is one that is neither referenced or seen...but the infamous blade of Bluebeard (the one used to decapitate his former brides) makes him suspect...though once again, I feel that someone is working behind to scene to implicate Fabletown's most wealthy and influential individuals and systematically remove them...and so, the question here is, what is to be gained by these murders, and who profits the most?


  • From observing Faith's head, the cut is clean, so that absolutely rules out the knife. You don't cut a head with one single, clean blow, using a knife : you would have to saw your way through the flesh, leaving multiple cuts and a much less clean work.

    Unless the knife is magic of course and cuts through flesh like butter.

  • The Vorpal Blade is shown in the book of symbols as well. If you flip backward, it's on the first page, I belive. That definitely made me think that they had a reason for showing it.

  • I doubt the Vorpal Blade is it. The mention was just a cheeky comic mention.

    The Woodsman's Axe is my guess for the murder weapon at the moment. We don't see the Woodsman with it when he's stumbling down the street or at the bar, its a magical and very sharp axe and I think that's what the Tweedle brothers were looking for.

  • Not sure what I think. I don't have any official opinion on who the killer is or what the weapon was yet. Hard to rule much out with so little evidence given by the end of Episode 1. I did think it was interesting that they had the drawing of the Vorpal Blade in the book at all. In a way it also has a connection to the Tweedles, since it does come from Carroll's writings, just like they do. But maybe I'm reaching. ;)

    I also thought it was interesting that they made it a point to say that the Woodsman's Axe was blessed. Since that's not actually ever mentioned in folklore that I'm aware of, I'm guessing there's a reason why the writers added that detail. It may come up again later.

  • well the ax maybe it but not in the hands of the woodsman Lawrence body can be found alive if you go to him first and there maybe be some exert thing to do but the fact the choice say what happen to Lawrence and made it out with him alive and i thing Excalibur is in the canes office

  • I thought about Bluebeard "the bride killer" as the murderer... as for a weapon you can't rule out the obvious magical Ax of the woodsman, since it vanishes off the street and Woody didn't have it a trip trap... Maybe the game is going to play into a Headless Horseman kinda of tale with an unseen Horseman ax... maybe. That would tie in Crain as being involved, but I don't think he's the type of character to get his hands dirty... the killings would have to be committed by someone else...

  • I'm leaning towards the knife at Lawrence's apartment since it is one of the few weapons that were moved to stage the scene and it does look magical. Bluebeard has a ton of magical weapons which would make him suspect #1 or 2. Any blade in the books which are in the Business Office "Crane's office". Woody's ax is also possible and it looks like Woody found his ax if you went after Dee.

  • I don't see how the Headless Horseman could be involved. I understand that he decapitated heads, but didn't he usually collect them?

  • Never saw or read the headless horsemen, just want to point out a pointless detail that so far the victims r females...

  • then how comes snow whites head gets chopped of when bigsby gets the knife from prince lawance apartment

  • Bigby doesn't pick it up

  • You can't jus checkout these magical artifacts such as the Vorpal blade from the Fabletown vaults, there are laws prohibiting the use of these weapons, and only the Witches Council or those in administration such as the Deputy Mayor have access or have even studied how to wield them.

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