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    The title is a spoiler, so you should edit it.

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    I actually literally just saw this scene in my game, and that was my first thought. I wondered why more people didn't suggest Kenny'd survived by going through one of the windows. We saw zombies break through some of them. There's also the fact that, when you see the zombies from Christa's point of view, they don't seem to be down and chowing, but all moving towards something, like perhaps an escaping Kenny.

    • Also if you listen carefully you here a thump after Kenny runs off. Perhaps he was breaking the board. I didn't even notice this till someone watching my video commented on it.

  • I have one question about this, is the building from the talki walkie (without ben) the same as the building with the black windows in the alley ( where ben does die )?

  • Too good to be true. I believe he's dead though I don't want him to be

    EDIT: Was it you who made the other video of Kenny being alive (on the rooftop)? It's not in your channel, saw it 1 or 2 weeks ago.

  • Yeah after he shoots ben he runs to the left side and you can hear punching sounds like he fought his way out of the walkers.

  • Kenny's death (or non-death) has been something of a hot topic among fans. Some feel Kenny should be killed simply because they hate him as a character. Others think Kenny shouldn't be allowed to return because he wouldn't have anything to contribute to S2...but we don't even KNOW what S2 is about, at least until later today.

    In any case, good insightful video.

    • I don't hate him as a character in fact i think his character evolved pretty decently throughout the game, however i can't think of a way of bringing him back without making an unrealistic scenario on how he escaped the dark room full of walker/alley full of walkers.

      The Kenny we met back at the farm in EP 1, wouldn't have jumped down to help christa/stayed with ben, that alone shows how much he changed at that point. Being alive would somehow belittle that "retribution" he had in ep. 5.

      • I personnaly think that showing kenny in the first or second episode would be a fail if it's not to show his death.
        I think that we'll meet him at Tavia's community with the new characters if he's not dead !

      • He could have simply gone down some stairs. Maybe when he stopped talking, he actually fell to another floor or something. It's a dark room almost anything could have happened.

        Thanks for replying and God bless.

    • Thanks. I think Kenny would have a lot to add to S2, especially if he's in Tavia's camp.

      God bless.

  • Ok, so in my case my relationship with Kenny was Rubish... I waas allways against him, and only supported with the idea of the boat, in every other thing I aws against him. But i guess that I would like for kenny to be alive, even though I really was against him most of the time and he just came with me to the hospital because I shoot Duck... But it will be fun if he survived, and now I'm really jopping that s he's alive.
    Justn for statistics my favourite charatchers where (besides Lee and Clem...) Ben, Omid, Lilly and Carley. But I guess Ben really had to die, and Carley had to die too because only one of the charatchers from episode 1 (besides Lee and Clem) could get to the ending of the season...

  • What I forgot to mention in the video was that at the end of the game when you see everyone's cards Kenny's is the only one that doesn't say he died. It said he was lost in a herd of walkers. Something to think about.

    • Doesn't it say "lost to the herd"? That's a little different than "in the herd".

      Still this video makes a lot more sense then many others who just say he's alive, because they want him to be. Or even worse the ones that want to prove that Lee's alive. Even in the scenario where Clem shoots him

      • I actually made one of those is Lee really dead videos. Yeah I guess it's different, but still I found it strange that he's the only one that says lost. I mean technically Doug's or Carley's could have said lost too since they died in a similar way, but they say died.

        God bless.

  • I'm glad someone else thought that the reason Kenny gave that whole speech wasn't for him to basically kill himself five minutes after.

    • Yeah. One thing about telltale is they love to have a character say something that hints to something in the future. I think the speech was to show us he would never give up.

      God bless.

  • nice job, i signed into youtube just to like and sub.

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