• Showed him mercy, I never kick someone while theyre down

  • I have two saves. The first is all the decisions I made according to my first instincts and in that save, I left him alone, enough. My second save is the polar opposite, it's all the decisions I wouldn't normally pick and that part was definitely dark.

  • Hell I ripped it off and do not regret it.He was so annoying not to mention she called snow a bitch.I even wanted same treatment for Dee.There is literally no one I would want to be nice in that game.Only Toad's son and snow are ok,and now that snow is dead I'm pretty sure I wont be nice to anybody.They literally want you to punch them in the face.Woodsman seems like he is changed for better but I have yet to see it.In the end I might try to play it again just to not rip his arm off,but hell I do not regret it at all.

  • Nah, I left him, I kinda wanted to patch things up with Woody and I know Bigby wanted to change as well

  • I left him alone. I figured Bigby didn't need any more enemies then he already had, and that things would be harder for Bigby down the line if I ripped Gren's arm off. Plus, I'd feel bad doing that haha..

  • If it wasn't for Woody begging , I would rip his arm off without thinking for even a second .
    I want Woody to trust me and terrifying him wouldn't help me in that

  • For me, I was just like, "Oh shit, can I actually do that?" And I did it out of child like wonder.

    • That's hilarious--I was the same way. Telltalle pretty much made this a foregone conclusion by making it the first option presented. I read that and then didn't even see anything else.

      On top of that, Bigby was wolfing out, so I thought it was a good opportunity to finally go pretty big and pretty bad.

      That said, I almost immediately started regretting it--especially once I heard him sobbing. And I got to thinking I probably stepped out of character just for the sake of seeing something crazy.

  • I ripped off his arm the first time round and then I replayed for the book of Fables.

  • Wish or hope their becomes a option in future episodes for him to become a bro/friend/ol buddy ol pal.

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