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Screen Resolution question

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I have a question about the screen Resolution in SBCG4AP, what is the best Resolution to use? I have tried them all and they all have different graphics,
the highest is the slowest and the graphics look cartoony, the second highest is normal graphics yet it's still slow, the lowest is good but the graphics look all fuzzy and weird lookings. It also makes Snake Boxer slower and the mouse is smaller. So which one do you think is better?
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  • I just use the native resolution of my monitor. Right click your desktop, go to Personalize (I think it's called Properties on XP), then click Display Settings and see what resolution you've got. For example, I run my game and monitor at 1680x1050.
  • mine is 1024by768, so what Resolution would be the best for my monitor?
  • If you've got your monitor set as 1024x768, then I suggest running the game at that too. :) If the game doesn't have that as an option, pick the closest one to it that you can.
  • That would be the highest screen resolution in the game, yet it's slow and it has a small mouse.
  • The game only lets you pick resolutions that your monitor can handle, so that's why. I'm not sure why it'd be going slow, though... perhaps your computer cannot handle running the game that high. Did Sam & Max run smoothly for you in that resolution?
  • Yes, it ran fine, so i don't know why it runs so bad with Strong Bad.
  • Perhaps your computer lacks the advancedness to handle all the super-fancy shaderiffic effects?
  • buy some ram. i've had slowdown issues with telltale's games before and then i upgraded my memory and now they run smoothly.
  • TrogLlama;86456 said:
    Perhaps your computer lacks the advancedness to handle all the super-fancy shaderiffic effects?
    I don't think so, Sam & Max has the same graphics, sort of.
  • Strong Bad has different stuff going on with the graphics than Sam & Max did, to achieve the cartoony look, so it makes your video card work harder.

    You could try setting your resolution to 1024x768 and setting graphics quality to low - that might speed things up for you.

    If not, bump the resolution down to 800x600 and set the quality back on high.

    There's really no "best" resolution. You should use whichever one looks best (to you) and performs best on your PC.
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