Omid and Christa had the Baby?

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In the new season, it says that many months have gone by. This probably means an upwards of 10 or 12. By this time Christa would have had Omid's child. There is a high possibility that we will see them, whether if they are dead or alive is unknown.

I had an awesome thought that will most likely be not real and super far fetched. However what if Clementine finds Omid and Christa, and if/when they die they already had a baby. What if Clem had to protect that baby? I dunno, just a thought, what do you think?


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    I don't think she was pregnant, but if she was, Christa slamming a bunch of liquor couldn't have been good for it... But really the only thing that makes me believe it's possible she was pregnant was that she knew what the sonogram was and then cried about the other pregnant girl from Crawford.

    EDIT Thats a cool theory though it would be interesting to see Clem as the protector.

  • Its not a theory, Lee outright says to Christa when crossing that metal beam in episode 5. "I got a guy with a bum knee, and you are carrying for two, I have nothing to lose." Or something along those lines.

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    I just played through episodes 4 and 5 yesterday too, I must have missed that. I'll have to replay it to see what you mean.

    EDIT: I just played through that part of episode 5 again, i don't know how i missed that! Chances are that your definitely right. Now that I know that she was pregnant, your theory seems pretty likely to me because it would continue the protector theme. Maybe depending on what we taught Clem, she could protect the baby in different ways. Or maybe Omid and Christa are still alive, but never met up with them, and season 2 could be partly the journey of finding them, and maybe the baby is born in the finale of season 2. So many possibilities if they bring Christa back.

  • She's totally pregnant. Omid and Christa discuss that they might need people around, "what about when ...?", before Lee climbs up to them on their first meeting. They are so happy that you can have children around in the zombie apocalypse. Look how excited Omid is, when he sees Clementine. The throwing up because of "the smell". In the drinking scene she's hesitant to take the bottle but drinking once isn't that bad, and they were probably dying anyway. She knowing what the sonogram is, is a small point but not the strongest. Who doesnt know what a sonogram is?

    People were speculating from the beginning. At least after epsiode 4. And in the end of episode 5 Lee "outed" her, so to speak.

  • I never caught Christa being pregnant out of all the times I played this game. Somebody had to mention it to me for me to get it. I've never actually seen someone pregnant in real life so I am completely unaware of what symptoms they go through.

  • Being a Christa and Omid fangirl, I hope that if Christa does have the baby, or if they aren't dead, they won't "pull a Lori" on her. I have read several fanfics where she's pregnant during the apocalypse, but only one had her actually survive. That makes me sad.

  • My guess is actually that Omid DOESN'T know, why? Because in Episode 5, when Lee asks "How are you?", Christa says "It's nothing..." and Omid says "What's nothing?".

  • I think omid doesn't know about Christa being pregnant (wich she obviously is), because of all the lines and behaviours they have. Being a Psychology major I find this game really interesting because of this, I can really analyse the charatcher because they really have a personality ;) About the pregnancie, Omid didn't knew because of everything he says, and dispite some people telling that he shows a great concern for her, that indicates that he knows... I mena, she is his grilfrend, my girlfriend can take care of her own, but in this scenario I would care a lot about her too, she didn't needed to be pregnant... I'm guessing only one of them shows with the baby, for the emotional impact in the game.

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    Omid does so know, that she's pregnant. He's the one wanting to find a group "for when..." If you save him first in the train scene, he says "Not me. Save her. Can't you tell she's..." and then being interrupted by Christa. In the throwing up scene he's immediately saying "Are you sure? I mean.."- "I'm fine" (all from memory so maybe the phrasing is different, but yeah he knows)

    edit: All of these situations viewed as single occurences could mean just caring for his girlfriend. But put them all together, I say it's a safe bet to say Omid knows.

  • I don't know about this scene. But the other points in the game make me think he does know. See a few comments below.

  • He seemed to know from what i've seen. I have a bad feeling though that if Omid and Christa are in season 2, that they wont make it. I hate to think this but i know how TWD writers like to toy with our emotions. It would be cool if we got to help protect her through season 2. I think it'd be interesting to see how Clem would help take care of a pregnant woman during the zombie apocalypse, being as young as she is.

  • Yeah Omid totally knows about it, you can tell there is something he knows with christa that Christa doesn't want to tell everyone, no brainer. definitely curious whats going to happen to them.

  • just curious where did you see that it said several months have passed,I think i missed something.

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    Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.

    From the description of the teaser released by Telltale (youtube : The Walking Dead Season 2 Reveal Trailer)

  • thanks!! there was way more info on the youtube video than on telltales own page with the trailer

  • I thought she was saying she was caring for two( Clem and Omid ). It never crossed my mind that she might be saying carrying for two( Baby and herself?). Interesting.

  • I honestly think it would be interesting to see what would happen if Christa ended up dying in childbirth. While I don't want to see any more characters killed off (I want it to happen, but you know what I mean), Omid kinda played second fiddle to Christa. It would be interesting to see how he would survive on his own while taking care of a baby (possibly inside the settlement?)

  • I can't wait to see if they survived

  • Omid know because that's what they're arguing about in the when you first meet them at the top of the bridge in Episode 3.

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    My guess is that he knows about the baby, but he didn't expect Christa to start showing so many, I guess you could say "Symptoms" so soon. I suppose he is afraid that the baby would be born at a bad time, or simply the thought of trying to raise one in this kind of savage world. That, or he suspects that she doesn't want to raise the baby like this, and Christa might think that aborting the baby would be a mercy compared to the world they are in. Omid might be afraid that she would abort the baby, and Christa is afraid to have the baby. That "What's nothing?" might be him panicking about her trying to abort the baby, or suspects she tried to abort the baby.

    EDIT: I bet that it may be a choice in Season Two to either abort the baby or save the baby... seems to be a rather controversial choice to be implemented, but again, its a possibility, and frankly, gets people thinking of morals, ethics, and mercies. Would you want to raise a baby in this kind of world, or save the baby the pain of living in this world... could really be a hard decision, no matter what your stance on abortion is.
    Just a thought. Far fetched? Maybe. Can't rule out that possibility, though.

  • Omid didn't say "Can't you tell she's-" he said "You son of a bitch, she's a woman, don't you know-". Still could be a possibility with either one.

  • She probably had the baby and found Tavia's community because it's hard to wander with a baby.

  • She's not pregnant

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