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  • Took another look at the picture in the book. I don't see a ribbon on Red. Are you sure you're not looking at the clasp on her cloak?

    Beauty does have what looks like a ribbon around her neck, but it doesn't look pink to me. More like gold. I doubt it's related.

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    As I said before: Clue 1: After saving faith... You ask who her employer is... she states "her lips are sealed... (due to an enchant

  • You are either getting that info from the comics (which I have not read) or you are making assumptions. It was incorrect of me to say he "must" have glamour, but it is still a possibility. Bigby is annoyed with Colin for leaving the farm, which makes us think he has no glamour. But, there was no dialogue between the two about Colin running through the streets as a pig. And, as far as I know, being sent to the farm doesn't prohibit you from getting glamour. My suspicions remain intact!

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    He must have glamour in order to get off the farm from time to time! Not really. That's why Bigby gets so annoyed with him leaving the Farm. He just runs through the streets as a pig before anyone can stop him.

  • Thank you for your answer.

  • Probably she didn't want to involve anyone before Bigby investigate crime scene. Spreading hysteria would be bad for buisness.
    And yes, Grimble's naps are like mostly part of his job.

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    hm.. does he always sleep through every damn thing? Why didn't snow wake him?

  • Yep. All that running as a pig was in comics.

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    You are either getting that info from the comics (which I have not read) or you are making assumptions. It was incorrect of me to sa

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    I think behind the story there are doppelgangers for example the "ginger guy" appearing in multiple places & powerfull spells that alter reality like make people forget stuff. When bigby goes to hes appartment he says he doesn't remember orderding chinese food it might have been colin or it really proves that he has a "black" memory as I call it another "black" memory momment is when he asks faith if he knows her and she says maybe "everyone knew each other at one point" so everyone forgot each other for some reason even as snow said there arent so many fables out there. So idk tbh if this has to do really with the story but it's a theory :P

  • lol btw I just noticed that the "wolf" at the end looks really alot like King Cole even if it doesn't make any sense if the story has to do with the comics. But snows "death" doesn't make any sense either so idk they might change the story alot. Things might turn out completly different then we think.

  • Even tough i think the comics and the game is like parallel universes the character are pretty much exactly the same and King Cole is not really werewolfish and i dont even think he ever gets mad in the comic book

    lol btw I just noticed that the "wolf" at the end looks really alot like King Cole even if it doesn't make any sense if the story ha

  • Here's a comic book spoiler: Snow White kills the dwarves before coming to Fabletown

  • I almost feel like the killer is beauty. I was wondering what she was doing hiding from us then saying she has to go to a meeting. Maybe she just went around the corner then came back to survey the area because she likes bigby more than beast. I haven't read the comics so maybe I'm wrong. If you think about, all the girls killed either were attracted to Bigby or Bigby was attracted to them. That's my opinion though.

  • I still think Toad did it, bastard.

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    Bluebeard is by far too easy.
    I mean it's only Episode 1 and it screams like it's his doing already.Because it's his MO it's too easy an answer given far too early.

    Same goes for Woody.He has the Axe.Because he has the Axe it's also too easy cause who wouldn't suspect a big guy with an axe in a serial killer case involving beheading?Especially when he beat one of the victims hours before.Correct me if I'm wrong but when the Mirror shows him, wasn't Woody missing his Axe and downright Groggy?

    Whatever happened to Red Riding Hood I wonder?

  • Well Woody is completely ruled out as a suspect since snow's head was cut off and he dint seem to do it.

  • I actually meant Ichabod Crane sry xd

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    Even tough i think the comics and the game is like parallel universes the character are pretty much exactly the same and King Cole is not really werewolfish and i dont even think he ever gets mad in the comic book

  • I actually thought that, and he coulda've killed Faith, but he couldn't killed Snow. What if someone who liked Faith, discovered Bigby was responsible, so he found out that he kinda liked Snow, and then that guy/gal decapitated Snow. Just a theorie.

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    Comic Book talk below

    Here's my view on things, I'm not taking into consideration possible characters that haven't been mentioned or introduced yet.

    Well, first of all I'm fairly positive Bigby, Snow White, Grimble, Colin, Bufkin, Mr Toad, T.J. and the Magic Mirror are completely out of the question. They didn't do it either because they're unable, because they have no motive or because its obvious it would collide with the comic canon.

    Beauty and the Beast are a weird case, I don't put them out of the equation despite the fact it'd go against comic Canon, Beauty because of her lamia character (Fairest #7 is where they talk about that, I believe) and Beast because he can be uncontrolled at times. Might not be the killers but might be conspiring or helping them. I don't think they're responsible for the murder but I have a gut feeling they will end up being tied to them with the current drama they're having. It will somehow tie in with the serial killings.

    Ichabod Crane could be the killer or conspiring with the killer, we all know he's scum and we know he will get fired from his position and exiled from Fabletown (he claims it was because Snow White made stuff up but it was never clear on why it happened, maybe for being involved in the murder?), that said, I don't think he is. I think his position in the story is to be the foil and the distraction to Bigby's investigation.

    The Woodsman is the obvious number 1 suspect at this point, but would he really be the killer? I doubt it, I think he was believable and I think he's the classic red herring for the mystery stories. Although sometimes the blatant red herring ends up being the actual killer, I don't think that's the case here.

    The Tweedle brothers are also suspects but I think neither of them are the killers. They are on to some shady stuff but they also seem to be investigating the murders on their own, they were around looking for info and trying to find out what's going on, as well as trying to get something from the Woodsman (his magical axe? It has a good chance of being the murder weapon. Both magical and sharp)

    Holly and Grendel could be involved, but I have no reason to suspect either one of them. They were more about the overall plot than the actual murder mystery.

    Bluebeard is a very interesting case, for once, despite being outside of the country, he could easily arrange someone else to work for him (or he could be lying and actually be in Fabletown doing the killing), the M.O. matches up even if its not about "brides" anymore. He's in the list yet is so out of the picture that I think he might be seriously involved in the killings. Plus, it wouldn't really clash with the comic canon. Bluebeard could easily be involved and get out of it at the end, as long as he's not the ultimate culprit of the story. He has ways to do that kind of stuff while getting away with it and this is a story about welfare and its social effects, so it fits right in.

    The Pimp (I'm sure he's Georgie Porgie at this point) is the main suspect right now, when we meet him on the second episode I'm sure there will be reasons to trust him, but as of now, he's my go-to guy responsible for the killings.

    The Red Headed Guy is also another really good suspect, my only questions about him are meta-gamey. Would Telltale really not expect the community to notice him? Would they really make it that obvious to those who keep up with the forums who the killer is? Its already episode 1 and we have proof he's everywhere. It could also be model recycling (for example, it was really weird to have him sitting down before the couch in the chase scene, what was up with that?) but the Shepard tie doesn't point that way, so who knows? He's a mystery to me.

    Last, but not least, there are two names that are being overlooked, in my opinion: Faith and Prince Lawrence. Faith looked a bit suspicious when we first met her in the episode, yes, she was being controlled by magic but my gut told me there was more than meets the eye. I am reminded of when she said "See you around, wolf" as she leaves the scene. Could she somehow have faked her death as well as Snow White's? Is the real crime about to happen soon by her hands? Is there no actual murder and this is all a ruse?

    Prince Lawrence is easily the most overlooked suspect in this mystery, and he shouldn't be. He is crazily devoted to Faith and is a bit insane. We know for a fact he can't be responsible (at least on his own) for Snow White's death, either because he's in the hospital or because he's dead, but Faith? I can believe it. The assumption is that he stood in his room for the entire week after shooting himself, but why must that be the case? Yes, he could be unconscious the entire week, but he could also not be. What if he shot himself, woke up in a franzy, went to kill Faith (the blood would be dry by then, so aside from the stench he could have not left too many marks if he worked at night) and then went back to his chair. Its very contrived, but its possible. The second murder (Snow White's) could be a copycat killing from someone else or a ruse by someone (after all, we know Snow can't be dead)

  • I actually noticed that the silhouetted cab driver is the ginger guy. When you get dropped off at the bar and Snow White stays in the cab, he's the one driving the cab. Along with the evidence of him EVERYWHERE, I really think it's him.

  • He is suicidal, true. He cares about Faith though and wanted to kill himself because of the fact they were poor. He forgot to take his gold with him. The prime suspect at the ending would be Tweedle Dee and Dum to get that conclusion to make sense Lawrence needs to be alive, you ask Toad where the Tweedle went and you will notice that Tweedle Dee didn't have blood on him after the chase yet has blood after it.

  • This is a crazy theory, but what if the reason all of this is happening is because Bluebeard wants to take control of Fabletown? The decapitated heads fit his description and he seems like the evil type.

    Who's to say that Bluebeard didn't hire Dee and Dum to stall Bigby (which is why they always seem to be wherever Bigby goes). While they do that Bluebeard put pressure on Ichabod on the fact that Bigby can't seem to protect the people of Fabletown and urges people that if he was in charge the case would be solved already.

    We already know "Glamour" changes the appearance of Fables to fit in with the rest of the "mundies". We also know from Toad that Glamour is expensive. But for a man like Bluebeard who is got (presumably) a lot of money that wouldn't be an issue and he could put a Glamour spell on something to make it seem like someone had killed Faith/Snow.

    It doesn't really make sense, I know, but think about it. In the Ep.4 preview Bluebeard is standing by Ichabod's desk looking smug and Ep. 5 is called "Cry Wolf".

  • Major comic Spoiler:
    From the comics Bluebeard does not change his MO. However we find out what actually happened in episode 2 and Bigby is ready to throw Crane down the withing well and Bigby knows where Snow is every second. Bigby probably dies in episode 2 because in the comics he lives a long time but has died 1 time that wasn't counted and The Wolf Among Us is before the comics. Speaking of the comics the North Wind only comes to the Farm, ever since Bigby tried to get revenge, when Snow White gives birth. I think episodes 1 and 2 are up until the comic, everyone is found and revived.

  • I new since the beginning that it has to be the ginger, I see around all of the crime scenes and he was walking away from faith's head when bigby and snow are going to investigate.

  • Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

  • Who else thinks the Wolf is the killer? I mean, it is called "The Wolf Among Us".

  • I was wondering if anyone else had the same idea I did. My reasoning was much simpler: the title of the work (The Wolf Among Us).

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    Most of you give various suspects that make sense, but my theory goes that Bigby is the one we are looking for Why? Several things

  • I think it's bigby's father keeping close taps on him. N bigby's father might be a mage or some magical creature. Remember bigby's father did turn himself as a wolf... (Tho it could be prince charming is actually bigby's father) Bigby's father would have tha power to go around fable freely with out notices.

  • Comic Spoilers

    Bigby's father never visited Fabletown or the Farm until Bigby and Snow White had kids. He won't be in the game but he knows where Bigby is and what Bigby feels.

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    I think it's bigby's father keeping close taps on him. N bigby's father might be a mage or some magical creature. Remember bigby's f

  • The idea popped into my head, but why wouldn't Toad tell Bigby he was a wolf and attacked Toad (and for that matter, why didn't Bigby just eat Toad and his son)? And as BlankCanvasDJ said, he left her already, being busy with Grendel and which suspect to catch. The possibility of Bigby killing Faith would make sense in the beginning, but with Lawrence and Toad being attacked, along with Snow White's beheading, I doubt Bigby would be a suspect. But hey, Telltale may just prove me wrong.

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    Most of you give various suspects that make sense, but my theory goes that Bigby is the one we are looking for Why? Several things

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    The dwarves must be very short then. The chair didn't look too high to me and to get a bullet at that angle, the person, assuming it was a dwarf, must have been really short. Haha just my two cents on the dwarf theory.

  • Then why did she say nevermind, just like she says nevermind after saying "and that's me back when". Most likely the boy who cried wolf is dead, killed by Snow White.

  • They already did it with "Welcome to my playhouse of the bizarre" / "The Devil's Playhouse." I don't think they'd do it again with "there's a killer among us" / "The Wolf Among Us" imo.

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    Who else thinks the Wolf is the killer? I mean, it is called "The Wolf Among Us".

  • Anyways, It might be tha gingered guy. he appers on episode 1 quite a lot. U can first see him right at tha beginning be for bigby entry toad's apartment it's on tha right hand of tha screen. N he appers more on with snow N bigby N so on... N tha last person to see her alive is him in tha taxi cab. Tho, we still need more to fully see if it's him or some behind tha scene. But right now that guy is questionable

  • ... I honestly think that Woody is going to die, maybe he won't be the killer. I'm going off of Jack of Fables Crossover when Bigy fights Jack in the dinner and Jack makes that Woodsman comment, Bigby growls "Have you seen that woodcutter lately?"
    Then Crain... he get excommunicated...
    I KNOW Crain has his hand in this murder... Theres something or someone missing to tie it together
    wtf is up with Beauty and the Beast I think I'm going to regret some choices I made..

  • The Ginger Dude is my pick and makes sense, he's the last one you see with Snow and he's unassuming enough. With the fact that so many people suspect him already they'll likely have to make a rewrite if it was in fact him. It's also possible they haven't even introduced the killer yet. I was even suspecting Crane at first but seems less likely now.

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    I think Beauty will kill Woody. Either way Bigby fights Beast, Beast wins and Bigby changes to near wolf form to heal.

  • I think it's going to be the headless horsemen, but there is something more to it. The real villain hasn't revealed him/herself yet.

  • Frog knows a lot of things

  • Grendel is a suspect to hiding something... Take a look at his face when he gets angry at Bigby for cutting the line in front of the office. Not a scratch. Take a look at his face in the bar... something injured his eye... the question is what...

  • He ain't hiding anything. Bigby did not cut the line but did his job. Grendel was going to report that Holly's sister is missing like an idiot he goes to the acting mayor rather than to Bigby who is the sheriff. His eye ain't injured as Telltale staff have already mentioned that Grendel's glamour was wearing off.

  • Fables Spoilers??(not really though) I just want to point out that just because this game is a 'prequel' doesn't mean it is following the comics, the most obvious fact is that Snow is super definitely alive in the comics and is a prominent character throughout it... So right now my bet is something to do with Bluebeard.

  • Telltale said they are following the comics storyline. From what I see it's more of the spinoffs. Fairest spinoff reveals what Beauty is doing. If it didn't follow the storyline Bluebeard would not have anything to do with what's happening now. Others already pointed out the doorman's tale, which would explain Snow White being alive in the comics.

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