• Being a Christa and Omid fangirl, I hope that if Christa does have the baby, or if they aren't dead, they won't "pull a Lori" on her. I have read several fanfics where she's pregnant during the apocalypse, but only one had her actually survive. That makes me sad.

  • I think omid doesn't know about Christa being pregnant (wich she obviously is), because of all the lines and behaviours they have. Being a Psychology major I find this game really interesting because of this, I can really analyse the charatcher because they really have a personality ;) About the pregnancie, Omid didn't knew because of everything he says, and dispite some people telling that he shows a great concern for her, that indicates that he knows... I mena, she is his grilfrend, my girlfriend can take care of her own, but in this scenario I would care a lot about her too, she didn't needed to be pregnant... I'm guessing only one of them shows with the baby, for the emotional impact in the game.

    • Omid does so know, that she's pregnant. He's the one wanting to find a group "for when..." If you save him first in the train scene, he says "Not me. Save her. Can't you tell she's..." and then being interrupted by Christa. In the throwing up scene he's immediately saying "Are you sure? I mean.."- "I'm fine" (all from memory so maybe the phrasing is different, but yeah he knows)

      edit: All of these situations viewed as single occurences could mean just caring for his girlfriend. But put them all together, I say it's a safe bet to say Omid knows.

  • He seemed to know from what i've seen. I have a bad feeling though that if Omid and Christa are in season 2, that they wont make it. I hate to think this but i know how TWD writers like to toy with our emotions. It would be cool if we got to help protect her through season 2. I think it'd be interesting to see how Clem would help take care of a pregnant woman during the zombie apocalypse, being as young as she is.

  • Yeah Omid totally knows about it, you can tell there is something he knows with christa that Christa doesn't want to tell everyone, no brainer. definitely curious whats going to happen to them.

  • just curious where did you see that it said several months have passed,I think i missed something.

    • Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.

      From the description of the teaser released by Telltale (youtube : The Walking Dead Season 2 Reveal Trailer)

  • I thought she was saying she was caring for two( Clem and Omid ). It never crossed my mind that she might be saying carrying for two( Baby and herself?). Interesting.

  • I honestly think it would be interesting to see what would happen if Christa ended up dying in childbirth. While I don't want to see any more characters killed off (I want it to happen, but you know what I mean), Omid kinda played second fiddle to Christa. It would be interesting to see how he would survive on his own while taking care of a baby (possibly inside the settlement?)

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    I can't wait to see if they survived

  • She probably had the baby and found Tavia's community because it's hard to wander with a baby.

  • She's not pregnant

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