• Something I wonder : does Bigby's face looks more bruised after your fight with the Woodsman if you took all the punches and (possibly) razor slashes ?

  • It was funny. Definitely can't wait to read in the future.

  • I hope you are going to continue that with next episodes on the same lazy save? In other way it wouldn't have sense.

  • That would be hilarious if he just solved the entire mystery by doing absolutely nothing in the episodes.
    Bigby: I caught the murder Crane.
    Crane: Oh, so you have. Do you have any evidence
    Bigby: No, he just kinda showed up at the end and told me he was the murderer, to be honest I wasn't even trying this entire time.

  • I did the silent sheriff and the lazy sheriff playthrough both on a single save, BINGO!

  • You were right.I AM disturbed. :/

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