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Suggestions on how to improve the forums

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 79.3K users
I made this thread so people can discuss how the fourms can be improved so i'll start off.

I think the classics part of the thread should be back in the main menu of the fourms with all the rest of the forums topics because since they are in the classics hardly anyone ever replys anymore to them.
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    ImSnowWhite BANNED

    Just ban the Hate on azlyn threads guy Boombox cheetos and the other trolls are cooler and show up once in a month this dude just keeps making accounts to hate on that girl

    • I've never seen such a pathetic excuse for trolling in my life. Hell, that thread made me actually embrace "Boombox cheetos" and that certain appreciation thread a while back...

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        SaltLick305 BANNED

        Everyone prefers Boombox cheetos, He's actually a troll you enjoy making fun of because he is a funny bastard but these other " I HATE AZLYN HEHEHH" and " 28 ways to kill Clementine " just suck.

        • I always wondered, is the guy who keeps posting that video "28 ways to kill Clementine" the actual guy who recorded it? I remember back when ep 1 was released someone posted another video like that claiming he made it. Either way, I agree that some trolls can be funny sometimes. Where is a good troll when you need him?

  • I have an easier solution. STOP FUCKING TALKING TO THEM. They're not even trolls, they're just flaming and EVERY time they get 20 people to bark back. Just ignore them, they'll get bored. In my book, everyone that responds to them are just as bad as they are.

  • @BlueEagleMan quotes:

    "Trolls are like any machine, you dont speak to them when they reply to you, you dont reply to them, and they leave you alone." -Wise Walter 2014

    Exactly, remember @Zyphon? He was one of the few brutal victims of the troll/s stalking him. He'd get at least 4 downvotes on every post he makes regardless of what it was. It was a tragedy... and I felt real sorry for the guy...but you know what he did? He just brushed it off and eventually, the troll/s got bored and left him alone for good.

  • In 2014 ip bans are useless, a 12 year old would have no problem using a proxy.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    @Maximus123458 wrote:
    I know, i sound like a bitch lately, with all my complaints about this community, but here's another thing i wanted to throw out.

    The dislikes are dumb. I wish they wouldn't be there at all. I'm sure we all think the same, because of all the dislike trolls and other people who disagree with other's opinions so they dislike, dislikes do nothing but bring you down really, to put it in a punny sense.

    And that's what i'm not liking in this situation. The fact you people care about those. It was alright at first, but now a lot of threads i'm visiting have a lot of posts dedicated to making smuggy remarks about downvoters, just..dude...that's not what the topic is about!

    There's a basic forum rule, and that is, if you go to a thread where for an example, people talk about theories if Kenny's alive or not, you're gonna expect to see posts about that. Then there's a basic forum breaker, which is derailing, it means moving the thread towards a topic nothing related to what the OP was trying to insist.

    This situation is like a story i just made up for this thread. People are talking about their favorite ice cream flavors while playing some good ol' fashioned football outside. Suddenly, two teams of basketball players rushes into the field, shoves away the football players down the hills and starts playing their own game of basketball, while smack talking each other's rivals!

    To make the point straightforward, i'm saying is, it was okay to bring up the random downvoters a few times but now you talk about it everywhere as if the downvoters are gonna give a shit...wanna get a hint? They will, but not in the way you want them to. The fact you bring up downvoters does nothing but derail a thread and make the trolls laugh.

    Here's an example of a thread that really grinded my gears.

    The OP presented here, we'll call him Johnnyson because i prefer that over Mark, Johnnyson shared his top 10 favorite threads, and as the title suggested, he wanted you to give your top 10 or 5 of your favorite threads too. Nobody done that. You know why? Because instead, they spent their time on insulting downvoters and commenting about how glorious upvoting was.

    Your dislikes and likes weigh as much importance as an ant. You may have been downvoted, but this is the internet and not real life. Being disapproved in real life is an entirely different case, because in real life you got to take things more seriously otherwise you're not gonna get far, maybe as a comedian if you're into that. But becoming a popular comedian is a tough job.

    On the internet, you shouldn't care. Except right now, you really do. You can say you don't care about trolls, you can say you don't care about your dislikes, but you do because you keep talking about those. If you didn't care, you just wouldn't mention it because it wasn't anything meaningful to you. In real life most people you meet are someone you remember fresh in your memory as you see their face, and if he was being a huge dick, you could kick his ass right here and there, it's a direct contact, and it's more impactful then on the internet. The reason is, in the internet, people are nothing more but text. You don't know who these people are, so why should you care if they got insults towards you? If someone who loved me and i loved her would say i'm a horrible person, i would be shocked, because i would know that person, and i would be attached to her.

    But it's just some asshole who's being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Nothing more, nothing less. The problem with trolls though, i seen, i think Ohyoupokedme, who thought acknowledging trolls was good because they deserved it. You mean, as in, they deserved to get insulted? Because that's a terrible idea, they insult you too. You think they're gonna be offended if you insult them? No, of course not, they'll just go for more insults, they won't stop, they won't cry, they won't give up just because you hit them with the sickest burn ever. Trolls don't work like that, between innocents and people who want to wreck havoc, so trolls, there's no win or loss, it'll just keep going an d the trolls will enjoy every piece of the attention you're giving them.

    What would happen if we ignored trolls? What would happen if we didn't respond, we acted like they were never there? Well, the troll would see no point since he's not angering anybody because no one cares about him. That's the definition of not caring by the way, what i just said, poking them with sticks is the exact opposite of not caring. If we all just stopped acknowledging trolls, the world would be a better place. But that's just not what's gonna happen, huh..?

    I think my brain said all it can. Click.

    You certainly aren't alone in wishing people would just stop responding to trolls. Any response they get just motivates them to come back, and I believe that largely contributes to some of the trolling accounts we get.

    • That was my thread used as an example and I agree with Maximus very immature on my part but was long story only in this one instance if anyone seen my other threads this never would of happened by me.

      When I read it first just like yeah dead right then gives a thread and is mine then I'm called johnnyson Sh** apologize not sure if compliment lol

      But using my name and my thread as an example is very immature on your part. Making users read that comment forming an opinion of me based on your biased opinion ignorant of story behind it just judging it on face value then mocking my name this form of bullying and I'm glad used my name instead of another users as I'm big boy. By singling my name out and my thread making me look central to the problem which has nothing to do with me that thread took me 2 minutes to make and battle with trolls was only time ever and will do that on forum pissing me off. 100% agree with your points

      But Edit remove my name and my thread please mods or Maximus


  • Most people have dynamic IPs, which take about 15 minutes to change if you're not a complete bonehead. While I don't doubt that trolls are comprised mostly of morons, IP bans wouldn't be able to stop them completely.

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      Jennifer Moderator

      We do currently have some methods other than IP banning at our disposal (which has likely permanently stopped at least some trolls and spammers). But like anything when it comes to stopping spam and trolls, unfortunately there is no such thing as a permanent solution because there is nothing out there that will stop every troll and spammer. We have been nipping them in the bud as soon as we see them, which has hopefully worked to keep some of them away for good.

      • I think using captcha would help a little, at least with the spam. Or if captcha is too much trouble to institute on this site, a potential solution would be to just restrict the email domains accepted in registration to only sites that use captcha for sign-up. It won't eliminate the problem, but it would at least make it more of a hassle to create multiple accounts here. Because as it stands, making 20-30 alt accounts on this forum is absolutely trivial...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. >.> <.<

  • Please add functionality to list out discussions with individual members (PMs). It seems I can only send new PMs; I cannot figure out how to list PMs or even see that I've received one.

  • To mods: If gifs and memes are becoming so much of a problem, just start deleting them whenever you see them being overused and issuing 24-hour bans to the people involved.

    It's stated in the rules that members should use those sparingly so it would be well within your right to do so. It'd certainly be a hell of a lot more useful than moving the one thread that's supposed to contain all those gifs and memes to a section where it doesn't belong and where new members are highly unlikely to find it.

    • These forums can get do i put this....dry between episode releases, eventually we just run out of stuff to talk about. If people want to use memes and goof around a little (A LITTLE) to lighten up a thread i say let em' might as well. Aslong as they're not deliberately doing it to derail a thread/be a douche'. Although i do agree the majority of meme's etc should stick to things like the "TWD fun and meme thread". But so far i personally haven't seen anybody around the forums "over using" meme's i mean, hell, what do you define as a "over use"/problematic meme'ing?

      • Exactly. I think most complains are actually coming from grumpy people who either don't understand memes or decided that they weren't funny and thus hate them. I have yet to see people actually overusing memes, aside from Tobi's comic thread, but that's okay, since he allowed everyone to do it in order to keep it bumped.

      • Well, of course people aren't deliberately trying to derail threads, but threads do get sidetracked by gifs and memes fairly often in here. I personally haven't encountered any instances that have been too bad, but it's apparently been enough of a problem that the mods felt something needed to be done about it. I'm just trying to suggest a more effective course of action.

        As for what counts as overusing memes, maybe something like this: ? I'd imagine that visiting a page like that would probably crash my mobile browser.

  • Topic of Gif and meme agree couple of times seen someone post really insightful comment with great depth being ignored then someone justs posts gif as an answer and gets lots of thumbs some users just answer everything with gifs and see same ones used over and over again. Plus if causing problems why not.

    On topic of dislikes if cause no effect on your profile why have them. It encourages bullying and if rules say respect peoples opinion why can thumb them down annoys me when see someone writes long post about a topic then trolls or fanboys thumb them down after all effort put in. Really goes against debate. Think users before even reading your comment see thumbs down they already passed judgement by biased system which could of just been a troll.

  • I don't care about Likes and Dislikes much. I'll behave the same way no matter how many of each I have. But here's another possible suggestion if you really want to have them and think it makes a difference to a user's reputation.

    Whenever someone Dislikes a post/comment, it removes one Like from that user's profile. If you really want to make Dislikes matter, have it remove multiple Likes. Once a user is down to zero Likes, that user can no longer Dislike until he/she gains more Likes.

    Of course, posting negative feedback in real words is free.

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