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Walking Dead-Chapter 3 black screen

posted by Woolstory on - Viewed by 5K users

Steam version for my PC.
First time I played through the game I remember after chapter 3 the game didn't recall any of the choices I had made. Characters accusing me of doing things I went out of my way to avoid etc. I had to play the game fresh the first time due to chapter 3 not launching at all. Just a black screen and no sound bug so nothing is frozen. Here are the things I had tried.
-Run exe as admin
-Copy the save files, deleted originals. Then played over the final parts of each chapter to 'wipe' the possible corrupt save
-STARTED OVER from scratch (not a fun one..)
I would love to play this game as it intended, carry my choices over. If anyone has a solution for chapter 3 just >sitting< there and not loading please help.

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