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Walking Dead does not run

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Hi I played the game for like 5 hours and some minutes ago i wanted to start the game... the game openes says:"click to continue" i click the it´s connecting, and i cant get to the menu like it just stopped , I can hear the sound ... some birds but I cant get to the menu cant do anything.
I uninstalled it three times still same problem.

Can somebody help me?

    • my problem is that one time when i opened it, it demanded me to login with my telltale account. i logged in, and it went to the title and with the click to continue thing. iclicked it, and nothing happened, just the birds chirping and the title and the info at the top. this is not the first time i opened the game i was already at the third episode with the train and i just didn't play it for a while. plsssssss help!!!

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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

        I apologize, unfortunately it seems that you have uploaded the Support Tool itself to the file hosting website. After you download it to your computer, you will need to double click it, and a command window will pop up. Let the Batch file run, and gather the information we need to assist you, then after it is done, it will output the .zip file that you will upload to the file hosting website. After you do that, then copy and paste the download link to the .zip file you upload to a reply to this thread, and we will be able to assist you further.

  • when i entered to the walking dead i see click to continue h click but nothing happened i can hear sounds like birds but h cant get into the mien menu

  • when i entered to the walking dead i see click to continue h click but nothing happened i can hear sounds like birds but h cant get into the mien menu
    and the word connecting didn't appear

  • I am unable to open the walking dead season 2; error message walkingdead2.exe has stopped working

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      I apologize for the inconvenience. Below are a few possible solutions:

      1) Ensure you have the latest drivers for both your graphics card, and your computer’s BIOS

      2) Restart your system

      3) Unplug your gamepad (and all other USB devices other than keyboard/mouse) and plug in headphones to the audio out jack.

      4) Verify your cache if you purchased through Steam (

      5) Run the game as admin

      6) Run the game in compatibility mode (right click on game, click properties, click compatibility tab , and we recommend running the game in Windows 98/ME ) (We recommend Windows 98/ME)

      7) Reinstall the game

      8) Make sure that the Steam application is not set to a compatibility mode (right click on steam and click properties, then check compatibility, and make sure that it is not checked to play in a different OS)

      9) Disable Steam Overlay, if you purchased through Steam (

      10) Opt out of the Steam Beta, if you purchased through Steam (

  • Are there server problems again? I am trying to play my game, but every time I click to continue I get a message saying "unable to communicate with Telltale, please exit." I can't get into Season 1 either, it says I don't have a license for the game, but I bought that one a LONG time ago. The only downside to these games is the server problems.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      My apologies, please try disabling any anti-virus or internet firewall programs open and running that may be blocking the game's access to our servers to connect successfully. If you still encounter a Login Error, this may indicate an issue with your login information in your registry. To correct this, please open a command window (Below are instructions on how to open a command window).

      Windows XP: Go to your start menu and click on run. Type in "cmd" and press enter

      Windows Vista / 7: Press the Windows key. Type in "cmd" and press enter

      Windows 8: At the start screen, type in "cmd" and press enter

      Then copy the command line below and paste it into the command window, press enter, and confirm the question (to confirm the question, type “y” and press enter):

      REG DELETE "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Telltale Games\Launcher”

      (Please make sure when you copy the above text that you do not copy a space before or after the text, as that will produce an error message. If you still receive an error after inputting the command line, please try typing in the command line one letter/symbol at a time into the Command prompt)

      Also please make sure your password ONLY contains a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 and no other characters. If you have an " or \ or any non-ASCII characters in your password, please login to your account on our website and change your password.

      Also, please make sure you are using the correct username/email and password. You can verify this information by logging into your account on our website. Please also note that your login credentials are case sensitive.

      Then try logging in again, and see if you are able to successfully connect and play the games.

  • i've purchased this game via, and it worked the first time i played it, but when i wanted to replay it again, none of the episodes will work, when i did tried to find a save file, i was simply left with a blank page…like i've said on my previous post, i'm play it on a Mac computer, so is there any way to fix this? and how do i un-install and re-install??

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      You should be able to uninstall the game by clicking on the game application's icon, and dragging it to the Trash Bin. You will also need to delete the game's file directory inside your Library folder here:

      ~Library/Application Support/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead 2/

      And then reinstall the game using the game's installer file, and see if you are then able to play the game successfully.

  • i also have the same problem

  • I can't run the game. The only thing I see is a black screen and then nothing happens. I tried to reinstall, update drieves/directx. Nothing helps me.

  • Ok, i have ran the support tool, here is the link:

  • Hey guys. I too was having the similar problem about the game not loading after the click to continue screen but soon realized that the anti virus i had in my computer was removing the file known as "steam_api.dll" which always caused to not function. So i would say download the dill file from the internet and paste that dill file in your folder containing the main game and it could function. I hope this helps!

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