Do you wish Snow next to you until the end of the Series?



  • You never know, maybe Bigby is able to resurrect Snow later in the game. Telltale can be unpredictable

  • Of course i wish. One of two decision i regret in ep1 is not telling Snow how awesome she is when was still time.
    Yet it is how it need to be. We asked for grid and gritty, and we got some. :-(
    Well, at least once we find the killer there will be some violence.

  • Lol it's like she runs out when you interrogate Dee in episode 2.

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    I like Snow, I've always liked her. Even though in the comics she comes across a little more jaded than they portray her in the game, she did always have a kind heart. I still like both interpretations of her. I was shocked because I was expecting her to be a constant in the game, like she is in the books. But, maybe that's why the writers removed her from the equation in episode 1. For one thing, it's a shock to anyone, especially people who've read the comics. And, for another thing, Snow's presence was a source of strength for Bigby's character ever since he came to live in Fabletown (back when New York was New Amsterdam). So, it'll be interesting to see how he copes.

    It'll also be interesting to see how they'll work this out, since they've stated that the game is supposed to be in line with the books. And in the books, Snow and Bigby are literally fated to be together and have children. Very interesting story at the end of volume 18 that covers all of that. :)

  • I just think that it would be great if Bigby still had a partner, a number 2, like the new guy learning the ropes or an old rival or a by-the-book detective forced to cope with a work routine outside the books.

  • I think you mean mortified.

  • You're telling me you almost committed suicide over the fate of an animated character?

  • No spoilers in the title please, kthx.

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    The more I think about it, the more I believe that she can't possibly be dead just for the fact that it's supposed to be a prequel and if she did die it wouldn't make any sense.The creator of Fables even said that in an interview about the game: "The story takes place before the very first issue of Fables," and "It's in continuity. Fables does presume that the story told by the game here did happen". So just because of that it's 100% sure that Snow isn't really dead.Bigby will figure out a way to bring her back during his investigation.

  • No...if you want Snow/Bigby action then read the comics. I like that this "prequel" is being so unpredictable.

  • Meh, I'm torn between this. On the one hand, I'm a little tired of Telltale's "kill all characters closest to the main character" (as well as "kill all romance options in the process", which, in this very episode, involved both Faith and Snow White), on the other hand, yes, it does make for a unique story. In any other generic storyline you'd think the protagonist's romance interest has "plot armor", at least until near the end of the story, but not here. However, Telltale needs to consider these things carefully. These "shocker" moments hit you hard, but they don't last long (and they are getting predictable, after playing through WD I was actually expecting these two to die, I was literally thinking throughout the game "any moment now"). Personally I think it would have been more valuable to the story to develop at least one of the aforementioned girls, build a more complex relationship between them and Bigby.

    Then again, this is still only the first episode, who knows what will happen later. Still, if they keep killing the characters that the player gets attached to, for me it's probably gonna be a lot like the Walking Dead- where after Episode 3 which took so many people out of the scene, then introduced "replacements", I didn't care a single bit about the new characters, and ended up finishing the game totally disconnected from everyone but Clementine. Hope this doesn't become the case with the Wolf among Us.

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    I suspected that it would be Snow's head as Bigby walked up to the crime scene but I do not accept that she is dead. Maybe its just wishful thinking. Or maybe its because I'm not familiar enough with Telltale's tactics. (From the way some of these posts read, anything is possible.) But, I prefer to think that it is a reasonable belief based on Snow's importance as a character and the work done to develop their relationship in this episode.

    My first reaction was to think that it was some kind of illusion. My hope is that the next episode will start with Bigby realizing that its not actually Snow's head at all but some other unfortunate Fable. Who it could be? I do not know. Is this a viable theory or is it too cliché for Telltale? I am far too biased to judge for myself. Either way, a game that can drive me to the forums to seek out a discussion is doing something right. The Wolf Among Us has been a great experience so far and I can't wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds.

  • Based on the achievements in episode 5, and Violet mentioning how will Bigby cope... I think Bigby will eventually get depressed and Snow shows up after Bigby's father sends someone to talk to Bigby.

  • Yes Yes Yes we know its a prequel but this story is also an alternate world from the one of the comics which means that while Snow is alive in the comics right now she isnt in this universe. Sorry snow fans but shes not coming back. I was more upset about Faith honestly!

  • I guess it's not canon.

  • Both Telltale and the creators of the comics said the game is prequel and canon. It ain't in a different universe unless it is a nightmare.

  • Except it's already confirmed to be a prequel...

    Snow White will come back at the end of the season. She is damn near unkillable due to her popularity with the "mundy's".

  • I dunno where you are getting your information from, but this isn't an "alternate" fables world.

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    i think that the choice is inevitable, to bigby she is sort of represents happiness and calmness. she is named after one of the major things in winter, the snow. although from here out he wont have that serenity she represented. so i think will be a choice, what ever the result.

    oh and yes i do want to see her again (on the good side)

  • And the doorman can return people to life after a beheading. Bigby has 4 jobs to do. Take characters without glamour to the Farm, protect fables from fables, investigate crimes in Fabletown, throw anyone that commits a crime against Fabletown (murder or revolt) down the witching well after they are killed.

  • onceyougozach, This isn't a Call of Duty forum.

  • She will somehow survive it. In the comics she dont even die from a bullet through the head. It is somehow linked to that she is super popular so that gives her immortality ish.

  • Except since this is a prequel, Snow White has to come back. Logically, we'll eventually find out she isn't dead.

  • Faith was never a romance option and Snow ends up marrying Bigby anyway. Plus, Snow is probably not dead since this is a prequel.

  • No, the fact that it's a prequel means it isn't an "alternate world" from the comics. Plus both Bill and the Telltale crew have said that the game is in continuity with the comics, which means Snow will return.

    Plus, if you think she's not coming back, you are obviously unfamiliar on what the Fables are and unfamiliar with Snow herself. She literally can't die.

  • I am well aware of that buddy. I have been reading the comics for years. Your comment really has nothing to do with my point.

  • Don't forget this series is named after Wolf, not after Fables. So any event should be seen in the light of the repercussions it has to Bigby. And I think we've seen the beginning of what the series will be about: Wolf struggling to remain human (he "almost" reversed to his beastly form twice in the first chapter) in spite of all that's happening to him. Snow is the only Fable with a soothing effect on Bigby (see what happens in Crane's office), you could say she's his main link with humanity and I guess her death serves the purpose of severing his most important tie with sanity. He will lose it, and there will be no Snow to hold him back this time.

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    The series is done from Bigby's point of view, that's where the title comes from. Bigby never struggles to remain human. He can't avoid changing form when either his life is in danger or he is completely angry (not even Snow can stop him). I have a strong feeling that Bigby will change form right at the beginning of episode 2, and will change everytime Snow is mentioned. Bigby will need to change form or he will die, unless Snow is still alive and the head ain't her head.

  • I'd prefer bigby getting involved with Faith over snow.. She seemed a lot more interesting a character in her short scene, then what was done with snow.

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    Except Bigby has been in love with Snow for over 300 yrs. Faith was also saved by Bigby along with Snow. Read Bigby's Mercy in the game if you don't know what I'm talking about.

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    COMIC SPOILER Bigby can easily die if Snow is dead. Bigby knows where Snow is all the time, especially when he smokes. Bigby always feels what Snow feels. If Snow dies it is possible that Bigby will die as well. SPOILER END

    I doubt Snow is dead because Bigby is alive.

  • 1) I think everyone should know that The Wolf Among Us takes place 30 years before the events of the comics.If you have read the comics you know that BigB and Snow get married, but its a long process till their relationship gets established. So I don't really expect them to get hooked up throughout this season. I am sure, we will see glimpses such as the taxi ride in episode 1.

    2) Bill Willingham has confirmed that The Wolf Among Us is going to be the official canon prequel to his comic series. Hence, we know for a fact that Snow is somehow alive.

  • Wait what? they are connected so that they feel each other's pain, and if one dies the other does? I don't remember seeing anything about that in the game..

  • There are so many random guesses as to how many years before the comics the game takes place. The radio forecast clearly points to a specific date. The game takes place around the time Crane is fired (I hope we'll see this). It wouldn't make sense if it were before every single event. The prequel mentions are few in number though.

  • Because it ain't in the game so far, except maybe once. Bigby refuses to mention this detail. Remember when Colin says "I've seen the way you look at Snow, you're not fooling me" Bigby immediately backlashes "would you shut up". That's hint #1. Bigby's Mercy is another hint. If Snow did get decapitated it happened right before Bigby changed form (small blood stains where scratch marks begin). The only way Bigby can survive Snow's death is being in werewolf or wolf form (best is werewolf). More of that in the comics.

  • I might have to read these comics. Can they be picked up anywhere?

  • I wonder how this connection/link between them was originally formed.

  • The comics can be bought online at the DC comics website or any comic store (try complete volumes). The link was in Bigby's nature. It got stronger once Bigby met Snow, you know a little of how that happened. A fact is that Bigby won't tell who the killer is to the government. Type of justice will most likely be street justice. Happily ever after looks like Bigby will be talking to Snow White or there will be a surprise twist to the game.

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