George Romero: 'The Walking Dead' Is A Soap Opera With Occasional Zombie



  • Romero is totally right, TV show is crap... But if he's a fan of the comics he must have notice that The Walking Dead is not about political or social satire right ? It's pur drama...

    I think he was talking about the TV show and in that case i agree because it's poorly written compared to the comics.

  • Just to start off.. why the heck do you watch something you don't even like? Do you really have that much spare time? You've got no right to complain about how it's poorly written when you don't have to watch it.

    But mediocre cast? Like who, for example?

  • Cool off, dude, you sound like a hysterical fangirl.

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    Prince Charming wrote: You must be a 14 year old who has no idea of the man's accomplishments. Stick to bumping your Justin Bieber kid.

    Stop this crap. You're embarrassing your ability to have a sound argument, and this kind of insult will not continue here.

    @UndeadEuan wrote: You're no one to call me ' ignorant ' or ' ridiculous '.

    Indeed, no one here is.

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    Wait, does that mean if you don't like the show, you can't criticise it because you shouldn't watch it anyway? Ouch.

    Of course the actors are excellent. They even got that Keira Knightley love interest from "Love Actually"! ;)


    (Seriously, this discussion would be 100% better without the needless drama)

  • It's easy, because there's less to write. After all, a five minute conversation takes like 40 pages in a comic (so consequently, they are kept rather short).

  • everyone has a right to an opinion, but honestly if you have nothing nice to say about something than keep it to yourself, ranting about bad writing and acting serves no purpose aside from pointless negativity and trying to ruin the show for anyone who enjoys it and doesnt care about its flaws

  • I'm with him, mostly. Season 2 was good and had its Atmosphere, cause of the Farm. Recently watched the Third Season as a Halloween Event on TV and boy was it boring. Not gonna lie.. i missed Shane in it.

    I understand that this is a TV Format. You can't just run around and killing Walkers for 45 Minutes. There has to be Character Development and so but there was way to much pointless blah blah in this Season. Alone the 'Conversation' between Rick and the Gov..

    Hearing that Telltale wants to bring TV Elements into the Game doesn't make me Enthusiastic much..

  • Finally someone who speaks sense.

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    Your arguement kinda collapsed in on itself in that first sentence. "Everyone has a right to an opinion, if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself"
    Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you, and on the internet they are usually anything but nice, as long as they state their differing opinion in an intelligent manner it's fine, and lastly, if a person likes the TV show enough then they shouldn't care what other people have to say about it (Unless they're just hopping on TWD bandwagon)

  • And there are no zombies in TWD - they are geeks, walkers, (un)dead...

    Sama same but different - 28 Days Later is generally regarded as a "fast zombie" movie.

  • well said,i'm glad someone is talking sense.

  • Don't be a smart ass.

  • Kirkman has said that he loves Romero, and if Romero hadn't done it first then TWD wouldn't be here. Simple.

    Doesn't mean anybody has to bow down to him every time he speaks. He's not a God.He's just a bitter old man in this scenario.

  • actually, the comic calls them zombies a couple of times.

  • true no one needs to bow down to him, but he knows what he is talking about when it comes to zombies, it doesn't mean you need to agree with him but he isn't anymore right or wrong than you are.

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    I'm a fan of the TV show, but I haven't seen the 3rd or 4th seasons yet. I will say though, I agree with you about Shane; he was one of my favorite characters. I just love how they developed so much more in the show than in the comic. I found that he was a very sympathetic and likeable character, and honestly believe that he should have stayed on for longer.

    I would have loved it if instead of him staying at the farm, he just left on his own, with nothing but a shotgun. Would have made for some gratuitous badass zombie slaying scenes, while still cutting back to the farm to focus on story.

  • That doesn't excuse how bland the dialogue is in the show.

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    I love how you chastised me for saying a comment was ignorant, but you refer to mine as excrement.

    I understand the rules now. "Stick to bumping your Justin Bieber" is a harsh insult, but you using profanity is alright. I appreciate the insight.

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    So awful that they were met with critical acclaim, ripped off of countless times and hailed as classics to this very day?

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    The numbers continue to fall week by week. The show was very good at one point, but the quality has gone down each season.

    It is ridiculous to say that that know one knows who Romero I said your other comment was ignorant, I never called you ignorant. Don't put words in my mouth.

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    "Everyone has a right to an opinion, but if it's not nice keep it to yourself" SergeantDickButt 2013

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    Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones don't move at the glacial pace that TWD does. If they did, at least you would get a pay-off as opposed to TWD. They will spend an entire season building up to something that never happens.

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    An all time historical quote.

  • Thats not true at all that the zombie action fell every season. Season three in particular ramped things back up. Zombies are all over the place. They're just not rushing our group every minute which, if you are smart, that is something you are going to try to avoid, not seek out.

  • I also have a hard time understanding why people watch a show they dont like and then go on to trash it. That has never made sense to me.

  • Now I see where this is coming from. You're upset because you didnt get what you wanted at the end of the last season, which I wont spoil. Things didnt happen the way I expected either but that doesnt invalidate the entire show for me and wont. I still think its a good show. You disagree and thats fine but Ive been on enough message boards to know that both Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones have been criticized for their slow pace. That's something that never bothered me as I love both shows and enjoy a lot of character development. Im glad things they went a different way with the end of last season because this season has been taking some interesting twists that I dont think would have come about otherwise.

  • Doesn't Kirkman have final say-so over the show's story?

  • That conversation had a lot of subtleties that people werent picking up on. Its just "They're talking. Boring!" As for Shane, hate him and dont miss him. He became such a disappointment.

  • but Day of the Dead doesn't have any likeable characters.

    I must seriously disagree with you. Day may be my favorite of the first three. Capt Rhodes. Dr Frankenstien. Bub? How could you forget about Bub?

  • lmao, no I wouldn't use the word "upset", but disgusted would work. Spending an entire season building up to a battle/climax that never happens is bad writing, plain and simple. They painted themselves into a corner and copped out.

    I have never heard anyone criticize Breaking Bad or GoT for their pacing. Dunno what boards you are hanging around on.

    Look at the end of the day there is a reason that GoT and Breaking Bad rake in the awards that matter. Meanwhile TWD only gets praise for its prosthetic makeup.

  • Exactly how did i contradict myself? i mean specifically, i believe there is a clear difference in having a negative opinion and expressing a negative opinion.

  • They're only classics because they were some of the first zombie films, and were made in the 70's. That's the only reason.

    Critics don't always know best, you should know.

  • Most of the general public do not know who he is.. it's not that unlikely you do know. Ask anybody who he is and I bet 90% will just go ' who? '. He is not a legend.

  • They do? I haven't read the comics.

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    It's easy: I was into TWD before the series, I loved the comic and the game. Lot's of people said the show was great, so I believed them and bought Season 1 & 2. Some shows develop their qualities by the progress of the storyline, so I'd been hoping it gets better in the next episode. Why shouldn't I watch it when I payed for it? Hope dies last. Also: you people wondering how one does NOT like it as much as you do and complaining about it is really awkward, I mean I never said I hate the series or that it's total garbage, It's just not as good as I expected. It's OK, a mediocre TV show with a few ups and downs, the plot is not the problem IMO, it just doesn't touch me as much as the other media of this trademark, thanks to poor writing. I watch MANY shows, kinda my hobby, I got an extensive collection so you're comparing automatically - believe me, I really wanted to like it. Please let go off people who think that it's not the holy grail. You can love it, I don't have to.

  • Well, Tolkien created the kind of fantasy we are used to - wouldn't his opinions matter regarding some of the mutations the fantasy genre has gone through? I would certainly think so, if for nothing else some goddamn respect for a creator.

    Regarding the soap-opera effect on TWD, I'd have to say it might go too far. Sure, exploration of how groups evolve and live during times of stress can be very interesting, but if focus ends up on "group evolution" or "the stress", then someone is not doing the job properly: focus on the first and you get the soap-opera, focus on the other and we get a hack n slash like say Dead Island. Balance is the key.

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    Being on a discussion community without being allowed to express your own opinion is quite illogical, isn't it? What to discuss then?
    Accepting other peoples' opinion without taking it personal is a skill some people gotta learn yet.

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