Is the wolf among us smth for me?

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while waiting for The Walking Dead Season 2 I'm thinking about getting the wolf among us.
The thing is, i have absolutely zero interest in superhero stories and very little in fantasy content.
The trailer didnt catch me, although the frog with the hat was kinda cool.
My question is, is there lots of good puzzles to play or is it mostly a "playable movie" like TWD?
Also, is there humour in the game, the trailer made it look like theyre running through life way too serious :P


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    Try it, there is lots of jokes and/or humorous situations. Game became even closer to "playable movie" than TWD. After TWD1 i was really enjoyed playing TWAU and can say they both is equivalently great.

  • I'd say between what you're saying and what you want the closest thing I can think of that is similar to a "puzzle" is the crime scenes. But those crime scenes are ridicilously easy to solve in my opinion and I hope they make them a little harder to figure out.

    The game is pretty close to what you'd call a interactive movie so far, but since it's still just the first episode I'd say it'd be worth it to wait a while and ask at a later date. Maybe around the time Ep. 3 or so? That is if you can wait that long, of course.

  • I love superhero and fantasy stories, but the trailer for The Wolf Among Us didn't interest me. It didn't look particularly impressive and while I like the (early) Fables comics, I wasn't that keen on spending time in a video game version of it. I downloaded TWAU when I was bored on a Saturday afternoon and I'm glad I did. I thought the fairytale element would keep me from investing in the drama of it all in the same was TWDG did, but it was just as immersive. All the fantasy stuff aside, this is a gritty noir game: one that's well worth your time (and money).

  • Just give it a shot, it's only five bucks and it was the best purchase I made all year. Personally I prefer the Fables universe to TWD, but that's just me.

  • Personally i'd suggest watching someone play like the first 10 or so minutes and then you be the judge, however for the price i'd strongly recommend it as its a very interesting noir game in my opinion.

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    What's your machine ?

    On Xbox a demo is available for download. (no gold account needed, you can get it through the regular free xbox live), I guess it's the same on PS3. Don't know about PC.

    I was one of the TWD fans who -very unfairly- resented the very existence of The Wolf Among Us because I thought it took time from Telltale that they better use to release season 2 of TWD sooner. About a month ago, advertisement for TWAU appeared on my Xbox menu, and I thought to myself "what the hell, after all those guys made TWD and it was awesome, let's download the demo and give it a chance".

    The second I'd beat the demo, I rushed to the online purchase option to play the whole episode :D and now I'm fan of both TWAU and TWD

  • I play on PC.. that means I cant buy the episodes seperately then and theres no demo, am I right?
    Thanks for all the replys, much appreciated!

    What's your machine ? On Xbox a demo is available for download. (no gold account needed, you can get it through the regular free

  • Based on your personal interests and what the game has in it, no, you will not like this game very much and should not buy it.

  • It's not a superhero story, and the fantasy is downplayed. At its heart it's a neo-noir, with the fantasy elements providing flavour and familiarity, and the potential for subversion.

    The thing it reminds me most of is Vampire: The Masquerade.

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