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Kenny, kenny.. How about Lily?

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Why is everyone go gaga about KENNY being dead or alive but we don't talk about what happen to LILY?

What do you think happen to her? I hope her fate will be explored too.

  • So? you're only allowed to celebrate Lilly in here and nothing else?

    "Lilly is the best!"

    "Yeah! I love her!"

    "Yeah me 2, so kawaii."


  • Geez, can you please stop fighting. Stop acting like a child and respect each other's opinion. If you want to oppose each other's comments, please oppose with manners.

  • I am not a Lilly hater, not a Kenny fan either. It's just fun to see how you're allowed to critisise Kenny in here but if you say something against Lilly you're being told to stop. That's not cool

    • LOL you've just assumed that. If you're going to read the discussion, I merely stated that it would be a great idea if Lily's fate will be explored because her "disappearance" is rather vague. Maybe some Lily fans are like that, Kenny's fans too. But I for once, want this to stop because it's not healthy anymore. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS NOT GAIN ENEMY. ;)

      • Yeah, youre right with the fights, I didn't mean you specifically, but lots of the Lilly guys here act personally insulted whenever you say something bad about her. Kenny hardliners sometimes act the same on other threads, but I think the guy that made the very long comment on page 1 has very good points and you should be allowed to share them

        • I must admit, I didn't read his long post at all. Sorry, I'll try to read it.

        • That was me. I found the comments on another forum discussing the walking dead game, and that guy got them from the telltale forums when they had the old format,

        • Lol yeah I love Lilly but even I roll my eyes at the countless times Ive seen her supporters get super angry when someone says they don't like her. Same as Kenny supporters. Unfortuantly thats how people see it, if you dont like your favorite character then they think you dont like them. Unless your name is Lilly or Kenny you aren't allowed to make that mistake.

  • I think it'll be great to see Lilly. Having her return will present some moral dilemmas for Clementine considering that Lilly did lose her father but at the same time, she killed Carly and she stole the RV and left her group to fend for themselves.
    Perhaps if she does return, we as Clementine can chose whether we follow Lee's examples from Season 1 or if we chose to have Clementine make her own decisions.

  • this thread was made for speculations of Lilly coming back and possibilities of that. I'm just sick of kenny fans butting into everything to hijack threads to talk about him, and I see it alot.

    As i've said in a different thread, I think we might see Lilly in Tavia's community, maybe as an enforcer or something along those lines. She didn't seem to be afraid to get her hands dirty, and always had the entire group in mind when making decisions. If I had to guess i'd say that we could have about a 70% chance of seeing her in season 2. TT said there would be returning characters a while back, and there isnt many left from season 1.

  • He isn't incorrect, Kenny fans seem to swarm every thread in these forums.

    • Perhaps it's because Kenny has more fans than Lilly? Not trying to be snide or anything, but I would think that Kenny's last appearance (his Heroic Sacrifice and selflessness) won over more people than Lilly's last appearance (killing a greatly liked character for little reason and possibly stealing the RV). The characters' departures from the group in Season one were drastically different.

      • lol of course a kenny fan just HAS to feel obligated to re-hijack the thread. That is exactly what i'm talking about. sorry but go post in one of the many "i love kenny " threads if you don't want to talk about Lilly please.

        • Not hijacking dude, just trying to answer someone's question. I talked about BOTH of them, and didn't say anything that didn't happen. What, am not allowed to post on this thread unless I'm constantly praising Lilly?

          • i never said anything about praising Lilly. I just think people should stop with the kenny talk in a thread about Lilly. bash Lilly for all i care if you want. Just please make sure it's Lilly your talking about. EDIT: just curious, what question?

            • It's hard to talk about Lilly without bring up Kenny as well, no reason to play moderator and tell people what they can or can't post lol.

              • I simply posted my opinion. I never said anything about not being aloud to post. geeeze why does everyone have to feel so defencive the instant someone states an opinion about something that they don't like? And it's just a GAME, its not like these characters are real. Why would anyone care what i think? If you disagree with me that's fine but you don't have to be an Ahole about it. This community is supposed to bring TWD fans together, not divide us. I'm just sick of people being so damn defencive and or making snide comments all the time. And i know it's difficult not too because people get heated on these forums, Maybe for fans of kenny it's hard, but when someone asks if Lilly should come back, I and many other people who aren't obsessed with him (a FICTIONAL character) don't feel the need to put his name in there anywhere. I feel like an Ahole for even talking about him. Theres so few Lilly threads, and there always has to be someone who changes it to another kenny thread. It happens every time. I dare you to find one where a kenny fan didn't bring him into it.

                But my main point is I think people are aloud to have their own opinions, and just because someone feels differently, they don't need to feel obligated to get angry about it or change the subject to something that they want to talk about. And we are almos all guilty of doing that at some point or another, just saying people need to control themselves.

                • Look, I totally get what you're asking for. But the title of the thread is called "Kenny, Kenny.. how about Lilly?" Kenny and his actions are a huge part of Lilly's character, so he will almost always come up even if it's a "Lilly thread", especially with a title like that.

                  lol of course a kenny fan just HAS to feel obligated to re-hijack the thread. That is exactly what i'm talking about. sorry but go post in one of the many "i love kenny " threads if you don't want to talk about Lilly please.

                  I don't think anyone is trying to nefariously highjack the thread, we've been talking about Lilly the whole time. Good or bad, this isn't a "Lilly Apreciation Thread".

            • Flog said Kenny fans seem to swarm Lilly threads, and I just guessed that it was because Kenny fans are more prominent, considering his last appearance compared to Lilly's last. I'm trying not to discount any of the bad things Kenny did or the good things Lilly did, though. Unfortunately, I think Dildor's kind of right when he says it's hard to talk about one without bringing up the other. Their character arcs were too intertwined before she left that they probably would have been different characters entirely if one or the other hadn't been in the game.

              • Yeah. You can't bring up Clementine without Lee, you can't bring up Larry without Lilly, you can't bring up Eddie without Wyatt etc.

                • plenty of other people on this very thread didn't feel the need to bring him into it. I get what you are saying, but its not like his name is just mentioned, the entire subject changes. look at other threads if you don't believe me. It happens alot. EDIT: who said this was a Lilly appreciation thread? Because i know i didn't. I don't even like Lilly. I just think she should return because she's a good character that people love to hate.

      • Well, for me Kenny and Lily are both selfish. I'm not a fan of both but I'm definitely a fan of this game. My only take is that Lily must make a comeback on Season 2 because I think she must be given a chance to redeem herself while Kenny redeemed himself back when he helped Ben. In terms of selfishness, they're just equal. They are fighting for their family so I won't even malign them.

        Guys, please chill out. :)

      • I don't think so. Kenny killed Lily's dad and didn't help Hershel's son and didn't want to believe Duck was gonna turn even though he's seen a lot of bad shit. Kenny is clearly selfish.

      • Most of the people who hate lilly are mean to her, and she is mean in response.

        If you are nice, she apologises when taking the RV.

        Carley's death was bad of her, extremely so, but isn't it slightly understandable? Your last family
        Member has been killed, you feel like everyone hates you, you try to keep the group alive, they try to leave without you, and ten some woman calls you selfish. Of course you're going to crack.

        And actually when she kills Doug she is actually
        Trying to kill ben. Who was actually guilty, and who many kill later on anyway.

        I'm not saying she's perfect in any way, but Kenny is not intrinsically better than her.

  • I never was a Lilly hater. Yeah, her neverending complaints did annoy me, and I was pissed when she killed Carley, that's why I left her behind. Still: I never hated her.

    I changed my mind: the more I read the arguments Lilly fans have for her being the best character the more I am disgusted. Let's face it: she is an unlikeable bitch. Lilly haters have tons of arguments against her but Lilly fans always keep repeating one argument: she is such a complex character. Yeah right, I am sure Jeffrey Dahmer had a very complex personality, too - doesn't make him a good human being. Keep liking Lilly such as some people like villains, but stop crying if some people are not being enthusiastic about her, since she blew it by killing Carley/Doug. Btw: I hope you Lilly fans are not making such grumpy faces like Lilly, that makes wrinkles. Relax ;)

    I celebrate the downvotes as every thumb down confirms my statement.

    • You do realise that you're comparing a fictional character to a real life serial murder and rapist? If you're going to make arguments about whether people should be entitled to like Lilly or not, please leave real life criminals out of it.

  • Double post

  • She is a character that people love to hate. Thats what makes her a good character to bring back.

    • I wouldn't mind seeing her in an antagonist role. I can't say she would be bad to bring back, if only to hate her guts.

      • But I think it would be a great idea if she will protect Clementine all the way. Remember, she gave Clementine some ponytails. Bringing her back won't bring back her "hate" towards Kenny because he is assumed dead.

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