Kenny, kenny.. How about Lily?



  • The length of that post was just ridiculous!

  • the rant makes no sense by the way. I glanced through and the "points" i saw were horrible and based on a runthrough of the game wher you side with douche bag every single time. if you side against douche bag one single time every point goes out the window. And yea Lilly was a bitch, that's kind of the point. Her character makes sense, while douche bag's character doesn't. even if you save duck, and side with him on almost everything, if you hint to him Lilly is a better leader even once he leaves you for dead. i'm not "team Lilly," i'm just "team anti-kenny."

  • I'd enjoy seeing Lilly again (gasp!). Personally, I feel that she can still find redemption just like Kenny did for all the hurt he caused during Season 1. Like Kenny, I don't think she should play a major role in the Season. Maybe a cameo for an episode, and no more. She can make up for what she did, in my opinion, but she has a LONG ROAD AHEAD (heh) before she gets to that point. She was a bitch, on that I agree, but I don't think she was ever a truly evil person. If she DOES realize how horrible her crime was, and wants to make amends, isn't that what matters? If she truly becomes a better person, then maybe Carley/Doug's death won't have been so senseless after all.

  • Their death's would still be senseless, but I'm a sucker for a redemption character arc. Having said that, she has about much work to put in as Andrew St. John (okay nothing quite that bad, but she has a lot. Only reason I use him specifically is that he's the only St.John that had a reasonable chance of survival).

    She has her work cut out for her. Big time.

  • And so she takes it out on Carly/Doug.....

    Would I understand her killing Kenny? Yeah. That would make sense. The worst Carly ever did was call her a bitch (which she is).

  • If you read through the long rant, the poster talks about having gone through multiple runs-through with different choices, and finds that Lilly does not mellow no matter how much you take her side. On the other hand, he claims that Kenny does remain open to Lee even if treated badly. It doesn't address any of the ways in which Lilly is sympathetic, or some of the ways in which Kenny can be a real shit. But it's definitely not based on a single, specific run-through.

  • Since when people use or need logical arguments for liking or disliking someone? It doesn't work that way in real life. You can be the nicest guy in the world, but still the chances are that many people like some inconsiderate douchebag more than they like you.

    In any case even if you make a good argument, it doens't have any weight in conversation unless people you are arguing with read your arguments. And burying your arguments into a wall of text makes that very unlikely.

  • To be fair, she didn't TRY to kill Doug; she was aiming at ben.
    Who, y'know, was guilty.

  • Kill both her and Kenny off. The characters are too controversial.

  • Not in my game. ;)

    Lilly was actually the only one (in both S1 or 400 Days) who had intentionally violated against my group and to whom I showed mercy.

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    This makes Lilly fans cry ;)

  • So, I get a thumbs-down for simply clarifying what a post said to someone who admits he didn't really read it?

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    What's the commotion over here? As I am the person who created this discussion, I'm very much responsible on the people commenting here. I'm just pointing out that it would be a great idea if Lily's fate will be explored because her role was cut short when you decided to leave her or she left with the RV. Unlike Kenny, where for me his "death" while helping Ben out of his misery is a good ending for him.

    Guys, please stop quarreling who's better, who's bad because they're good in their on way.

    **Telltale, please release Season 2 already. Look what this "COMING SOON" doing to us. LOL **

  • my point is she is MENT to be that way. Thats what makes her character interesting, and why some people like her. She is a better more consistent character, face the facts. Some people will always like her more than the douche bag and it makes the people with their heads up kenny's ass argue EVERY time. This is a thread ABOUT LILLY. If you have nothing to say about Lilly you shouldn't even be posting here. Lilly's character is the shit. Stop trying to hijack the thread to talk about the douche bag please.

  • So? you're only allowed to celebrate Lilly in here and nothing else?

    "Lilly is the best!"

    "Yeah! I love her!"

    "Yeah me 2, so kawaii."


  • Geez, can you please stop fighting. Stop acting like a child and respect each other's opinion. If you want to oppose each other's comments, please oppose with manners.

  • I am not a Lilly hater, not a Kenny fan either. It's just fun to see how you're allowed to critisise Kenny in here but if you say something against Lilly you're being told to stop. That's not cool

  • LOL you've just assumed that. If you're going to read the discussion, I merely stated that it would be a great idea if Lily's fate will be explored because her "disappearance" is rather vague. Maybe some Lily fans are like that, Kenny's fans too. But I for once, want this to stop because it's not healthy anymore. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS NOT GAIN ENEMY. ;)

  • Yeah, youre right with the fights, I didn't mean you specifically, but lots of the Lilly guys here act personally insulted whenever you say something bad about her. Kenny hardliners sometimes act the same on other threads, but I think the guy that made the very long comment on page 1 has very good points and you should be allowed to share them

  • I must admit, I didn't read his long post at all. Sorry, I'll try to read it.

  • That was me. I found the comments on another forum discussing the walking dead game, and that guy got them from the telltale forums when they had the old format,

  • based on a runthrough of the game wher you side with [Kenny] every single time

    No, that's false, so either you're lying, either you didn't read it at all. Like JohnnyAngel told you, the poster bases his opinion on various playthroughs.

    The painful truth for Lilly fans or Kenny haters is that if you always side with Kenny, he's loyal and never lets you down.
    Lilly, however, steals the RV and abandons you and Clem even if you always sided with her throughout the game, even if you told her you wanted to go with her.

    Worst Kenny is a douchebag ; Best Kenny is the most loyal friend

    Worst Lilly is a bitch ; Best Lilly... is still a bitch.

  • I feel you man, there's a few people here who will thumb down just about anything.

  • I think this is where it was originally posted if anyone is curious.

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    Why do you even care if there's some thumbs up or down? Personally I don't even use that feature, because it's anonymous and I want people to know that it is I who disagree or agree with them. If person doesn't take the time to put down few words, but just presses some button anonymously, his/her agreement or disagreement can't be very strong or serious.

  • I think it'll be great to see Lilly. Having her return will present some moral dilemmas for Clementine considering that Lilly did lose her father but at the same time, she killed Carly and she stole the RV and left her group to fend for themselves.
    Perhaps if she does return, we as Clementine can chose whether we follow Lee's examples from Season 1 or if we chose to have Clementine make her own decisions.

  • this thread was made for speculations of Lilly coming back and possibilities of that. I'm just sick of kenny fans butting into everything to hijack threads to talk about him, and I see it alot.

    As i've said in a different thread, I think we might see Lilly in Tavia's community, maybe as an enforcer or something along those lines. She didn't seem to be afraid to get her hands dirty, and always had the entire group in mind when making decisions. If I had to guess i'd say that we could have about a 70% chance of seeing her in season 2. TT said there would be returning characters a while back, and there isnt many left from season 1.

  • He isn't incorrect, Kenny fans seem to swarm every thread in these forums.

  • I was just surprised. The anonymity and one-click laziness makes the spite seem particularly petty. I don't recall the boards being like this back when we were here to talk about Sam & Max. I'm wondering if The Walking Dead brings in a different kind of crowd.

  • I can still see that as debatable.

    Loyalty isn't defined by helping your friend because they do whatever you say, and being willing to leave them to die otherwise.

  • Perhaps it's because Kenny has more fans than Lilly? Not trying to be snide or anything, but I would think that Kenny's last appearance (his Heroic Sacrifice and selflessness) won over more people than Lilly's last appearance (killing a greatly liked character for little reason and possibly stealing the RV). The characters' departures from the group in Season one were drastically different.

  • Okay then, how about this:

    Worst Kenny is a douche. Best Kenny will follow you into hell.

    Worst Lilly is a bitch. Best Lilly is slightly less of a bitch.

  • lol of course a kenny fan just HAS to feel obligated to re-hijack the thread. That is exactly what i'm talking about. sorry but go post in one of the many "i love kenny " threads if you don't want to talk about Lilly please.

  • Well, for me Kenny and Lily are both selfish. I'm not a fan of both but I'm definitely a fan of this game. My only take is that Lily must make a comeback on Season 2 because I think she must be given a chance to redeem herself while Kenny redeemed himself back when he helped Ben. In terms of selfishness, they're just equal. They are fighting for their family so I won't even malign them.

    Guys, please chill out. :)

  • Closer.

    We'll need to account for subjective discrepancies in regards to characters acting out of spite, pragmatism, or mental psychosis, but we'll figure it out.

  • To be honest, Lily is one of my favorite characters from Season 1, I was going for a love triangle but she wouldn't really advance the relationship like that so I just tried to keep her alive and with the group and she left so I hope and think she will be in season 2 and she wasn't a bitch, just heartbroken that she lost her father.

  • I don't think so. Kenny killed Lily's dad and didn't help Hershel's son and didn't want to believe Duck was gonna turn even though he's seen a lot of bad shit. Kenny is clearly selfish.

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    I'm glad someone gets it.

  • Most of the people who hate lilly are mean to her, and she is mean in response.

    If you are nice, she apologises when taking the RV.

    Carley's death was bad of her, extremely so, but isn't it slightly understandable? Your last family
    Member has been killed, you feel like everyone hates you, you try to keep the group alive, they try to leave without you, and ten some woman calls you selfish. Of course you're going to crack.

    And actually when she kills Doug she is actually
    Trying to kill ben. Who was actually guilty, and who many kill later on anyway.

    I'm not saying she's perfect in any way, but Kenny is not intrinsically better than her.

  • Not hijacking dude, just trying to answer someone's question. I talked about BOTH of them, and didn't say anything that didn't happen. What, am not allowed to post on this thread unless I'm constantly praising Lilly?

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