Season 2 Episode 1/Retail Release Discussion: Out Now: PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Vita/Android



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    Where I come from christmas is concidered to go from dec. 1. to dec. 27.

    So if Episode 1 is to be out before this christmas then that means it is going to be out in november! How do you people like them apples?

  • heh 25 days of christmas song suddenly comes to mind for no reason... :)

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    Call me stupid but The run time is 12:02 maybe December 2nd? Just a dumb guess tho, but who knows this could just be a Video..

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    Get rekt vain

  • I'm still irritated with the fact that we don't have an official confirmation of what consoles it's launching on. At least you PC users know you're getting it whenever it comes out. All this waiting desperately for a date could easily bite us Vita users, and that sucks. Why hasn't Telltale announced this much? Surely they know?

  • If you watch the teaser trailer it says all the platforms at the end of the trailer but no ps vita was on their, although it could be included with the ps3..

  • Wo-ooah, thanks for posting that! I really liked the music from the trailer, it's giving me high hopes for another awesome soundtrack in S2.

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    By the way, don't Telltale have to say something this weekend or next week as November 19 is approaching? Nothing is confirmed to come November 19, I know, but if they don't say anything before or shortly after they will delay to December?, as we've by far passed the mid-point of November by then.

  • Not that I am expecting a mid November release, but Telltale generally announces episode releases a short time before (like a few days or so).

  • Awesome dude, thanks!!!

    And it seems that they're gonna put some more songs from the band in the game!

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    To save everyone some time: it was just a video to make a joke about "radio silence". No hidden meanings in there! :)

  • Nice try puzzlebox, there's no fooling us! You're obviously just diverting attention! (Um... Yeah, yeah that's it!)

  • Telltale needs to put out a full trailer.

  • My guess is we will get a trailer in early December, with the release within a week, because if they use the same time frames they did for TWAU we would have the trailer already. Think of things this way though, the longer we wait the better it will be. (hopefully) Either way we look at it, less than 2 months to go!!!

  • Yeah seems like a smart idea, their probably just gunna focus on getting The walking dead GOTY out in November then will get are season 2! Which still won't be that long!

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    That must be where I got "November" from. Either Wikipedia or the TWD wikia. Or maybe it was some article. Usually I know better than that and check for a source on those things but after playing and finishing Season One for the first time last week, I guess I got a little too excited and took the date as *confirmed. *

  • That is some hilarious nightmare fuel.

  • Ah, didn't realize TTG did that. So far I've only gotten their games after all the episodes have already been released (BTTF earlier this year, TWD a week ago). Being around for the initial run now for TWD Season Two is going to be interesting.

  • wouldn't it be awesome if puzzlebox "accidently" let a release time frame slip that wasn't just "soon," "very soon" or "before december?" cough hintcough tocough puzzlecoughcoughbox cough I bet we could even keep it to ourselves.........

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    You guys are losing your spirit. I still very believe in a November release sometime after November 19. If not then at least a release date.

  • Already wanted to tell you to stop bullshitting about winter starting in late december, as we in germany consider december to be a typical winter month, but then I checked it and turns out it is really true: Fall ends dec 20th in the northern hemisphere.

    Oh damn...

    Alt text

  • Yeah! That's the spirit! I'm with you all the way.

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    @Telltale Please just tell us if The Walking Dead: Season Two will come in November or December. This would make it much easier for us and for us to adapt our lives to have something to look forward to.

  • Yes please, be nice to us and don't make us suffer any longer, at least once in our lifes :)

  • A clear date would help us Telltale. ;)

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    If we go by that gif, the game should release in about seven seconds.

    It's just that we would probably enjoy it the same way Walter Donovan would have.

    But, hey, never you worry.

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  • put out the date

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    im going to make a guess that it will be somewhere between here and here.

    photo nov-dec-2013-calendar11_zpsbe65e531.gif

  • My spirits are high, I want a November release but it seems like a long shot considering all the games their working on releasing ( TWAU ep2 TWD GOTY) but I do agree with you guys, I would really like a November release..

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    It'd be awesome if we got S2 on thanksgiving week, because almost everybody gets a whole week off..

  • ...And I thought the time between October 31 and November 19 is a bloody long wait.

  • that would be great

  • why do people think nov. 19th is any different from any other date? it was a PLACEHOLDER. I don't mean to be an A-hole but I hate to see false info that's going to most likely let people down. Sure there's a chance it will be released on or around that day, but no more a chance than any other other day. Some time in December is probably more likely and realistic, seeing as we don't have a trailer yet. As awesome as a Nov. release would be, I wouldn't count on it. The longer it takes to be released, the better season 2 will be anyway. It helps to think of the wait that way.

  • Might as well say somewhere between 2013 and 2014.

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    I thought about what you said. That Season Two could come in December instead. I really took that in...

    And I don't agree with you. :)

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    "Right now I feel like a rabbit trying to get a carrot. I know I can get the carrot, but the guy with a stick is smart enough to know I can't".

  • Any chance of getting it on GOG?

  • I would SO love that. But, no, at least not upon its original release. Season 1 is still not up on, although most other Telltale games are. Let's hope for a better cooperation in the future...

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