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Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.

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It is about 3 months since the release of episode one. I think it is fair to say that the episode is delayed, however due to lack of information, we have no idea how much.

The latest update was given along with 2 screenshots the 6th of December. The update promised a new update after the holidays. We currently do not know, if this update will be an actual release date or not.

Update: Kevin Bruner, President and Co-Founder of Telltale, has just started a new thread with the latest info here. Feel free to continue the discussion there!

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    fusedmass BANNED

    I given up urge to wonder about this date. I'm spending my time playing other games. I'm pretty confident one if not both will arrie this month. Remember that make videos every four to six weeks. This month will be a month since they released first one they still have least two week's before we complain.

  • I think it will be sometime this week, as in between the 11th and the 15th, its just a guess though, but ever since the first episodes release i figured 2 would be out about nov 15th

  • I thought Blizzard had "soon" trademarked

  • if episode 2 is done and they know a release date why not just tell people? i find it hard to beleive they dont know when its going to be released. they don't gain anything by keeping it a secret. in the end it only hurts them because people don't know when its coming out.

    they probably have most of them done already. what have they been doing since poker night was released in april? look at the walking dead release dates there is no way they made episodes in 2-3 weeks.

    • Debugging can take absolutely any time at all. It's because of this that they don't know exactly when it'll be ready on the PC and Mac. For consoles and tablets, it's all up to the playtesters of the stores. Believe me when I say Telltale are very thorough and they won't delay getting it out once they think it's ready.

      • if they do so much "debugging" why do all their games have horrible performance issues? read any review and it will talk about some performance issue.

        for psn and xbox they have to get them certified but there is no certification for steam. if its not already being certified by ms and sony we won't be seeing it anytime soon. episode 2 is done and has probably been done for a while now and they know when the release date is.

        • Every game I've played before Back to the Future had the occasional typo but no bugs.

          They used to release the PC version of the game as soon as it was ready, but the complaining from the console community made them rethink, such that they wait until they're told by the console manufacturer stores when they'll go live with it and try to release all versions simultaneously. They can't please everyone.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      i find it hard to beleive they dont know when its going to be released. they don't gain anything by keeping it a secret.

      Actually, by literally knowing that they don't gain anything by keeping a release date a secret, you can considerably increase your belief that they really don't know when it's going to be released.

  • Had the wrong window open.. Sorry..

    You think TWAU ep 2 will get released before TWD s2 Ep1? That's a tough call..

  • I'm betting on episode 2 being released Tuesday or Thursday this week.

  • That's unlikely with no news from telltale yet at all. Maybe news this week and release next, but that's only wild guessing.

  • Please let it be this week !

  • if the wolf among is like the release date like the walking dead is it might be December 16th or november 16th or the closest day to the 16 of every month or bimonthly

  • I hope this week already. I can't wait for TWD Season 2! TWAU would be a good past time! Loved the first episode! :)

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