Kenny, kenny.. How about Lily?



  • Lilly supporters? I like Lilly but I would never condone what she did, but she miles more interesting then Kenny.
    People need to learn that Kenny's story is OVER. get over it.

  • Lol yeah I love Lilly but even I roll my eyes at the countless times Ive seen her supporters get super angry when someone says they don't like her. Same as Kenny supporters. Unfortuantly thats how people see it, if you dont like your favorite character then they think you dont like them. Unless your name is Lilly or Kenny you aren't allowed to make that mistake.

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    I never was a Lilly hater. Yeah, her neverending complaints did annoy me, and I was pissed when she killed Carley, that's why I left her behind. Still: I never hated her.

    I changed my mind: the more I read the arguments Lilly fans have for her being the best character the more I am disgusted. Let's face it: she is an unlikeable bitch. Lilly haters have tons of arguments against her but Lilly fans always keep repeating one argument: she is such a complex character. Yeah right, I am sure Jeffrey Dahmer had a very complex personality, too - doesn't make him a good human being. Keep liking Lilly such as some people like villains, but stop crying if some people are not being enthusiastic about her, since she blew it by killing Carley/Doug. Btw: I hope you Lilly fans are not making such grumpy faces like Lilly, that makes wrinkles. Relax ;)

    I celebrate the downvotes as every thumb down confirms my statement.

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    Double post

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    i never said anything about praising Lilly. I just think people should stop with the kenny talk in a thread about Lilly. bash Lilly for all i care if you want. Just please make sure it's Lilly your talking about. EDIT: just curious, what question?

  • You do realise that you're comparing a fictional character to a real life serial murder and rapist? If you're going to make arguments about whether people should be entitled to like Lilly or not, please leave real life criminals out of it.

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    I never said Lilly is as low on the moral scale as him - I said "she is such a complex character" is not a very good argument as it isn't specific enough and could be missunderstood (like you obviously did)

  • It's hard to talk about Lilly without bring up Kenny as well, no reason to play moderator and tell people what they can or can't post lol.

  • Fair enough, I misunderstood the point of your post.

  • I'm not sure why this has got dislikes. I'm stating facts, aren't I?

  • I ignore the likes and dislikes because it doesn't affect my opinion.

  • Flog said Kenny fans seem to swarm Lilly threads, and I just guessed that it was because Kenny fans are more prominent, considering his last appearance compared to Lilly's last. I'm trying not to discount any of the bad things Kenny did or the good things Lilly did, though. Unfortunately, I think Dildor's kind of right when he says it's hard to talk about one without bringing up the other. Their character arcs were too intertwined before she left that they probably would have been different characters entirely if one or the other hadn't been in the game.

  • Yeah. You can't bring up Clementine without Lee, you can't bring up Larry without Lilly, you can't bring up Eddie without Wyatt etc.

  • I simply posted my opinion. I never said anything about not being aloud to post. geeeze why does everyone have to feel so defencive the instant someone states an opinion about something that they don't like? And it's just a GAME, its not like these characters are real. Why would anyone care what i think? If you disagree with me that's fine but you don't have to be an Ahole about it. This community is supposed to bring TWD fans together, not divide us. I'm just sick of people being so damn defencive and or making snide comments all the time. And i know it's difficult not too because people get heated on these forums, Maybe for fans of kenny it's hard, but when someone asks if Lilly should come back, I and many other people who aren't obsessed with him (a FICTIONAL character) don't feel the need to put his name in there anywhere. I feel like an Ahole for even talking about him. Theres so few Lilly threads, and there always has to be someone who changes it to another kenny thread. It happens every time. I dare you to find one where a kenny fan didn't bring him into it.

    But my main point is I think people are aloud to have their own opinions, and just because someone feels differently, they don't need to feel obligated to get angry about it or change the subject to something that they want to talk about. And we are almos all guilty of doing that at some point or another, just saying people need to control themselves.

  • She is a character that people love to hate. Thats what makes her a good character to bring back.

  • I wouldn't mind seeing her in an antagonist role. I can't say she would be bad to bring back, if only to hate her guts.

  • yea she was left with an open ended story arc too, which is why i think it's likely we will see her.

  • I'd love for her to come back, but the fact they buried her relation to Woodbury kind of gives me reason to believe she'll be "offed" unless they decide to bring back the relation to the comic.

  • Unfortunately, they can't do that because of Road to Woodbury. So now Telltale's Lilly is as much fair game as any other character we'll see.

  • Kenny can be downright satanic in some playthroughs. (His lowest moment, without a shadow of a doubt, was refusing to help Clementine.) I wouldn't be at all surprised if he returned as a complete lunatic in S2, if he shared an antagonistic relationship with Lee in S1. But the fact Lily reveals your secret to the group no matter what you do is still frustrating, and proves she's an inherently bad individual.

  • Look, I totally get what you're asking for. But the title of the thread is called "Kenny, Kenny.. how about Lilly?" Kenny and his actions are a huge part of Lilly's character, so he will almost always come up even if it's a "Lilly thread", especially with a title like that.

    lol of course a kenny fan just HAS to feel obligated to re-hijack the thread. That is exactly what i'm talking about. sorry but go post in one of the many "i love kenny " threads if you don't want to talk about Lilly please.

    I don't think anyone is trying to nefariously highjack the thread, we've been talking about Lilly the whole time. Good or bad, this isn't a "Lilly Apreciation Thread".

  • But I think it would be a great idea if she will protect Clementine all the way. Remember, she gave Clementine some ponytails. Bringing her back won't bring back her "hate" towards Kenny because he is assumed dead.

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    plenty of other people on this very thread didn't feel the need to bring him into it. I get what you are saying, but its not like his name is just mentioned, the entire subject changes. look at other threads if you don't believe me. It happens alot. EDIT: who said this was a Lilly appreciation thread? Because i know i didn't. I don't even like Lilly. I just think she should return because she's a good character that people love to hate.

  • I'm certain, 100% certain, Lilly will be back. I mean, she is alive when you last see her whatever you choose. There's no way they won't bring her back.

  • To me, the moment I hated him the most was after I shot the poor woman in the street, the one being chewed on by walkers. He berates you in front of the entire group for doing the humane thing. It's especially frustrating when he's more than happy to have you carry out the exact same procedure on Duck.

    Mind you, I got the bro speech from him on my last playthrough despite siding against him rather a lot. Maybe he isn't so bad.

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    Chillax, folks ;)

  • Good! Made a new thread and posted this (also gave credit)

  • I agree but I think she should see Ben, she really liked him and he could become a walker if you dropped him at the bell tower. I also hope Russell from 400days is the new Ben for Clementine.

  • The problem with Ben is, besides the fact that many didn't drop him, that Clem left Savannah and it's unlikely that the Walker Ben would have followed her.

    With Lilly I think the biggest problem is, like I said earlier, the association with the comic book character. I believe that, even if she isn't Lilly Caul anymore, TTG might want to forget her, because of the whole episode where they had to retcon her as separate character. Her whole story arc was supposed to explain what happened to her before Woodbury.

  • This Kenny picture is creepy.

  • I don't recall Lilly ever advocating staying at the pharmacy. Did you mean the Motor Inn? Also, it's already been confirmed by Telltale that Lilly in the game is separate from the one in the comics.

    I love Kenny, but I wouldn't want him as a leader. I'd be more inclined to choose him over Lilly, but I'd rather have my Lee as a leader. He will always put his family above the group. Understandable, but not exactly what you want in a leader. What if it had been you or one of your loved ones in that meat locker, unconscious? And I don't think taking the food from the car was gutsy at all. It would have been better to at least hang around of have a few of the group stay to see if anyone came back. Kenny took that food not caring that it might belong to someone else, who they'd essentially be killing.

    Lilly probably didn't know what to do in the Duck situation. She can be coldly logical, but actually throwing a kid out to die is a hard thing to agree to, but then, she can't outright oppose the logic of her father's argument, and he IS her father. She also was against the others being there in the first place. When Larry falls ill, I can't fault Lilly for worrying about him and asking the others to help her. Who wouldn't do the same? She also wasn't wrong about people disliking her, though it was clear she was referring more to Kenny than anyone else, because she makes the unpopular, logical decisions. You also seem to be under the impression that she never went out hunting for food-she probably did. We learn how hard it can be to ration the food. If she gives to her elderly, ill father, she's playing favorites. If she doesn't give to Kenny or any of his family, she's being a hater. If she feeds the adults who are needed for protection over the children, she's a monster. We had to do it once, while she had to do it everyday. Also, she's not sitting around and doing nothing, but keeping watch.

    When it comes to leaving Macon, both Kenny and Lilly made good points. They had made the inn pretty safe, which would be a shame to sacrifice. Yet, at the same time, supplies were running out. Kenny's boat plan was never going to work, and they had no idea what to expect elsewhere. Where they were was familiar and had been working out okay up until that point. I don't recall Lilly ever mentioning staying for the drug store. That's actually pretty unlikely, since they could easily clear it out before leaving-they do, in fact. If anything, staying would be detrimental to her father's health, once they started to run low and couldn't get more.

    I've said it in other threads, but I get Kenny's reasoning in killing Larry and understand his family was in danger, yet still disagree with his actions. He acted rashly, and like I said above, what if it had been your or a loved one on the floor? And he might be sorry, but would YOU forgive him, had that been someone you cared about-the only family you had left?

    Lilly wasn't clueless about the St Johns at all. She warned against snooping around precisely because she thought it might be dangerous, instead suggesting they just leave as soon as possible. If we had just taken the food to go, maybe we wouldn't have wound up trapped in the meat locker. And we never would have found the station wagon or stolen the food, the St. John's would be our best friends and allies, and everyone would live happily ever after.: D

    Kenny didn't actually DO anything. He shared his suspicions, but he left you to create a distraction, unlock the barn door, and snoop around the house.

    Kenny DOES abandon you if you don't side with him at ALL times, such as leaving you to die during the second trip to the drug store and not saving you when you're fighting Danny. He's also not the one to help against Andy in that case. All I did was not help him kill Larry took care of him and his family and sided with them all other times, but it didn't matter.

    Lilly murdering Carly was horrible, but you also got to remember that Lilly was not in her right mind. It had only been about a week since the whole mess at the dairy, where her father was violently murdered. Kenny is getting into fights with her, adding to her stress, and her paranoia is not entirely unjustified, as someone IS stealing supplies. After that last one leads to the group being forced to abandon their home and all their stuff, she starts to finally snap. I hate what she did to Carly and Doug, but still think there is a slight bit of sympathy to be had for her.

    Taking the RV didn't really kill anyone, and Lilly might have thought it was her only shot at survival. Doesn't make it right, but being a prisoner who felt her actions were right, she'd do anything to get away. For all she knew, they might decide to kill her, and it's not like she's got anyone left to stick up for her.

    And you really can't blame Larry for his actions in the meat locker. Guy just learned that people he trusted killed one of their group and served him for dinner, which Larry ate. He and his daughter are locked up, likely to meet the same fate. I think a lot of people would be ticked off and banging on the door. Think how you all reacted when Andy grabbed Clem by the hair. Was screaming at him the smartest choice in that volatile situation? No, but I best most of you did it anyway.

    The stranger left the car to look for his son. He couldn't leave his wife and daughter in it alone. As for leaving it on, this was probably to make it easier to find their way back to it, since it was dark out.

  • It's a crazy thought, but I can see both Lilly and Kenny returning at some point in Season 2. Anyone else think it'll be interesting to see them both appearing 'broken'?
    Kenny could be even more scarred from killing Ben and still harbor the thoughts of losing his wife and son. And Lilly could still be mad for losing her father and shocked for killing Carly. Since more time has passed since Season 1, they both have become even more damaged. Perhaps this will give them a chance to reconcile and understand one another?

  • heartbreaking.

    That's not the word I would have chosen. I'm really surprised to see how many people liked Lilly.

  • I think that bringing back Lilly is a bad move, since her reception appears to be an all time low.

    She lost her chance to redeem herself by either being abandoned, or when she steals the group's RV out of desperation, after the infamous Carley/Doug incident. Bringing her back means that most players will see her return as an opportunity to see her die, rather than see why she is back, and see what story she has to offer this time around, such as what happened to her since she left the original group. If that was the case, then she serves no purpose to the series anymore and should not be brought back.

    From what I read up, the conflict between the Comic Lilly and Game Lilly characters has complicated canon, leaving people to still argue whether they're the same person or not, even if Telltale has mentioned that they are not. Unless Telltale plans to have the two Lillys side by side, the debate will go on.

    Just my two cents.

  • Not trying to start an argument here, just giving my two cents too. I really liked lilly and I thought her story as it was she living and joining woodbury was just great, but anyway if thatis no happening anymore and the cannon part of it just got ruined I think she should return just so he gets cannonic to the tv show (that is what they are trying to do now). i mean it's just anotehr Lilly, and TT needs to shows us that by making her return even if for just one or 2 episodes so we know for sure she's not the same one. I mean I don't think every charatcher people are refering will return because it's just weird that everyone that Clem met, or everyone from 400 days returns, I'm guessing in 400 das only the ones that stayed or went to camp will return, and from season 1 Christa or Omid with the baby (hoping for Omid but nothing against Christa), Lilly and i guess Kenny because of what TT said). About Molly she wasn't my favourite charatcher, but I guess she showing up like taht and never returning is weird, so I'm hoping for a return from her, since Savanah is no longer liveble. She could return with Christa and/or Omid, like they could have meet up and got out of town together ;)

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    No arguments here at all, you're entitled to your opinion. :)

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