Episode 1 is not working now.

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two years ago, i downloaded episode 1 as a free.
now i downloaded again and played free.
after i exited the game and reopen again, i saw that there are no play button.
just appeared "get it" button instead of "play"
are there any problem my account_?


  • @gurelcenk wrote:


    are there any problem my account_?

    It sounds like there could be. Send an e-mail to support@telltalegames.com, and they should be able to sort things out for you.

  • Hi gurelcenk,
    Did you get this sorted? I recently bought the game installed it for the first time and trying to play it gives me the same "Get It" button! Contacted support and waiting for a reply, just wondering if they fixed it for you!

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    There was another thread where it was suggested that running it as administrator would make a difference.

  • I got it to work! Running as admin would make no difference as I am admin on my machine...

    I intalled episode 2 and then it recognised episode 1 as well :)

    So if anyone else was planning on installing 1 episode at a time, you'll have to install the first 2 together to get it to work!

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