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Episode 2 release date discussion- No word from TTG on the subject of release date so far.

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It is about 3 months since the release of episode one. I think it is fair to say that the episode is delayed, however due to lack of information, we have no idea how much.

The latest update was given along with 2 screenshots the 6th of December. The update promised a new update after the holidays. We currently do not know, if this update will be an actual release date or not.

Update: Kevin Bruner, President and Co-Founder of Telltale, has just started a new thread with the latest info here. Feel free to continue the discussion there!

  • I just want to play episode 2
    I'm still hopeful that it must come out before december...

  • No hard news on a release date here, but I figured i'd post this interaction I had with puzzlebox about TWD and TWAU concurrent releases.

    Always count on the guys and gals at TellTale to bring it up a notch! Just wonder how the release schedule for this season will pan out with that of Fables?

    puzzlebox Moderator Telltale Staff:

    We plan to have the seasons running concurrently. Busy times for us folks at Telltale! :)

  • By the time I first played TWD, all five episodes had already been released and 400 days was going to release the next day. Out of curiosity for those who've been here that long, what's the procedure for letting people know when a new episode is imminent? How soon in advance do they let people know the release date is confirmed, 100%?

    • Hard to say it accurate, but a week to only very few days before the actual release has happened before. I think we already had a thursday release being announced on a monday or something like that.

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      puzzlebox Telltale Staff

      Release dates are usually announced as soon as we've been able to confirm them for sure with our partners, which is sometimes only a few days in advance of the actual release.

  • I forget if the 4-6 week gap applies to the TWAU releases, but if so wouldn't this mean Ep 2 is close to releasing?

  • Kind of silly that the ETA on the next episode was November 2013 and with it being half way into November 2013 we still don't know when it's coming or if it even is at all :/
    Especially when many users have paid in advance for these episodes.

    • I won't lie the wait for this second episode is a little frustrating to wait for but it is because I enjoyed episode one so much.

      The only thing that is a little more annoying is with the release of The Walking Dead Season 2 being this month as well according to IGN and some other sources, unreliable sources though. I was hoping that they would alternate by month. One month release a TWAU episode and the next month release a TWD episode. But it seems they will be release around the same month of each other.

      In my opinion a little silly since not everyone has a season pass. Some people like to buy episodes which I believe is done on the TTG store and on consoles. It means big fans will or should have the cash to play both games.

      • It would be a hell of a lot more convenient to release them that way; alas, this isn't the case. I'd love for that to occur to be honest, I have a hunch that TWAU E2 will release next week or the week after, then TWD S2 can release next month. As long as we get at least one this month it'll put a lot of us at ease.

        • Yeah, I don't want to sound spoilt but it would give me something to look forward to with each game releasing one episode after another. Something to fill the void. When we finish the first TWD episode then only needing to wait till December for TWAU or vice versa. I only put it that way since they would end around a month of each other. :)

          The game line up for December looks bleak as well.

          I'm pretty sure everyone who plays both games is thinking the same thing.

          It was assumed on IGN that TTG would do this to calm everyone down. Even I was getting frustrated with TWD season one waiting for each episode.

  • I actually don't play TWD so no, I'm not too fond of having paid a season pass and not even have a vague release date. I mean with episodes taking 2 hours to finish what's the point of releasing them every each month ? Would I have known so, I would probably not have taken a season pass, especially with the PS4 coming soon ... I expected one episode a week ! "Coming soon" is a joke, and yeah Blizzard trademarked the "When it's finished" answer, I think it's a little unfair to propose a season pass with no idea of when the releases will be. Of course it's my fault too, I should have checked first, but I really enjoyed the game and got a little too enthusiastic. But damn !

    • One episode a week?

      That was...rather optimistic of you.

      • Yeah, I thought it was like TV series, you know, they spend one year filming it, then they release it one episode a week. I had never played any other games with releases like that so that's what I thought. I had heard of TWD but I didn't even know it was in episodes.

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          Vainamoinen Moderator

          Oh, almost everything Telltale does, with very few exceptions, is episodic.

          I understand that the monthly release schedule REALLY strains the nerves of people new to Telltale, but at least you can be sure that they don't pull off the same thing TV programs do, where long since finished Seasons are spread out over six months just to make a good schedule. It's much more exciting, episodes literally just come to life weeks and days before they release.

          • I didn't even know there was a "monthly release schedule". I was going for some argument over the fact that there's nothing wrong with making a game first and releasing it in one piece, but the discussions over the first episode in the community forums made me think about it. I just mean that in-game, instead of "Coming soon !", maybe there could have been something more like "Sometime next month !" or something like that ... Anyway, since it's not the same team working on TWD, I can hope for a release "sometimes next week" or simply cling to this hope, then forget about it and just be happy when Episode 2 is out. Peace. At last ;)

  • I don't think my comment showed up or I guess I accidentally hit cancel...okay I'll make this short then. (Ugh...well it was short, lol but not anymore.)

    I'm new to TTG. I heard the average time between episodes is normally around 2-3 months. Don't know if that is true or not. So I predict sometime before the holiday next month in December. Possibly could be released after the holidays in early-mid January if 2-3 months are the norm for this series.

    4-6 weeks sounds too soon for a series of this nature. Not even sure if TWD releases episodes that soon. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I know it's Wikipedia but it states TWAU is bi-monthly and it's only been one month and about 3 days so far. Speculated release date: December 11, 2013.

    I don't know. Actually I just read the FAQs. It says:

    (6) "Episodic" games? How does that work?
    With a bit of patience, they do work. You can expect to receive a new episode every** four to seven weeks**. The way this works is each individual episode contains an individual part of a story that is held together through a narrative that connects all of the episodes together into what Telltale calls a season. Think along the lines of a serialized television series such as Lost.

    (8) When will the episodes be released?
    Episode 1 "Faith" released October 11th on PC&Xbox Live / 14th on Mac / 15th for PSN NA / 16th PSN EU.
    Episode 2 release dates are NOT OUT YET!! **Probable release is mid November to early December. **

    (10) Are there concrete release dates for all these episodes?
    Absolutely not!! While Telltale doesn't start each new episode 'from scratch', large parts of the development cycle still take place during these release months. From writing to animation to voice acting to possible gamer input from the forums, it all comes together to form a new episode only weeks and days before release; and eventually, another time frame insecurity is added when console manufacturers receive the final build of the episodes for their quality assurance process.

    As a consequence, fixed dates will only be announced mere days before an episode releases (in Telltale's blog, or possibly on IGN). Don't ever believe dates given by various unofficial sites! These are nothing but estimates, placeholder dates and possibly wishful thinking.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Actually, most of Telltale's seasons are intended to be monthly (or at least used to prior to Walking Dead Season 1). Walking Dead Season 1 had Telltale experimenting with new gameplay, so even though they intended to release episodes monthly, they ended up releasing episodes anywhere from 4-8 weeks apart. However, a lot of their experimentation is now out of the way and its safe to say we won't have to wait as long for episodes moving onward.

      Wolf Among Us and even possibly Walking Dead Season 2 will likely not be subjected to the same issues that delayed episodes during Season 1. I highly doubt we will ever see a 2-3 month gap between series, even for something like Walking Dead or Wolf.

      Also, wikis aren't safe to trust. Even Telltale states they don't know the release dates until a few days beforehand because they want to wait to align the console releases with the PC releases.

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      Vainamoinen Moderator

      Yesssss... someone reads our FAQ. ;)

      And we mean it! ;)

  • I do wish that we had all the dates available at the same time as the release of the 1st episode.At least we would know when to expect an episode and we wouldn't be wondering when it could come out.I think that it is what get some people frustrated (including me) because the next episode could be released in 3 days or in 3 weeks.For example I have started reading the comic Fables after finishing episode one of TWAU and I am now at issue 134.And I know for sure that the release date of the next issue is November 20 and because I am certain of the release date it somehow helps me be patient.But if the release date wasn't known it would make it hard to wait for it because it could be in 2 months or more. I understand that this feeling of doubt and uncertainty is rather difficult to bear because usually for the other games we always have an exact release date.But as long as they really take time to make something great and perfect,I think that it's the most important thing.

    • Your last point is worth highlighting. In the past, whenever they've caved in to the impatient demands of their customers, Telltale have released an episode prematurely that could have done with more polish. Back to the Future ep5 comes to mind. I could have sworn one of the Monkey Island episodes had to be patched too. Since then, they've been very careful, I think. But I don't know for certain. Still haven't bought/played Jurassic Park or Walking Dead Season 1.

      • Jurassic Park wasn't that great of a game in general. It did sometimes capture the atmosphere of the movie but in the end it was a bit meh. I suppose its because it wasn't as open to choice as other games I've played and I simply didn't like the puzzles.

        The Walking Dead as you should already know has a massive following. If you like the comics or TV show I urge you to give it a try.

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        Vainamoinen Moderator

        whenever they've caved in to the impatient demands of their customers

        I don't think they have done that yet.

  • I don't like episodic gaming and need to stop playing and wait until I can get the full season, but it's harder to actually do that even though I know it will not be as good of an experience for me if I don't wait. I can't imagine having as good of an experience with TWD if I hadn't had the full season, but I see the way they changed each episode based on the previous episodes. I know these kind of games have a lot to learn from each episode's stats and player opinions to impove as they go, but for me the episodes are too short for the time between them even though I know why they have to do it that way. If I manage to wait 6 months I will have hyped it up too a level that's impossible for it reach anyway lol.
    I would like exact release dates that were sooner, but if they could do that it would have to pretty much a finished game without much they could change, which would make episodic gaming pointless. Ir they had a finished unchanged version of the game I want it all at once, but I know they don't and weekly releases would need the same I guess.

    The season passes are pointless to buy immediatly since you might as well just wait until the second episode, but it helps sell the game because it feels like you did something to make it closer even though you really know you didn't lol. The only other season pass I've ever got was for 4 Borderlands 2 expanions that I lost interest in playing by the time they were released and downloaded all of them eventually, but never even tried the last 3 lol.

    • Although the episodics releases don't work for everyone. They do work for me since the episodes end on cliffhangers. It would be silly having them otherwise.

      Making them release in a week each other would mean the episodes would need to be pretty much ready.

      I think TellTale games are the only ones worth a season pass since you see the content you ordered for within a few months not six months down the year like Bioshock, Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed or Skyrim.

      Plus you are paying less than £20.

      But I do understand why people rather have the episodes all at once. I find myself thinking that myself but I rather enjoy playing the episodes as they come out thinking what may happen in the next episode.

  • Telltale i know your scared with the ps4 and xbox one launches but pleeeeeeeasssseee release something im bored!!

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