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The Walking Dead Meme and Fun Thread (Mobile warning: contains lots of images)

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    Omid's cat BANNED

    Alt text

    • Hah that's what i thought when I first saw Doug.

      • that was enough of a reason to not save him.

        • When I was playing with my friend TWD, we had to choose between saving Carley or Doug, we both agreed: Let's not save Doug. I mean, socks and sandals doesn't even make sense. Although, I'm not sure why more people didn't save Doug. I mean, Carley knew our secret, and we didn't knew her at the time. She coulda've been an asshole and spill her guts. I bet the only reason 27% saved Doug was that.

          • In all honesty I forgot that lee was hiding that he was going to prison till carley gave me the option to tell people in the group about it.

            • sometimes it happens, but I rarely forget little details in TWD. but y did some people didn't told some of the survivors about his past. BTW, I think you shoulda've been able to point your finger at Ben, keep him in the group and NOT get carley killed. But that would be to perfect. I mean, who else coulda've been? Kenny has got his family, it wasn't lee or lilly, she was even the one who asked lee to poke around. Clem's just a little girl. Carley's trustworthy. Doug's a pussy. Ben was the new guy in the group and we know he gets scared and nervous easily.

          • hey with socks your feet will be much more cleaner than without it after a walk ;p

          • I saved Doug because he was like me, a big nerd. Also he looked like he needed the help more as he was trapped by way more walkers.

          • Nah, I just liked Doug more, and Carley seemed like she could be a cool character, but eh. Ehhhhhhhh. Doug it was.

          • I saved Doug because he seemed strong (saved Carley) and somewhat intelligent (can fiddle with electronics). I also thought Carley had spare bullets on her. :(

            I didn't regret the decision though. Lilly mentioned she had military training with the air force so she would have known how to handle a gun just as well (maybe better) as Carley. So we still had a strong shooter in the group, and saved someone who knew how to work electronic devices. :)

          • He was a smarty pants... sadly not noticed or appreciated by most people. Some either think with their dicks or make the "gun" excuse.

            • I see how Doug appealed to some, but I liked Carley better than most of the others (Doug included). She was smart, capable, selfless, stood up for what was right, and didn't argue over petty stuff like the rest. I mean, Doug was interesting and knew his way around electronics, but his was not even close to how well-rounded and strong a character that Carley was. If you chose Doug, he never really had an opinion on anything. The only time he spoke up was to tell the others to stop arguing, and even then he didn't have a very strong presence. I feel like Carley provided more content as a character and was more involved in the story than Doug was. Also, I like the idea of a potential romance between her and Lee (although this was only hinted at if you made specific choices).
              I'm a girl, so I wasn't thinking with my dick when I chose Carley over Doug. I didn't use the gun excuse either since that really just refers to their ability to survive. Doug's electronic and engineering skills makes up for his inability to use a gun. I think that both were really cool characters and it would be wrong to discount Doug just because he's perceived to be a "nerd" or not hot.

            • Point of order, not all gamers have dicks. To get at your point more specifically, not everyone chose to save her out of attraction.

              The gun thing should have been quick enough that you could have saved both, but it ended up a sadistic choice because WALKING DEAD.

            • Most people are just sexists.

            • No matter how shallow it might be (and no matter how shallow the relationship itself was) I still prefer that Lee have a girl Friday. He already had a buddy in the form of Kenny, at least until the meat locker. She was also an interesting character in her own right who asked you personal questions which help to flesh out Lee's character.

              Doug is fine, but seriously, he's like Kaiden; he gotsta go.

            • Personally, I thought with my dick. :D

              Pretty girl. Saved.

          • I think you can see who I chose by looking at my profile pic

        • That along with his green sheep shirt! :<p

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      Doug has sandals?

    • Omg this is hilarious XDDD

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      JPAssini BANNED


  • lol this thread's pretty cool nice work guys, mad photoshop/paint skills :p

  • Vince's Presidential campaign slogan.

    Alt text


      • With Danny for Vice President and Justin as Secretary of the Treasury!

        • Hah! Great joke. Justin had a pyramid scam and he's in charge of the city vaults!

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          I don't know, Danny was kind of a rapist

          • Well all we know is that he was convicted, and we've been down that road before.

            • Yeah, cause the zombie apocalypse is the time to start trusting convicted rapists.

              • Because if you were convicted of rape, well, despite what might be your attempts at turning a new leaf or atoning, it's your turned to get fucked, right?

                Alt text

                At any rate, between a guy who admits to lying with no shame towards lying and embezzlement, and a guy from what I've seen is trying to do the right thing, every time I'm gonna go with the guy who does the right thing.

                • From what you've seen? Because the zombie apocalypse is the time to indulge good old fashioned naivety? I hope you don't have sisters.

                  And where do you get atoning from the five minutes you've known him.

                  • I'm not naive, I know the consequences of judging Danny poorly. I hope you're not implying that my sisters are helpless or that I'm incapable of protecting them when they're in harm's way. Or that I think teaming up with a convicted sex offender doesn't merit any precaution or prudence. Because you don't know me.

                    I don't "get" it, I'm talking about his possible perspective, not mine. I don't have anything concrete on Danny, and neither do you, that's the point. Suffering is part of existing, and you learn a lot about people by what they're willing to do to avoid it, like Justin. Danny was clearly interested in the well-being of the convict being assaulted while Justin wanted nothing to do with it, and when it came down to the choice, Justin was waving his finger at Danny, while Danny was trying to defend himself rather than do the same to Justin. If metaphysical values don't interest you, consider that giving Danny the benefit of the doubt absolves me of any stigma attached to kicking him out or killing him for trying to do something awful later, though teaming up with Justin wouldn't make stigma an issue in his eyes. After all, he only cares about whether or not he was the one who got crippled.

                    All I've heard out of you is "it's the zombie apocalypse", but implying that the collapse of modern civilized society or a dire change in circumstances should affect how a person rationalizes in otherwise similar situations or how he/she consistently interacts with others is a baseless, irrational, and unintelligent argument in and of itself.

                    • Hold on a minute. The zombie apocalypse doesn't change people? You must have missed THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF THIS SERIES! And I'm not implying that your sisters couldn't fight off a sexual assailant, or that you couldn't 'save' them if you happen to be standing right there, but why in gods name would you even take a chance and possibly put them or anyone in that kind of position?

                      Don't talk to me about morality when you're backing a convicted rapist who's really a lovely person who wouldn't hurt a fly. I guess everyone really is innocent in prison.

                      Justin is an open book who tells you straight up who he is. Morally corrupt though he may be he is a known quantity. Danny is all about the denials; you don't know who he really is.

                      And philosophy doesn't really have a place in a world where day to day survival has been reduced to a question mark. You remind me of Ben.

                      • You're right, let me rephrase that. The zombie apocalypse, like any other disaster or bad experience, can change how someone chooses to act, but it doesn't change what's right and what's wrong. Philosophy is always relevant because there will always be people who live by it. I would take the chance because I'm willing to give Danny a chance to prove himself. I didn't want my choice to be ruled by suspicion that could potentially have been misjudgment. Does that put me at risk? Yes, but I'm one of the people who would still cater to philosophy, to a degree. Choosing to show mercy is never a crime, and a person should never feel ashamed of misfortune or suffering that comes as a consequence of the initial decision to trust someone or let someone live.

                        I told you why I shot Justin's foot of and not Danny's. I understand why you probably did the opposite, and that should be good enough. Choices Ben had to make include: stealing to protect his friend under duress; leaving a child in danger to save himself; asking Lee to let him die. Everything else he did was because he was either uninformed, clumsy, or had no other option(bear trap). Ben rarely made any choices relevant or in favor of philosophy.

                        • I was thinking more when he decided to do the right thing and tell Kenny the truth. Because it was the right thing and he needed to do it so he could sleep well that night. And the moral ambiguity that this series is based on would tell you that right and wrong are just different points of view and in the end, completely relative. We can all justify our choices to ourselves, it's only when our views come into conflict with others that we decide who's right and who's wrong. And survival doesn't care about your idealism.

                          Justin is a liar, he lacks character, and is an all round douche. But I can't understand how the majority of people would choose Danny just because he seems too nice to be a rapist.

                          They gave both characters good points and bad to make the decision difficult. Danny is a convicted rapist, but he's also compassionate. Justin is a cheat and a liar and is only interested in his own self interest, and admittedly Justin's only good point seems to be that he isn't a potential rapist. But isn't that enough? He was a shark when it came to making money, but why wouldn't you give him the same chance you're willing to give Danny? Justin wasn't convicted of a violent crime, and certainly nothing as vile as rape. If you release Danny and you're wrong the consequence of that choice isn't just a slap on the wrist and a "Oh, well. I gave him a chance." it's the knowledge that you chose to murder a mostly innocent man to preserve the life of a rapist.

                          The reverse, Justin over Danny, is far less murky.

                          • Right, there is that. but you gotta do what you gotta do. I didn't want Ben to say anything either, when he did, I didn't hold it against him. Yeah, morality can be pretty gray sometimes, but some parts of it are black and white, just not the Danny-Justin situations. I never did like those "people in a boat" dilemmas, they're just so impersonal.

                            It's not that people think Danny's "too nice", and I didn't think Justin was much of a douche, but I like the traits Danny showed better than Justin's. No, it's not enough to be potentially less capable of wrong than someone else, and the point of the exercise is that you can't give everyone the same chance, and who's getting a better chance varies depending on the individual making the choice. Danny's values suited me better than simply knowing what Justin was capable of. Maybe it doesn't matter what the crime is, and they just had to pick something specific to place in the back of our minds when interacting with Danny.

                            Well, if by "murder" you mean "kill(mostly)", and by "mostly innocent" you mean "single-handedly-impoverished-several-of-his-coworkers". Same page, and all that. I liked Danny's values and I'm okay with having to deal with whatever problems someone similar might have in their closet while leaving someone like Justin for dead, come what may. And again, a slap on the wrist isn't applicable to showing mercy. In fact, one of the setting's strongest messages is not beating yourself up over actions and consequences you feel guilty for.

                            • I still don't get how people can just take Justin at face value. The furtive way he denied his crime when asked cast doubt, given that I don't know either of these guys that doubt was enough. Nice/morally conscious people can be rapists too. "How could he have done this- he seemed like a good person." Villains don't walk around wearing all black twiddling their moustaches any more.

                              Single-handedly-impoverished-several-of-his-co-workers?! Did he rape any of them? Because in the wake of the apocalypse his lies aren't as pressing a concern as, "are the female members of my group safe around this guy?"

                              People in a boat dilemma? The prisoners choice? I hope you're not making a batman reference. How is it mercy to forgive a rapist and damn a corrupt banker. Is there something wrong with your value judgment such that rape is equal to fraud? What happened to metaphysical values and your immortal soul or whatever? Mercy, no matter the cost in human lives or to your own morality. This is sentimentalism run amok. Fuck logic, right?

                              • Seriously. Are you that adamant in your opinion that shooting Danny in the foot is the only valid option, that you'd resort to strawman tactics and accusing your opposition of being mentally inflicted with a psychosis? No, I'm not equating the crimes, and no, I'm not making a batman reference. If I were referencing that situation, I'd have said "like that one boat dilemma in that one batman movie". Anyway, I guess the "mercy" defense doesn't hold up to scrutiny in a literal sense, so we'll scrap it.

                                Morally conscious people can be--Yeah I realize that, thanks. We've been talking in circles about this one thing. I know Danny might have thoughts or urges I wouldn't be able to convince him to ignore, but the fact that he's self-conscious and compassionate leads to my reasoning that I can either reason with him or threaten him from indulging in those urges. Justin on the other hand can be the most dishonest opportunistic sonovabitch in Post-Apocalyptic Zombieland and just run away. Basically my thoughts are that I'd rather choose the honest and compassionate guy I'd have to keep a mental leash on instead of the liar, thief, etc. who might try to get ahead of me when encountering less-than-friendly groups.

                                Now I'm gonna guess, as I previously have, that you chose to save Justin instead, and that's fine. Someone was gonna get their foot shot off and it wasn't gonna be Vince because to get the chain link to come off it has to be someone on either end of it, so it comes down to what you'd rather deal with, if you even decided to stick with whoever you saved. Arguing that what horrible thing Danny might do if you save him can come back to bite you is irrelevant after the choice, because when you make the choice, you know what the consequences are, and you make a conscious decision to take responsibility for the consequences, and that's the end of that.

                                • Nice. I've always wanted to accuse someone of using the old strawman argument.

                                  I'm not saying that shooting Danny in the foot is the only valid option, I was just looking for a reason I could understand for why the majority of people went the other way. I assumed that the rape thing would have been a deal breaker for everyone else as it was for me. I was wrong obviously. Then I assumed that maybe it was an American thing, fuck wall street and all that. And then you came along.

                                  I don't think you do understand the consequences. Especially if you believe that you can curb human nature. Your only argument against Justin is that he might try to get ahead of you with other groups. Danny's deficiencies are far more pressing and potentially damaging, especially when it comes to good relations with other groups. You seem to know that you can't trust Danny and that you'd have to watch his every move. Why are we still arguing about this?

                                  Also, I'm not that adamant in my opinion. I was just taking a moment to pull apart your wishy washy argument. You're the one who wanted to bring morality into this. And then some guff about your choice being mercy. Metaphysical values? Apparently you're the one taking the long view and using philosophy(however broad that term may be.) I was just calling you out on it.

                                  And seriously, what's the boat dilemma? This is boring now and I agree that it's time to put this exercise in futility to rest, but what's the boat dilemma? and that's the end of that.

                                  • Thank you. You put a lot of enthusiasm into that straw man. Firstly, there are no American things, only Jersey things. I hope you reread that after too much time had passed to change it, because the way I'm reading it makes it sound like you have a tendency to profile different nationalities.

                                    Okay, I hear you, but I understand completely. In case you need more tangible assurance, I'll continue. Rape is defined as a violent crime in which one person sexually exerts dominance over the victim completely, and no matter how gentle the perpetrator is, the violation can cause immense and potentially mind-shattering trauma in the victim. A victim whom may have friends and family who care for them immensely. People who may cast someone in a specific light for allowing someone who may or may not have committed the crime to its umpteenth degree to live in a situation where someone was going to die. From the moment of the choice, I thought about who I could trust to have by back and not potentially leave me for dead, and based on what I had to go on, Danny won. I already explained why.

                                    Well, alright then. I apologize if I came off as wishy washy, but I revisited that and thoroughly revised it to the point where I believe my personal opinion should be well fortified.

                                    Let me clarify, I had to do a little search to narrow down what I was talking about. It's a little Socratic exercise called the Lifeboat Dilemma, and when I first mentioned it, it was a side tangent related to the very thing we're talking about and was not part of my defense in any way.

                                    • I'm racist to nations now? That's a straw man argument if I ever heard one, BOOM! Seriously though, America was the most affected by the stock market crash, as a whole. What the hell does Jersey have to do with anything?

                                      And why did you just awkwardly define rape? You understand what exactly, the definition of rape?! Your personal opinion is well fortified. So in the beginning you were merely trying to convince me that I was wrong rather than standing by your own views?

                                      Can we stop? This has gotten so stupidly long. We should have done this in pm or something. I am fully prepared to agree that we are never going to agree, but I still find you completely baffling. Not your views but your pseudo philosophical arguments. And I'm glad that you understand completely. Truce?

                                      • I didn't say that...

                                        ... ......

                                        Prison is pretty much the furthest extent of punishment I would wish on any criminal in the stock market, and anybody who ever lived from the latest year of that decade is 70-73 years old today. How many people from that time period of American history would you think are playing this game right now? And I guess I should stop making references, because as much as it brings a tear to my eye to acknowledge, there are plenty of people don't watch South Park.

                                        Fine, jeez. Let me just go back and remove "define" from that sentence since it bothers you so much. While we're on the subject of awkward definitions, let me reach through cyberspace, I got another one here: "to protect or strengthen against attack". "Convince" or otherwise persuade isn't ever part of any of the word's definitions.

                                        I don't understand how Danny's morally compelling values aren't enough to build my "pseudo" argument around. You can't seriously expect a truce when carrying on with your strongly-punctuated effort at tearing down everything I have to say. "I think we should have a truce." Bang But, hey, if you feel that way, I dunno...maybe you should have pm'd me instead of starting off with a sarcastic passive-aggressive attitude towards a factual statement about player knowledge in full view of readers who came to this thread to laugh.

                                        • Are you really so self involved as to believe that anyone is going to read all this crap? And come on! The big Wall Street thing where banks stole all peoples money, happened a few years ago, the thing Americas still in the process of recovering from. The thing that Telltale was referencing.

                                          What does removing the word 'define' change. You still awkwardly defined rape for no apparent reason. Is there a reason? ""to protect or strengthen against attack". "Convince" or otherwise persuade isn't ever part of any of the word's definitions." WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! What does this have to do with anything? What point are you trying to make here? I'm not trying to tear apart your argument, to do that I'd have to understand it.

                                          Did you just accuse me of passive aggression in a passive aggressive way? And let me rephrase, not "pseudo", pseudo-philosophical.

                                          If you don't want a truce we should just start posting "you suck," back and forth until someone loses. It'd be more productive.

                                          • Still, the impression I got is that what you think is going through most Americans' minds who are playing is, "here's a guy who stole money on Wall Street! Don't you just really wanna not save him?" Telltale can't reference any Wall Street problems from during or before 2003, which was the year in the Walking Dead universe when the apocalypse started. 2008 might be something referenced, except a player can't make the choice based on what happened in our universe 5 years later. Even if some people don't realize that, I doubt a significant amount of people who decide to shoot of Justin's foot, or playing the game in general, aren't aware of the comics and aren't buffing on the lore, or are that superficial. Also I don't keep up with world news as much as I should so I didn't even know that was a thing that happened. It certainly explains a few things.

                                            I guess it was counter-intuitive to be blatantly over-the-top in my effort to communicate that yes I know what's going on, I know what my choice might cause, how horrible the consequences might be, and how my choice might make me look, except it doesn't change the choice I make. Trying to coax the thought out of you that maybe I'm not ignorant, or insane, and following that logic, maybe there's a genuine well-informed and completely sane perspective behind my choice. I guess I have to say it straightforwardly, fortifying my perspective doesn't mean I'm trying to convince you(although I admit there was a little of that early on).

                                  , I did. More specifically, I accused this whole argument as being your fault when really it's not, but with how it started and the tone I'm getting from you, I really think you're the one who should calm down and meet me halfway.

                                            • You want calm, huh? CALM! CAUSE I'LL GIVE YOU CALM!! - that was a joke, we like to have fun here ; D

                                              Firstly, I think you're underestimating the amount of ill will that America has towards institutions like Wall street right now. Secondly, I dunno. Seriously, I've run out of things. Oh, wait. If you don't like my tone, too bad; this is what you get for responding to trolls.

                                              In other news, I don't think you or anyone who chose Danny over Justin is an idiot. This is a series that is all about kneejerk reactions. You were going to go one way or the other with little to no time for thought. I'm just surprised that the rape thing didn't immediately turn everyone against Danny. I just don't get it at all. Assuming you and everyone else who made this choice, and took Danny at face value, are naïve is just the only way I can process this bizarreness.

                                              Oh, and there won't be any meeting halfway. We're both right of course, but some differences of opinion simply can't be reconciled. Ready to stop when you are.

                                              EDIT: And of course Telltale are going to make modern day references. How else are they supposed to stay relevant?

                                              • "ill will" as far as murder? Who better between the two of us to make a statement about how far most Americans would take punishment against Wall Street crooks, than the person who was born, raised, and is currently living in America? Don't answer that.

                                                "responding to trolls." ...Are you...? Alt text

                                                As much as that's true, they still allow you enough time to decide on your gut reaction, like 5-6 seconds mostly, and the choice between Justin and Danny was not timed.

                                                If you're going to be Mr. Literal about every phrase or term I use sort of out of context, maybe I should just STOP TALKING. And I know. You've made that abundantly clear. All I can say now is for you to keep trying to process it, sooner or later it'll come to you.

                                                • You're American?! Hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. "Who better between the two of us to make a statement about how far most Americans would take punishment against Wall Street crooks" Not the guy who apparently didn't even know there was such a thing as Wall street crooks until a few days ago. Thanks, that was good.

                                                  I meant people dislike Wall Street guys, enough to push one button instead of another, not enough to go out, find one, and murder them. But thanks for blowing that out of proportion.

                                                  Was there anything else?

                                  • Danny was convicted of rape, yes, though that may not be as bad as it sounds. He could have been wrongly convicted or it could have been just him having sex with an underage person who was willing.

                                    On the other hand, we know for sure Justin is a lying thieving asshole, he doesn't even try to deny it. This isn't as bad as full blown rape, but again, Danny's case may not be as bad as it seems.

                                    I think they're both bad company though, honestly. They both have their ups and downs, and for both of them, in my opinion, the downs outweigh the ups.

                                    • It may not be as bad as it sounds, and it may be far worse. As I said, Justin is a known quantity. You can trust that the majority of his faults are all laid out for you.

                                      "I don't trust a man that doesn't have something strange going on about him, cause that means he's hiding it from you. If a man's wearing his pants on his head or says his words backwards from time to time, you know it's all laid out there for you. But if he's friendly to strangers and keeps his home spick-and-span, more often than not it means he's done something even his own ma couldn't forgive." No-bark.

                                      And I think I'm prejudiced against convicted rapists.

                                      And screw you for reviving this. That other guy's probably gonna come back now ;)

                                      • I agree up until that quote. Yes, it's basically just whether you want to take a chance on having a companion who seems nicer on the outside but could be much worse, or have a companion you know may stab you in the back. A chance of bad, chance of good, or definitely bad, but not as bad.

                                        To the quote, why would you think someone is a bad person if they're friendly and they keep their house clean....? >.>

                                        • You make it sound like the difference between being a pessimist and an optimist. You're on a prison bus next to a guy convicted of rape and a guy convicted of some boring white collar crime. Why would you free the rapist just because he said he didn't do it? I can't think of a way either of them could betray you anyway. You're seconds from death and now's the time for trust exercises and leaps of faith? With prisoners on a prison bus?! Just stay safe people. There's no law anymore; dealing with a rapist would be awkward.

                                          And because Fallout New Vegas! It means that if you know a man who cleans his house then he is a closet murderer. Look, just try and take the quote as literally as possible. phft, question my quotes; he wouldn't have questioned shakespeare, but no, fallout new vegas aint good enough, it needs to make sense, phft, this is what i get for revealing im not cultured

                                          • You got a little bit hard to understand near the end....

                                            The supposed rapist seems to clearly have morals, still and since 'rape' can sound a whole lot worse than it is, he may be a much better choice than the other man, the one you know basically steals from people for a living.

                                            Like I said. It's whether you want to go with someone who's kind of bad or someone who could be better and could be worse.

                                            • He seemed squeamish about two prisoners fighting, that doesn't necessarily imply a sense of morality. Whereas investment fraud doesn't really translate well into post-apocalyptia; rape is the same, though.

                                              Danny is either sort of a better choice, or he's horribly, horribly worse. I think the risks far outweigh any possible gain in this situation.

                                              • Investment fraud translates to willingness to steal, even before the apocalypse, and in a very clever way. The rapist, if I were playing Clementine, would be a much bigger deal. But I was playing a man, clearly Danny wasn't gay, he supposedly raped a girl and had a girlfriend, so I had nothing to worry about from him. Plus he didn't just not like the prisoners fighting, he stood up and stopped the guard from scaring or threatening himself, Justin and Vince. That, in my opinion, is his redeeming point.

                                                Justin's is that he shows morality in that he doesn't want to steal from people who don't have much money to begin with, I guess. Steal from the rich.

                                                Regardless though, the worst that'd happen based off that information is Justin steals from you and gets you killed or into more trouble than you need, or Danny rapes someone who's not you because he isn't gay. I wouldn't say he's horribly worse, at least not to Vince himself, since there is no reason to believe Danny would try to rape, kill, steal from or leave Vince.

                                                This is supported through Vince's comments with Tavia about how Justin leaves him for a settlement and Danny dies protecting him. Something along those lines.

                                                Plus I'm probably just a little bit biased in my opinion sine I like Danny's attitude more. d:

                                                • I actually saved Danny for a much different reason. I saved Danny because he showed that if it came down to it, I could rely on him to have my back. Justin on the other hand would sell me out for his own benefit. If the world was ending, I would want someone morally corrupt that would save my life instead of a person who would leave me for dead the moment it benefited him.

                                                • So you've already crossed the point where you accept that he's a rapist? It took the other guy longer; it was just as creepy though.

                                                  EDIT: Frostbite_Snipes, that is.

                                                  • I accept that he was convicted of rape. There was no proof given that he is or isn't a rapist. Without proof, I will not decide either way, but I still recognize the dangers of having a rapist with you in the apocalypse, even only a possible rapist.

                                                    • The dangers being... him raping people; not you though, you have man parts. He's not really a danger to you so why worry about it? Worst case scenario: Dany rapes someone... and apparently you've already taken this possibility into account and are ok with it?! Admittedly, morality would be the first thing to go if the end of the world finds you trapped inside a prison bus, but from a third person perspective? From a human perspective!?

                                                      Oh, and the proof is in the conviction, the fact that you've known him for five minutes, and the fact that... come on people! Don't trust strangers you meet on a prison bus who have been convicted of rape. Especially the ones coyly claiming innocence.

                                                      You won't decide either way, that's fine. But the hypothetical way that you just disregarded rape as an issue was creepy :(

                                                      • I did not disregard it as an issue. I think the gain outweighs the risks. Justin was convicted of a crime too, one that would be much more potentially harmful to Vince, and he did not try to deny he did it. On top of that, Danny risks his life to protect Justin and Vince, who he has known for 5 minutes. That is a quality I'd want on my side in the apocalypse.

                                                        Clearly Danny was a good person. Everyone makes mistakes, perhaps he did rape someone, perhaps it was technical rape. Clearly even if it was full blown rape, Danny is ashamed of it as he insists he didn't do it.

                                                        If I had to choose between a guy who might have raped someone who just tried to save my life and a guy who steals from people for a living, in the zombie apocalypse, I'd choose the one who just tried to save me.

                                                        • He never tried to save your life.

                                                          Of course he's ashamed; it's rape, I'd be more impressed if he owned up to what he did.

                                                          You're making Danny seem like a saint. Of course, I'm making him seem like a villain, but I don't have to make as many things up.

                                                          • I'm not making any thing up. When the prison bus guard with bad judgement and a trigger finger points a gun at Danny, Vince and Justin, Danny stands up in front of the other two, risking his own life and gets the guard to put the gun down. The guard very well could have shot all of them, Danny did not know he wouldn't, Danny couldn't have known he wouldn't. Justin, on the other hand, cowered.

                                                            Now I think Justin has his ups, clearly he's a smart man and he doesn't seem evil either, but I like Danny's good qualities more than Justins and I think Danny's bad qualities won't effect Vince as badly as Justin's bad qualities.

                                                            Like I said, this is supported by Vince mentioning what happens to Danny/Justin in Tavia's story in 400 days. He either mentions Justin leaving him for a big community or Danny dying to protect him. I'm not sure if you have to say something specific to get him to talk about it, though.

                                                            • Justin cowered and Vince did what? Swoon?! It was in all their interests to stop the lunatic with the gun from killing them all, don't make him Jesus on the cross just because he made a play first.

                                                              When Vince mentions Justin leaving him he doesn't seem all that broken up about it. In fact, it's what gets him to take a chance on this new group, the fact that Justin made the smart choice for a safer life. Oh, and Justin didn't die to save Vince and yet Vince is still alive. Magic? And Nate says he's glad the rapist is gone now that they have Shell and Becca. Ok, done now.

                                                              And hey man, I never said Danny being a rapist is a serious danger to Vince personally. He doesn't have lady parts, has never owned a dress, but is that really the point?

                                                              • Danny saved them. The officer was pointing his gun at Vince and talking to Vince. Danny was willing to take the shot for all of them. No matter how you look at that, even if you think it's self-interest, it's still bravery, while Justin did not show bravery.

                                                                Russell says he's glad Danny's gone because Danny was an asshole. Justin admittedly had better personality traits, which is also something to consider, but I'd rather have the person that will fight with me than the person that will leave me. You'd rather have the one that will steal from you and leave you? It doesn't matter that Vince is still alive, the point is that Danny was willing to die for him. In my opinion, nothing Justin can offer can outweigh the willingness of Danny to give up his life for someone else. Justin's smart and his stealing tactics could also be useful, but he probably wouldn't just give up his life for Vince. Justin knew he was leaving Vince and, while I don't disagree with it, Danny stays with Vince as well. Besides, we don't even know yet if going with Tavia was the right choice. Judging by episode 2, it wasn't, considering Bonnie being with Carver seems to hint that Tavia's group is Carver's group.

                                                                Yes, what a person can do for and to Vince IS the point. Justin will likely steal from Vince and won't help him when Vince needs him. Danny will likely help Vince fight people and zombies alike. Justin does have a better personality and I don't think he's evil, but I'd rather have the asshole that will save me than the guy that will keep me company but won't have my back when I need it. It's just opinions. I know both Danny and Justin have their ups and downs, I just prefer Danny.

                                                                Also, notice how Danny was never mentioned to even try to make sexual advances on any member of the group. Just something I think is worth pointing out. Russell never says anything about Danny relating to Shel and Becca or Bonnie, he just says he's glad Danny is gone because Danny was an asshole. He never says he's glad because they have Shel and Becca.

                                                                • Russel, not Nate, sorry, mentions Becca and Shell specifically, the implication being perfectly obvious to those not in denial. And since when is Dany an asshole? He seemed nice. What could Dany possibly have done to sour Russel's opinion of him?

                                                                  And Justin is going to 'steal' from you? How? Is he going to call you up and get you to invest in funeral parlours?!

                                                                  I don't trust Dany. The sheepish way he denies his crime and the fact that you've only known him for a minute or two, add to that the fact that you're on a prison bus for gods sake, there's no freaking way I'm not sticking close to the guy who hasn't been convicted of a violent crime and is completely honest with you.

                                                                  Rape is bad. Everyone in prison is NOT innocent. Oh, and I said the fact that Danny won't rape Vince isn't the point. The fact that he may have raped someone is kinda a big deal for me. You do know rape is bad, right?

                                                                  • Rape isn't as bad as murder and the point still stands that Danny helps Vince while Justin leaves him. Yes, Justin's decision might have indirectly helped Vince(it is still unknown if going with Tavia was good for the 400 days group or not) but Justin did not have the intention of helping Vince. He left Vince. Also, Danny was indeed an asshole when he wasn't trying to protect people. Pulling the chains and shit, it annoys Justin and it can annoy Vince, but it's the player's choice whether it annoys him or not.

                                                                    Justin has shown he is willing to steal, regardless of how. If he is given the choice to steal when he might die otherwise or when it's much more important than just getting more rich, I think he would do it.

                                                                    NO RAPE IS GOOD. I'm kidding, I know rape is bad. But my point still stands. He seems to have a moral compass, he might have made a mistake of some kind but that doesn't make him a bad person. Clearly he's loyal to his friends, at least if they have a penis. I honestly don't think he would try anything in a large group in the apocalypse anyways, that would probably simply get a bullet through his head. xD

                                                                    Rape is bad, but who you are before the apocalypse doesn't mean as much as who you are after it. Lee and Vince are both murderers and you want to talk about a rapist? You play as two people convicted of worse crimes than rape.

                                                                    Besides, the fact that Danny won't rape Vince is the point. Vince has to choose one of the two men to be his traveling companion for an unknown amount of time, should he choose the one who will obviously protect him or the one who knows stuffs and has a better personality? It's just opinions, but I think Vine should choose the guy that'll help him not die.

                                                                    Of course, their crimes do have an impact on how a person might view them, but I don't care about either of their crimes too much. I do worry about Justin being willing to steal but honestly, I don't think he would steal from someone who needs their supplies, since he says "I wasn't stealing from people like that", talking about a poor person I think. I also don't think Danny's crime is as bad as it sounds. I think he might have been convicted of statutory rape. There's no way to prove Danny was convicted of actual rape (sex without consent) and there's no way to prove Justin will steal from Vince, but both are possible.

                                                                    SO who do you trust? I guess when I put it that way Justin might be more reasonable since Danny is an asshole, but I still think Danny being willing to put his life on the line for other people is important in the apocalypse.

                                                  • Before the outbreak, Danny was caught and arrested for raping a young girl. He claims he is not guilty (however, if Vince points the shotgun at Danny, he will admit that he did "bad things").
                                                    There you have it. ( I know this post is old as dirt but I just thought it was worth mentioning)

                                    • If you Aim At him with gun long enough he will admit he did it

          • Danny was a kinda pedophile for me...

    • Brilliant! I love ya Robert!

    • Vince anytime, you filthy zombies!

    • Weird that this comment has no dislikes. Is this why everyone else chose Danny the rapist over Justin?

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