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  • I would like for "spoiler" Comments to display a number of how many messages are layered below, count both the number of "new" messages and the number of messages overall.

  • So how goes those improvements, web team?

  • Spoiler crackdown in The Walking Dead section. Not sure if it is an issue in the forums for other games, but it is getting ridiculous over there. Spoilers in topic titles, when it would be simple to word it differently or put it in the actual section for spoilers-which could stand to be renamed,-and the spoiler tags are barely used. These people violate the rules, often on purpose, yet receive no punishment. Instead, people are simply told to not come here until they've beaten the game, which is ridiculous. Besides, spoilers posted in the General section are viewable even from the main part of the boards, ruining the series even for people who don't visit the section.

    Also, is it possible to change the format of this forum? I'm browsing through the older topics, but changing the page doesn't effect the site itself. Like, if I'm on page 30 and click on a topic and then click "Back" after reading it, the forums will be reset to the first page. This happens when you refresh in any way, and it's irritating, since it forces you to open these threads in new tabs or windows, and even then, I keep accidentally clicking the thread somehow.

  • Sorry for the double post, but it would also be nice to be able to delete messages from my Feed. It's getting cluttered, and since it is the only way to know if someone has sent you a PM, they are often pushed down, resulting in them being overlooked. Also, it's annoying, since people have been responding to my posts or sending me PMs with spoilers and or insults. I can report these people, but can't get rid of these messages.

  • Another thing is that when you load a forum section, threads with new posts in them are bolded, but you don't get links to the new posts until the next time you load the page. That means you either have to go to the first page of one of these threads (but then you have to click "Scroll to next new comment" to see the first unread post) or just reload the page again, which seems a bit redundant.

  • They should make a feature for the forum that contains spoilers that you visit regularly doesn't require you to click the "this may contain spoilers" button.

  • Your wording is really unclear. If you're talking about the actual spoiler sections, then you don't have to use that feature. The bigger issue is people spoiling things in topic titles on the main pages. I'm a little concerned that no staff members are responding to this topic.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    @TheDuck wrote:


    The bigger issue is people spoiling things in topic titles on the main pages.

    That was like that even for season one of The Walking Dead in the old forums. Even with the spoiler forum, people would still post spoilers in thread titles in the main forum and those spoilers in the topics would show up on the main page of the forum. The moderators had to manually go in and change the topic title to prevent that, like we do now. That's the only way that it can be done, since it's not possible to get the forum to detect spoilers in thread titles. And it's not possible to get everyone to stop posting spoilers in the topic titles, because they still do so even when told by the moderators not to do so (like was done last season).

  • That's why I keep saying-crack down on these people. If there is no penalty for blatantly disregarding the rules, what's their motivation to stop? I've learned from creating my topic about this issue that a lot of the offenders feel entitled and view themselves as above these rules. They show no remorse and even attacked me, some going out of their way to post spoilers in the thread and send them to me over PM. There are lots of reasons for people to come to the TWD section without having beaten the game-bugs, information, help, discuss an episode they just beat...and then there's the fact that even people who don't visit the section can still see the spoilers. THEY break the rules, yet blame the victims for "being stupid enough to visit the forums before beating the game". Staff has even gone out of their way to make it easy for them, by providing spoiler tags you can easily add to any post and even a spoiler section. It's not like anyone is asking the world of them-either mark spoilers properly and keep them out of topic titles or post in the spoiler section. It's not that hard.

    It's only going to get worse, as my topic proved. And with Season Two of the game coming out, I'm afraid to stay here. It will be even worse if my fears are realized and the Vita release is after the initial launch. I shouldn't have to leave this place and my topics and cut myself off from all information, just because some people can't follow the rules.

    So, yeah, this is largely on the mods. If they don't start banning or suspending people who ruin the game for others by being reckless with spoilers, then the offenders are just going to keep doing it and running around with entitled attitudes. Make a stickied post about said crack down to be fair, then make sure to follow through.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    @TheDuck wrote:


    That's why I keep saying-crack down on these people. If there is no penalty for blatantly disregarding the rules, what's their motivation to stop?

    They generally do stop after you tell them to. I just meant that people post spoilers in the topic titles because they don't read the guidelines. There's not much we can do about that, since it would be wrong to give someone an infraction or a ban without first giving them the warning, and the warning usually does work (and the ones who didn't listen were given infractions and/or bans).

    By the way, I looked through the forum, and saw no real spoilers in the thread titles, so it doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment. What threads are you talking about that has you concerned about the issue? The only thing I see is minor spoilers (like guesses on who is the killer in TWAU or mentions of Kenny's fate being explored in TWD season two). The really big things, like posting about the death of a character, were taken care of during TWD season one, and don't seem to be here now (and, really, those are the only spoilers that we have to be actively seeking out, since the other ones aren't really spoilers at all, since the topic titles are all related to fan speculation).

    @TheDuck wrote:


    They show no remorse and even attacked me, some going out of their way to post spoilers in the thread and send them to me over PM.

    That's definitely unacceptable. If that happens again, let one of the moderators know about it, and we'll stop them.

  • They don't stop. Just look at the TWD section. Nearly every topic title has some kind of spoiler, and all it takes is one look for someone to be ruined, just visiting the main page. The mods aren't changing the titles, and usually, neither will people making said topics. I suggested what you should do-bolded sticky announcing you are cracking down on spoilers in topic titles and unmarked spoilers in topics. A warning first is fine, but people need to know this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
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    @TheDuck wrote:


    They don't stop. Just look at the TWD section. Nearly every topic title has some kind of spoiler, and all it takes is one look for someone to be ruined, just visiting the main page.

    Like I said, it's all just fan speculation in the titles in the TWD section. I don't see any spoilers in any of the thread titles at all. What topics are you referring to?

  • A lot of them got pushed back due to the recent burst of "OMG Season 2" posts, but that doesn't change that they are there. And that more will eventually be posted. No matter what, such an announcement should be made, especially with the next season coming out. I don't want to have to leave this place and my topics and my only source of information. A lot of mods think they say "no spoilers" the day the game is released and expect it to happen, but it won't. These people need to be eased into it, and it's still happening now. Did you read my topic about the spoilers? It shows just how bad things have gotten pretty well.

  • I feel like the down voting feature for comments has added a certain hostility to this site that never existed before.

  • Will the polls be brought back?

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    I feel like the down voting feature for comments has added a certain hostility to this site that never existed before.

    I think a more important reason is the fact that so many people have left for the TWD fan forum or the Double Fine forums that there are few people left here who has anything invested in the place or the people here.

  • Aside from the huge spoiler issue, I'd imagine another reason is this layout. I wasn't here before these 'changes", but even I'm not liking it. The disappearance of polls make a lot of old topics pointless or make less sense. Not being able to customize your settings at all, such as regarding notifications and time zones, is a pain. Refreshing on any page but the first takes you back to the first. making browsing irritating. The threaded format has its uses, but also makes it difficult to find new replies. And then there's the feed, which would be a lot better if you delete stuff from it, especially since people make a lot of nasty comments sometimes. And whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned inbox? Getting PMs and knowing when they've been replied to is a pain.

  • [removed]

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    There is still no Chuck in the Walking Dead stock avatars. And yet there are 2 Ducks. For shame, Telltale.

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    There's no "Flag" button on posts if they're spoiler-tagged.

  • They should really focus on two things.

    A: Ignore feature( Simply don't like someone. Hit Ignore and all their comments are hidden like spoilers are hidden.)

    B: Communication (Because they grown so fast, almost overnight. They done games for years at their own pace. Yet sudden explosion of the popularity of their games. They need a customer support email, you can message and contact people directly. Secondly, they should update better. I saw Puzzlebox comment earlier in a thread.

    About usually their wait time is 4-8 weeks, sometimes they take time to use that extra polish. That sort of thing should be sent out twitter. People come here daily, and it would be easier to say (Over a week or two weeks times) then having people create threads everyday asking about release date.

    You can make great games, bad customer support, doesn't make for happy customers.

  • Doesn't seem like anyone who can fix these issues reads this topic...

  • It does kind of dawn on a person, No one is actually reading this, or taking it seriously, Which is a shame, they should iron out the page, Since they built their games on customer feedback, I'll repeat my requests,

    Ignore feature, (This is a basic service, You can find anywhere why not here,)

    An email people actually respond, We should have an email, where they read and respond to situations they get, sometimes I suppose their are busy, They just paid a ton of cash for this site, why not ask for feedback on it, there's no customer support, at best, you can click on contact us, get emailed back maybe in three business days

  • The spoiler thing on the Walking Dead section aggravates me the most. It is not right that people doing it on purpose can just get away with that, and it's not fair that people have to avoid this forum and talking about the game until beating it, unless they want to risk getting spoiled. What are people going to do when the next season comes out. It's even worse for people who won't be able to get the second season right away or just want to report issues or get info.

  • I'll look into cleaning up thread titles with spoilers as long as I can come up with an acceptable title for replacement that still conveys what the discussion is about. Feel free to PM me with particular threads you would like for me to look into changing.

    Just as a note, some spoilers may be vague enough to warrant keeping the current title but I'll look into your suggestions.

  • Can you see flagged threads? I've flagged about four in the Walking Dead general section. Also, like I told the mod who fixed one of the titles I flagged, you can't just change the title itself-sometimes, you have to put a spoiler warning in the title or put the post itself in the tags. The mod did fix that one title, but the topic itself is still full of Season One spoilers. We really need a Season 2 section made, though I doubt anyone would use it anyway.@_@

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    I can see flagged threads, but it would be quicker/more convenient for you to contact us directly for now.

    Preferably, you can PM me with links to threads you want marked with spoilers and I can look into cleaning it up.

  • Sent three.

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    I didn't get your PM so I sent you one that you can respond to.

    However, most of the spoilers that I have seen you mention are only spoilers in the sense that a certain character or minor event that did not directly appear in Episode 1 is being talked about. Spoilers on a larger level such as "X character dies" or "Episode X has a plot twist" can definitely ruin the game for someone who has not yet played it.

    On the other hand, I can't say for certain that others simply acknowledging the existence of a character or something else minor is a spoiler. The discussion of characters that appear after Episode 1 (such as Omid/Christa/etc) is not that big of a spoiler in hindsight, as nothing major is revealed about the plot other than... well, you meet new characters. The spoilers that I (and other moderators I presume) want to keep an eye out for mostly focus on large plot elements. In addition, it has been a year since Season 1 and Season 2 acts as a direct continuation to the story from Season 1. As long as nobody spoils something major regarding the plot, everyone should be on good track. I don't see any harm in openly referencing characters or minor plot elements that do not notably spoil the story in the grand scheme of things.

  • I replied to it. Did it go through?

    I think you might be misunderstanding my thoughts on what a spoiler is. If I see a thread asking if a certain character who survived the first season will appear in the second, I consider that a spoiler. Seeing that title tells someone who has not beaten the game that that character is not shown dying in it, which takes away a lot of the suspense. As I've mentioned before, it's not fair to say "Well, it's been a year since...", because the rules are still there, and it HASN'T been a year for everyone. The Vita release only came out a month or so ago, and there are still some consoles awaiting their version.

  • Got the reply. Don't worry, I'm still going to look into it.

    Despite the grim nature of The Walking Dead though, I'm not sure if a character surviving counts as a spoiler.

  • How is it not? In ANY series where characters die frequently, knowing that a certain character has survived is a huge spoiler.

  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
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    It technically does count as a spoiler in a sense, but spoilers like those are relatively tame (excluding any plot element where something bad was implied to happen, rather than a character just being absent for a while then coming back).

    For such tame spoilers, it would take a good amount of effort to change the thread title into something vague that still conveys what the discussion is about if something as simple as a character not dying (when they were simply absent beforehand) is to be considered as a spoiler worthy of offense.

    I'd be happy to mark threads with the spoiler flag, but that's about the extent to what I can do unless the thread title is already vague enough to be changed in the first place.

  • TheDuckTheDuck Banned
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    A big part of playing TWD, is that you don't know who is going to live and who is going to die. If you've just met character A, it's a lot less interesting if you know for a fact they're surviving the game. It's one thing in the case of Clementine, because she's the protagonist of the second season, but with certain other characters, it's just getting out of hand.

    Too many topic titles reveal that Omid and Christa do not die in the first game, as well as that Christa was pregnant. These are all huge spoilers to anyone playing the game.

    And if the topic creator doesn't feel they can not avoid spoilers in the title, then post it in the section where that's okay.

  • Here's a nice feature I'd like to see. It'd be nice if we could collapse the subforums on the main page, so that we don't have to see the latest posts in each forum. It wouldn't be so bad if most of the posts weren't people demanding their money back.

  • Well after only checking in a few times on the forums. I come back after playing and finishing Ep 1 of TWaU to find what we got during TWD Ep 1. People complaining about Episode release dates.

    Other than that, the main General Chat forums doesn't seem to be very busy :/

  • Also, apparently even tagged spoilers show up-in plain sight-in the Feed.

  • Equality would also be nice. There are a lot of people on here, at least in TWD section, that look down on the Vita players. Now, it's spread to the mods. We don't have the same rights as other players, and it's upsetting.

  • VainamoinenVainamoinen Moderator
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    Equality would also be nice. There are a lot of people on here, at least in TWD section, that look down on the Vita players. Now, it's spread to the mods. We don't have the same rights as other players, and it's upsetting.

    Ah, bullshit.

    Have we not asked members to refrain from console wars each and every time they insulted your platform? Heck, we personally made sure this stuff ended up in the forum guidelines. No moderator here, absolutely no one, "looks down on Vita players". Especially not those who are kind enough to bring any news concerning the TWD2 Vita version into the forum directly and to a prominent place, like the unofficial FAQ. What an absurd idea.

    A Vita release date thread makes just as much sense as an iOS thread or a PS3 EU thread or an Ouya thread even. Sure, we could sticky four new release date discussion threads concerning these platforms. But I think I can speak for all mods when I say that there's no need. If 60% of all posts in those threads are from a single member, even more so.

    You are overreacting to very VERY ordinary forum cleanup actions, directed against nothing and no one, with short sighted and often false accusations. I don't understand the reasons, frankly. Do you believe it would speed up the Vita version in any way when every other thread is a Vita thread or at least one of them is stickied?

    I try to keep the sticky threads in subforums to an ABSOLUTE minimum, because I happen to believe that they clutter up thread lists; I would have unstuck your thread today as well had other mods not been first. Moving individual posts from closed threads to active ones is a rather painful process on this new forum; had I been the one to assess and clean up the situation, I probably wouldn't have done it, as discussion in release date threads tends to be massively repetitive. On the contrary, you've met a moderator very willing to go through with it so posts aren't lost to posterity. But, alas, they weren't moved to the thread you would have preferred. Oh dear.

    There now is a "Vita release day thread" open in those forums (which I personally consider obsolete). If there's interest in the Vita version, it will remain in the thread list in prime place.

    For the record: I think the Vita is a real interesting platform to play on.

  • I'm not saying it's every mod. But look at what happened with my topic. A mod OK'd it, so people who wanted to discuss the Vita release could do so, both without their comments getting swallowed by people playing on other platforms and-most importantly-so they could do so without getting spoiled. Being told to simply settle for NOT discussing and NOT asking questions and just reading a thread title is insulting. You can be as snippy as you want, but that mod locked my mod-approved topic, then even got rid of all related discussion in another thread. We currently have no place where we can talk and ask questions without getting spoiled. There was no need to lock that topic and unsticky it. It wasn't even open a day. I've gotten spoiled several times being forced to Follow the existing topic, because even marked spoilers appear unhidden in the Feed. It's not right to force us to either keep Following it or settle for not talking or asking anything.

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