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Who stayed at the camp at the end of 400 days

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The people who stayed at the camp in my game were Shel, Russell, Wyatt and becca

  • Nobody stayed at the camp in my gameplay. Everything was fine on first playthrough with the individual stories, I just had to mess aroung a bit with the Tavia story. What she tells the group, you know.

  • Everyone stayed at the camp except for Bonnie, who always leaves. Came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I'm sticking with it and hoping Telltale has something more original and interesting in store than making everyone leave the camp the 'good' ending and everyone except Bonnie staying the 'bad.'

  • For me Russel and Vince. I think it's not cool when peopel say "the good and the bad choices" there are no good or bad choices, there are choices and their consequences, in Karaj's story, everyone going to the safearea and in Mr.Masaune everyone staying in camp but Bonnie, doesn't mena one made the good choices and other the bad. It menas thye made different choices. I mean I didn't killed the guy because I didn't wanted becca to see him being cold murdered like that and left the group not because I didn't wanted to kill the other girl, but because I don't like being bossed around... I didn't killed the old couple because they were already powerless we could just take their guns and food and go... I choose to kill Justin because Danny looked like the guy to go in my crazy plans to kill or betray others, I didn't wanted to go see the cop with wyatt since Eddie was the one that got us into trouble and and lied to leland since I didn't wanted him because I really hated the other woman and I guess that was kind off on purpose :P But a decision is just a decision that has consequences, neither is really "good" or "bad", at least that's what I think ;)

    • Actually, I care more about Eddie and Nate than the camp survivors ^^

      • AH AH I'm not saying I care more, but I liked them more too ;)

        • Well, yes. I always wanted Russel and Nate to get along. And Vince was a pretty interesting character too. Shel was okay, but Becca with that rude attitude and aggressive behavior, now she is quite something. I don't really have an exact opinion on Wyatt, but Bonnie is the one I really don't have any affection with.

  • If I'm not mistaken, I missed the trigger to keep Russel and Wyatt so they stayed behind at the camp. I've been looking up the exact ways since there is no way to back track on 400 days who stays/leaves without potentially altering what you've already done. I know for a fact that I have Vince, Shel and Bonnie, so if memory serves me right, it was a 3:2 character ratio.

    • I think you can play exactly the same way you played but say that they can find their friends and Wyatt will go with you and if you say that they can find their families Russel will come with you ;) did you stayed at the car or got out with Wyatt?

      • I wanted to stay in the car, but lost the game of R.P.S because I thought I could win. :/ So I had to leave xD

        • Yup, So Wyatt will go with you if you tell him taht he can find his friends there. I stayed in the car in mine, so I'm guessing in your case he'll go if you say that because he still wants to find Eddie ;)

          • Thanks for that, but I'll live with the decisions I made as of the day the game came out. Changing it right now would soil the idea of living with the decisions I make. Besides, we still have yet to see what the fates will be of those that stay and those that leave. :D :P

            • I'm with you in taht one, I play the game one time and stick to the story I created... i only know this by reading on forums and stuff ;) We don't know if those who stay are the ones that are going to show up or those who leave... Maybe both, we'll see

              • I'm under the impression that Clem will meet the "campers" first, since her and this "Winston" fellow are already forest bound. This is all theory clearly...

                • I don't know if TT will make every charatcher from 400 days appear :S I think one possibility is they will go by the camp and if you let no one there you jsut see the camp, if you let someone there I'me guessing they are dead or in walker form... just my guess

                  • My assumption is they would, albeit they could potentially die in 2-3 episodes. Why would they revolve DLC around characters just to kill them off in the first episode of the new season?

                    • I tought that at first, but then i remembered like Mark and Charles (or whatvere the old guy's namw was...) that appear and died almost instantly without any good purpose. SO I would hate for any of the charatcher to die like that, but this being TT with a walking dead franchise, I never know what to expect. But almost for sure you will have to choose between some of the charatcher from 400 dayas to lie or day ;)

                      • I think their appearance in the first season and the other's in 400 Days are different.
                        I mean, it was like:
                        BAM, He is Mark the always optimist. Dead in a few hours.
                        BAM, He is Charles an alcholic with golden heart. Dead in a few hours.

                        While the camp survivors had a more expanded story, like Russel was heading to XY to his grandparents and he had this thing with Nate.

                        I think they have greater role in S2. I really hope, at least.

  • Only Shel and Becca stayed behind on mine. I was pretty annoyed at first, and almost wish that I had left one more to even it out a bit, but we'll see how it works out.

  • I had my Vince stay behind. It's so infuriating that I can't bring him along unless I save Mr. White-Collar.

    (Unless going to Tavia's camp was the WRONG move! What say you, Telltale?)

  • Only Russell in my first playthrough. person dead, not like it matters.

  • Shel and Becca stayed. Both are meh for me so if they get eaten oh well. Though I do like there sort of an insurance, if the community is a trap Clem will still have a couple of companions.

  • My guess, given that it seems unlikely that who stays or goes determines whether or not you get to see that character in the next game, lest your choices in 400 Days turn out to determine whether you are denied access to content in the next game, is that you will deal with each of them in turn. The narrative would have too many branches if each episode dealt with each of the 32 possible group permutations. Instead, I suspect that integrating the characters of 400 Days will mean that the story of each is followed up one per episode. Five characters, five episodes. If they didn't go with Tavia, you meet them in the field. If they did, probably you'll meet them out in the world under the same circumstances anyway, but with them making references to Tavia's group in conversation. It's possible that dealing with Tavia's group will be integrated into each of these episodes, or meeting the group is the culmination of the season.

    Either way, Tavia's group surely will provide a fulcrum to the entire season. So, how you treat with the characters from 400 Days throughout these five episodes will determine something about the fate of Tavia's group, for better or worse.

    Seems likely to play out this way.

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