Why Lilly? Why?

My Opinion on why Lilly seemed so fixated on having Carley blamed for providing the Bandits with medicine.

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  • To answer your question, Doug is Telltale's favorite so they wanted to make him special if you want know what I mean, but this is just my opinion though.

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    Well done, mister, thanks for the video. Still, I am really not sure if Lilly had really some serious feelings for Lee.

  • Though it does bring the question to this video. If Lilly killed Carley for Lee, than why in Doug's scenario Lilly tries to kill Ben if she killed Carley because she liked Lee? Was she afraid of Lee becoming best friends with Ben and not spending time with her?

  • than why in Doug's scenario Lilly tries to kill Ben

    Seriously, can you blame her for wanting to kill Ben?

  • And what if Ben wasn't the culprit? What if it was somebody else? Even if Ben is the one who made the deal with the bandits, she din't have the right to murder him in front of everybody.

  • I'm pretty sure Lilly didn't like me on my play through due to me smashing Larry's head in, and I also saved Doug. My Lee only has bromance ;-;

  • I'm pretty sure a lot of people would give Lilly a break if Carley's death was an accident as well.

  • Hi Feedingfrenzy. This is Clover123 from fanfiction. I loved this video, it was great!

  • Thanks man. Nice new fanfic by the way.

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  • Yeah, Lilly clearly kills Carley out of jealousy for the main character because he's so incredible.


    If the game went in that direction it would be much more obvious. The reason why she doesn't accuse Doug in the same way that she accuses Carley is because Carley is much more outspoken than Doug, and so sides against Lilly more often.

    That's it, she doesn't kill her out of her uncontrollable lust for you.

    Regardless of whether you are really nice or incredibly mean to her, she kills Carley in the same way.

    I doubt she wants to date her father's murderer. Would you?

  • I thought she killed Carley cause she's a psycho. I mean she had the whole "crazy eyes, murder face" thing going and everything when she did it.

  • Inb my opinion Lilly was really stressed out about everthing and then she had that fight with kenny, where his plan was to go and her plan was to stay, and she lost that "fight" because of what happened. So besides being angry and stressed she got frustrated and when someone gets frustrted get violent, and she got violent towards the peopel she suspected. So she killed Carley instead of Ben because Varley was awesome and was argumentative, in taht case against Lilly, so putting everything taht I said about Lilly plus someone that's responding to her hostility she reacted impulsively by shooting Carley and not ben because Ben was not a treat to her leader position at that point ;)

  • In some unused audio it seemed pretty obvious. There was a line where Lilly was suppose to tell Lee she was mad at Glenn when he opened the door but she was glad that he walked through it. The feelings may not have been romantic ones, but they seemed to be there nonetheless. However that's just my opinion.

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  • Because she thought Ben was the actual traitor.

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  • While I think that Lilly may have respected or hated Lee based on his choices, I didn't think that her accusations towards Carley were connected to it.
    It's speculation, but I think it may just be things like Carley having a personality that conflicted more with Lilly's, or her taking more of an interest in the supply runs than Doug did; things that escalated as Lilly became more unstable.

    Like others have said, Doug's one of the more passive members of the group, so Lilly may not have had that same strife with him, leaving the newcomer as the next obvious suspect.

  • Thanks! Chapter 2 is almost finished! :)

  • I think Clementine yelled out simply to alert Doug so he would jump in front of the bullet. Thats why he was shot instead of who Lilly was aiming it. With Carley, there was no need for that, also the shooting of Carley was so shocking because there was no warning. Its just storytelling, I think. Not Clem not caring about whether Carley lived over Doug.

  • Exactly I really like Lilly because I really think I look like her in personality terms, so i'm guessing if we were in the same group we will kind of colide or something and that is what happened with Carley... Lilly didn't liked Carley for her personality (that I really liked too) and with everything she was going trough she had to blamw someone, so Ben because he was the newbie in the group and Carley because she didn't liked her (everyone does that, if anything worng happens ina group and there's someone you don't like you start trying to blame him/her). So Lilly shooting Carley was a mix of the situation in wich they were and the feelings she had towards Carley, nothing to do with Lee... I savde Carley instead of Doug so I can't really compare but I'm guessing Doug was really passive and calm dude... I didn't really like people like that so I let him die with no really long thought about it...far nerdy guy vs beautifull gun holding girl, easy decision...

  • I don't think that Lilly's killed Carley because of competition, but because of what Carley said to her moments before her death.

    Carley's words cut her deep to the point where all the patience she had with her father dying, her leadership being unappreciated, people hating her for her dad's actions, no-one believing her story that her supplies are being stolen despite evidence, her plan to keep the Motel safe and secure goes down the drain, and the group refusing to acknowledge a traitor in the group; all come crumbling down the moment Carley decided to insult her.

  • Actually if Lee killed her father I said she went after Carley out of hatred. Also not making things obvious is good writing. Such as if Kenny is alive that wasn't made obvious.

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  • She snapped yes but I was talking more about why she seemed so gunghoe on accusing Carley as opposed to Ben.

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  • Maybe, but as I look at the lines it seems like there was so much more in her accusing Carley. Also the way Carley quickly denies that there is anything going on between her and Lee sort of tells me that she was afraid of Lilly using that against him.

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  • But if Kenny survived then it's bad writing.

  • Nope, I think it's good writing if he survives. It's good to fool the audience with an apparent death and then realize it wasn't a death scene at all. Plus you get that awe moment when the guy returns.

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  • I don't know. Even after Carley's death Clem simply jumps off the step of the RV seemingly to get a closer look. Her reaction is what got me.

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    No, she wanted to accuse Ben because he was the new guy. Carley was killed in cold blood by Lily no doubt and Doug wasn't, but Carley and Lily are both girls so their can be friction in arguments. Also, I liked Carley and Lily, I was mad that they didn't let you advance on Lily.

  • Also, Clementine like Ben so she warned him and that's why Doug reacted.

  • I'm with you there. After playing ep 1 I was so sure Lilly would be Lee's love interest.

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