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Who stayed at the camp at the end of 400 days

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The people who stayed at the camp in my game were Shel, Russell, Wyatt and becca

  • Only Shel and Becca stayed behind on mine. I was pretty annoyed at first, and almost wish that I had left one more to even it out a bit, but we'll see how it works out.

  • I had my Vince stay behind. It's so infuriating that I can't bring him along unless I save Mr. White-Collar.

    (Unless going to Tavia's camp was the WRONG move! What say you, Telltale?)

  • Only Russell in my first playthrough. person dead, not like it matters.

  • Shel and Becca stayed. Both are meh for me so if they get eaten oh well. Though I do like there sort of an insurance, if the community is a trap Clem will still have a couple of companions.

  • My guess, given that it seems unlikely that who stays or goes determines whether or not you get to see that character in the next game, lest your choices in 400 Days turn out to determine whether you are denied access to content in the next game, is that you will deal with each of them in turn. The narrative would have too many branches if each episode dealt with each of the 32 possible group permutations. Instead, I suspect that integrating the characters of 400 Days will mean that the story of each is followed up one per episode. Five characters, five episodes. If they didn't go with Tavia, you meet them in the field. If they did, probably you'll meet them out in the world under the same circumstances anyway, but with them making references to Tavia's group in conversation. It's possible that dealing with Tavia's group will be integrated into each of these episodes, or meeting the group is the culmination of the season.

    Either way, Tavia's group surely will provide a fulcrum to the entire season. So, how you treat with the characters from 400 Days throughout these five episodes will determine something about the fate of Tavia's group, for better or worse.

    Seems likely to play out this way.

  • No one stayed at camp for me though if I'm completely honest, I wouldn't have minded if Shel and Becca stayed behind..
    On my other play through where I did the opposite choices, only Vince stayed behind.
    Tavia clearly said everything she needed for everyone else to join her.

  • Vince stayed for me I hope I still meet him and I didn't just mess it up as he is my favorite character kinda like lee

  • I only got Vince and Bonnie to come. I didn't realize that what Tavia said would actually influence the others to come with me, so no Wyatt for me :( Oh well, Vince is cool.

  • I got everyone to leave I'm probably going with whoever stays at the camp gets left behind ? And clem is at the camp with bonie ?

  • For me, just Vince, everybody else I've convinced to come.

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