How did you react at the end of The Walking Dead season 2 reveal trailer?

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How did you react?


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    After it ended, I kind of just sat there. I then played it 5 more times and sent it to my friend who also loves TWD. Now I'm just lurking on the forums until it comes out...

  • The moment I saw grown up Clem I started screaming like a rabid fangirl :D

  • When I heard the news: "YAY SEASON 2 WHOOP WHOOP!"
    When the trailer ended... "'s over, the trailer's over? No release date or nothing?" I am thankful, though... 2 and a half seconds and a few lines of info is better than just an announcement.

  • Me: That's... That's it?! No... No... This is NOT happening! There has to be more!!!!
    My Mom: What the hell are you yelling at?
    Me: That trailer I told you about! There's no release date! No nothing!
    My Mom: Why did your father have to get you into this stuff?

  • I just said, "Wow Clem, you hit puberty. Must be the hormones in the food."

  • I thought it was suprisingly effective for such a short teaser. I was most impressed by the music though. It's one of those things that I could watch over and over again and it wouldn't get old.

  • "Why no release date"

  • And the Graphics! Their a lot better now

  • It looks like clem may of been bitten in one image, she is holding her shoulder!! I'm freaking out, they can't kill her off that early

  • I've watched it a few times now and it always gives me chills. It's surprisingly effective for how short and minimal it is.

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    What's the background music when they show older clem

  • I was excited to discover Clem was the new protagonist and disappointed that there was so little to the teaser trailer itself and no release date accompanying it.

    Also, 'Damn, Season 2 Clem looks older and like she's having a pretty rough time of it.'

  • I honestly thought "really!!?? thats it? not even 3 seconds of Clem running!!?? coming soon AGAIN!!!??? WTF!!!!!!" that was before i knew we got a few screens too, but I still wasn't too happy at the time because I set my expectations low, and they were still way too high. Now I realise that I shouldn't have EXPECTED anything.

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    It gave me shivers, I was so happy to see Clem and shocked how much older she looked. Then I hit replay about a hundred times.

  • Wahoo! Happy dance!

  • I saw Clem run away, and said : "That's it?! WHERE'S KENNY."

    Nah, I just played it again and started crawling around the forums again.

  • I was like " that was it ?"

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    The backgroud music is some sort of newer version of the song "In the water" by Anadel. Anyway, the trailer version will be released when the game come out. So it's all about a damn release date!!! :D


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    I was like: "WOW, that was intense!"
    Even though the real trailer lasts about 3 or 4 seconds (the other part is just locations from the previous season), it gave me feels. Again.
    I think the main point is the growing Clem. You think: "Oh, she's not a little girl anymore, but ... she's still too young to live in a world like that". So you feel like your "parenting" job hasn't finished yet.
    Great move, TellTale.

    And that's what I'm talkin about.
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  • I love that song! And i can't wait to get a release date :D

  • Wow, it seems like I partially plagiarized your post earlier. I'm pretty sure I hadn't read yours initially but still, apologies.

  • As I mentioned in another thread, I had trouble working my way through the first season, because it was heartbreaking and tragic at every turn. But seeing that Clementine came out and was going to be the protagonist in the next game helped me push through the rest of the story so that I would be ready for the next season.

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