My head is spinning crazy

I have many questions for TTGs The Walking Dead Game S2 but my remanning top one is, where are they starting the story for Clem?


  • Care to rephrase that?

  • You have to remember that English might not be everyone's first language, no offense to you @Wartiger
    Anything you need to know can be found on the FAQ in this forum.

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    Season 2 is (from what I understand) picking up several months after Season 1.

    Aside from that, we don't know.

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    I can see it picking up as she makes her way out of Savannah, you see some familiar faces and you may or may not see a familiar face or two (like literally one familiar face or two familiar faces). Then it cuts to black or some cool sequence thing and then "The Walking Dead: (Episode Title)" comes up. It fades from the screen and now she's a couple months older.

    Actually, that sounds a little too easy. But I still imagine Telltale could do something similar but with a better writing and all that.

  • I wonder what New game will TTG come up with?

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