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Hello, I'm Benedetto from Italy.
I just checked not that the "Telltale Store" is gone.
So how I can try to order the Sam & Max Season 3 original DVD (I bought the series time ago)?
Is it impossible?

Thank you



  • It's impossible for the moment, at least new from here, as none of Telltale's physical merchandise is available anymore. That might change in the coming year, though, so check back every now and then.

  • Thank you, I hope so because that would be the only DVD special edition I miss from Telltale adventures! I was also hoping for the CD Soundtrack of Sam & Max 3 (I bought both the old soundtracks)...

  • Everyone is hoping for the CD soundtrack of Sam & Max 3, but so far, our hopes have not moved Telltale into producing one.

  • Same issue here, I miss S&M 3 dvd and soundtrack.
    I miss also the Back to the Future dvd.

  • I'd imagine making the soundtracks available digitally through iTunes would be a good idea. No cost for printing CDs, and more widely available. Not to mention, it would be good for people who are new to the series (I only became a fan this year, so I missed out on the first two seasons' CD releases).

  • But... still not available DVDs... :-( I think I have lost it and I don't want to get it from Ebay, when I had to have it at the shipping costs :-(

  • Sadly I will never get my Sam & Max 3 original DVD. Sob Sob. But I'm still getting Telltale games because I love them!

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