Fables comic issue# Goldfish set free?

I'm sorry that this isn't strictly TWAU but I've been trying to find an issue that had a scene at Wolf Manor before the Crossover event...

Fables issue Bigby's Brothers and Mowgli?
In Fables #82 before the Crossover theres a side story in #82

"Home From The Jungle." Part five of five

I’ve been driving myself crazy, but what issues have the parts 1-4 ?

Or even a better question, what issues does Bigby reveal to the cubs that their 6 gold fish are actually his 6 older shapeshifting brothers…

Please Help


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    I don't know where parts 1-4 of "Home From the Jungle" are. I'll have to look that up. But the whole story about the cubs and their shapeshifting uncles is in issues #57-58, "Father and Son" parts 1 & 2. These appear in volume 9 of the TPBs.



    EDIT: Sorry, I misread your question. I see now that you were just asking where Bigby reveals it. They find out in the story "Homeland Recovery" which is Part 1 in the story that you are looking for. I just did a quick search and it looks like the side story with Mowgli begins in issue #77. All 5 parts appear in volume 12 of the TPBs.


  • Thanks so much, I have all the diditial issues of fables and its strange that story never showed up in an issue... Just part 5 in #82
    But homeland recovery is in the 12th vol lol

  • They also appear in the comic fairest which I am having problems with the time lines they say to Prince Charming that they have been there for years which I found weird I feel like bigby would be furious and would be worried about them and do u know any of there names I have



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