George Romero: 'The Walking Dead' Is A Soap Opera With Occasional Zombie



  • Oh yeah, you're totally right. I completely forgot that it was based off "I Am Legend". They're just kind of zombie-ish. :)

  • Gotta say the game and show are both amazing and to find that so many people don't like walking dead on this forum is funny. Romero may have invented zombies but what the guys who made the show did with the zombie apocalypse is amazing, they've realistic characters to show how humans struggle to survive in a fallen society. What he said is stupid and I didn't really like his movies anyways, they felt ridiculous.

  • TheMissus, I'm in a country that doesn't even air The Walking Dead, yet I find ways to watch it.

    Methinks you need to think before you speak.

    Enjoy arguing! I'm done by shares worth.

  • Its someone's opinion. I hardly think all this hate or love for him is appropriate

    I like the show and comic too but that is just my opinion.

  • Are you seriously saying you "find ways to watch it"? You shouldn't show off with illegal actions, you know.

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    Besides you are being contradictory. First you critisize me for being so stupid to buy the discs instead of just watching it on TV, as if it was natural for you to have it on TV and after my reply you claim you don't even have it on TV in your country. Interesting. Then you are pissed about how one can watch the show and don't like it. You HAVE to watch it first to know if you like it or not, I am not a fortuneteller and if you don't have it on TV you HAVE to buy it or borrow it (had nobody to borrow from) - everthing else is illegal. And to answer your question: Yes I have lots of free time besides my work, and I love watching and collecting US TV shows. So what?

  • Yeah,It's true.But........I just say:"Fuckin' American zombie culture and homosexual culture!"

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    The odd thing is, I don't see why

    "They asked me to do a couple of episodes of 'The Walking Dead' but I didn't want to be a part of it," Romero told The Big Issue. “Basically it's just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally. I always used the zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism and I find that missing in what’s happening now."

    is such an inflammatory comment. I mean, it is basically a soap opera in a apocalyptic setting. I doubt anyone would ever argue that the zombies are more important than the dramatizations of these peoples' day-to-day lives. And that's basically the definition of a soap opera, right?

    It's a completely different approach to Romero's own use of Zombies. Romero noted the differing styles; he turned it down because it "wasn't him". His final comment implied some disapproval towards the use of zombies in general today, but it's really faint, and not really directed at any particular target. So why is there a need to take sides? For heaven's sake, he even complimented Darabont.

    Is it because "soap opera" just has a terrible stigma attached to it?

  • I'm not saying you shouldn't try it.. but why the hell are you buying it over and over again when you know you won't like it? You're making a big deal over nothing, really. You don't like the show. Don't buy it so you don't have to live through the ' mediocre T.V show ', and ' poor writing '. Well, unless you.. ' like ' doing something you.. ' don't like '. Make up your mind, boy.

  • Hahaha, Good man Romero.

  • That is what makes TWD so great: The fact that it doesn't focus on the endless slaughter of zombies. Its about more than that; the ethics, morals, and situations they had to go through, showing that not only are the zombies a threat, but what's left of humanity; it brings out the savage within the average person simply to survive, or the capacity of evil one human being can hold. If George can't see that, then he obviously knows nothing when it comes to TV shows; why would I waste my time watching zombies being murdered on a TV screen when I can play Nazi Zombies and receive a greater experience? That is unappealing to me, I want to see what others would do in these situations, not how many ones one can kill a zombie.

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    This particular train of thought has ended two weeks ago, and it has ended for a reason.

    Don't continue. Thanks.

  • Soap Opera is definitely a fitting description, I stopped watching after 3rd season. Its almost like its trying to be the exact opposite of the comics in fact

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    He may have a point but its not like George Romero's own films have been getting better with the years..

  • Sorry Romero, but I like substance to my characters, and I enjoy the realism of how chaos reveals the true horror in human nature.

    As scary as the walkers are, they're dumb and low, and thus are not the greatest threat to humanity surviving the ZA. Humanity itself is the threat.

    Dealing with the actual ethics, and psychology, of the situation is much more enjoyable than the boring archetypes just hacking at, and shooting, zombies.

  • Ironically, Romero's current comic deals with a lot of these things.

    So yeah...he's kind of a hypocrite...

  • Well, there's no point having a show were all you do is go around and kill zombies. The drama, story, and characters are what makes the show so good.

    The show is the best branch of the Walking Dead franchise imo, I have no idea why he expects it to be some Z-Nation shit.

  • ...Really...A resurrection from 2013?

  • lol, not really. in like the second one or something when he meets glenn he uses the word "zombie"

  • What an idiotic quote. I doubt Mr. Romero watched more than one episode.

  • He said that around the time Lori and Andrea were still alive so it was really a soap opera with zombies back then.

  • I dont think it was any more soap operish than any other tv drama, and certainly not less than the comic it's based on.

  • Ah a fellow fan of pre-walking dead telltale. Welcome brother :) We are a dying breed.

  • I remember before I signed up I saw this thread while waiting for All That Remains. Seems to be undead I guess

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