Lee never left the crash site ?

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There's a good theory that Lee never left the crash site from Eposide 1
I hope you like it and I'd like to see your opinions .


  • Sounds somewhat similar to the Ed Edd n Eddy purgatory theory.

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    No. Thankfully, this is a well-written game and not an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

  • Yeah, I call Bullshit on that one considering we played the whole season and season 2 is us playing as Clementine who has a picture of LEE!

  • Yeah , there was just a good connection between the first and last part of the game , that's all I think .

  • Honestly there will always be a theory about this just that there is still one that the main from the comic/ Tv show is just in a coma

  • I seen this a while back and I thought it was quite an interesting theory, of course I didn't agree with it but It all ties up.

  • Maybe he never really even crashed and ended up at the prison before being rescued by Rick's group.

  • Interesting theory and yes, there's connection between the ending and the first part of the game..

  • I hate theories like this to be honest. Everything from Pokemon to Ed Edd n Eddy has it and it's just... Ughh.

  • Really good video. Although it is possible, personally I think that this video basically just pointed out how talented the Telltale writers are. The whole symbolism thing, the motifs and parallel structure. The only way that I would think this is true though is if it was the same case with the comic/show.

  • While normally I'm not a fan of twists/theories like this, I have to say that I liked this one. I don't believe that it's what happened, but it was interesting to see how it could be interpreted as such.

  • I'm not a supporter of this theory but I like how the guy brings up connections and similarities between the beginning and the end of the season - well done

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