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    Why do all speculations lead to next thursday?

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    I'm not sure saying it's 'very' likely is right....
    Is there any evidence except for season two releasing 2 days before it? What makes it likely?

  • Wait hold on I'm asking a genuine question, what does make it likely?

  • 400 Days was released on a Wednesday and Friday for PC and XBOX 360. What I'm trying to get through to you is Thursday is a very likely date for a Telltale game. Including Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

  • ...I'm still not following, sorry.

    What makes next thursday more likely than next wednesday?

    And what makes next week more likely than the week after?

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    ...Right. I've seen enough. Gonna stop feeding the troll. I apologize for both my and his part for taking up so much unnecessary space for such an unnecessary debate.

  • Release this already.

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    ......I'm sorry but I am genuinely not trolling, I really do want to know why next thursday is very likely! I have no idea how to prove it.....

    Look, I am really looking forward to this season, to reunite with Clem, maybe Kenny, hopefully Shel. I'm sorry if I've come across badly or whatever, but I really don't understand why next thursday is likely. I haven't seen that date posted here before and I just want to know when I can realistically expect season two :(

    I hate being branded as a troll when I am just's really unfair. You said all speculations lead to this date, and I haven't seen any for it. Can you please just tell me what they are? Please?

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    Seriously unimpressed now. Reporting.

  • ...Welcome to the Release Date Discussion thread, where any inkling of logic gets instantly downvoted. Enjoy your stay.

  • Indeed.
    I really do not understand this stuff, I mean i'm not even saying 'lol season two won't be released lol' or anything like that, I am asking a simple question (why next thursday specifically), and wanting a simple answer.

    So yeah, I think I'll be leaving this thread now :P

  • They don't. FreddeN93 is just making an embarrassing joke.

    (Deleted the non-joke part of this conversation here, as it was equally embarrassing).

  • But will it be on ps3 also?? Not sure if I can afford a ps4 this soon..

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    I dislike your method to let my name remain as the black sheep. And no, it's very far from an embarrassing joke. In that case, a large part of this forum also made an embarrassing joke if you think I've said something stupid. I understand you removed the part when it became a troll debate with the ridiculous input of that image by whatever user; but other than that it was a common debate on two different perspectives on Thursday. You've said it yourself that speculation is allowed. What happened to that announcement sir?

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    If we had a vague idea of just how far along Telltale is with the process, we might be able to chill out somewhat. Is the episode itself finished? Or is there still dialogue being recorded, other scenario variables being added, etc.? Are they test-running the episode for any remaining kinks, or are they waiting on word from PSN and XBox Live to lock on a release date?

    Again, the issue here isn't so much waiting a while, it's KNOWING how long we'll have to wait.

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    Did anyone see the Telltale deals going on over at Green Man Gaming?

    The Walking Dead: Season Two is 25% off.

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    But if the GOTY edition will come on November 19, that makes November 21 ideal for Season Two as all speculations lead to that date.

    You've said it yourself that speculation is allowed. What happened to that announcement sir?

    Nothing at all happened to that announcement. All comments pertaining to actual speculation were preserved. You made an arguable statement and were directly asked to back up your claim. I've deleted nothing that would even TRY to go into the direction of argumentation. That was exactly where the surgical cut for the necessary deletion was applied.

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    And I backed up my claims. Speculation is to meditate on a subject; reflect on it. And that you prevented. Now, if you'd be so kind - delete my name to prevent further consequences as you don't show the entire debate.

  • Well, we all know TWD GOTY is being released on the 19th of this month, so we are probably getting S2 after that, prolly in december or at the end of november.

  • I really hope not, I was lucky enough to come out of hospital just before November and so only recently got through 400 Days, like everyone I'm looking forward to season 2 and it would lick balls if mid November became mid December, hopefully Telltale won't make the same mistake of giving a rough release date and pushing it back like they did with the 360 episodes of season 1.

  • Hmmmm, don't know where else to post this so while we all wait allow me to post a poem I wrote shortly after finishing Ep 5.

    Be gentle with the criticism, it was only my second time writing one.

    I found you at your weakest and tried to show you the way, The world turned to shit around us but my feelings stayed the same.
    I did everything I could yet it still wasn't enough.
    You were the only one to who saw through my disguise and called me on my bluff.
    We've been through hell it seems but you're still at my side.
    Still, I'm afraid of what's to come when I'm all out of time.
    I know it hurts, to say goodbye but I've known from the start.
    There's no room for happy endings when the world's torn apart.

  • That brought back the feels...

  • that was good. nice job man. :)

  • I'm pretty sure that is just a place holder date.

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    I'd even go so far and say it's an EXEMPLARY place holder date.

  • Alt text
    preparing for tomorrow morning.

  • i can't wait for season 2 the writers and production staff need to hurry up and finish episode 1 of season 2

  • Its no ton december 31 because on steam says that the release date is on november if you click purchase

  • Sounds like TTG might be waiting for the release of the PS4 and Xbox One so they can ship it on those consoles, too. Could be wrong but it's a thought.

  • It's a placeholder date on Steam. They know as much as or less than Telltale. Which probably isn't much.

  • Has it been said whether season 2 launches from the normal TWD launcher or if it's a stand alone product.

  • Yes actually, Season 2 will be standalone.

  • That's what I've been saying.

  • Thank you guys!
    You are far too kind :)

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