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Ever wish you could just slap Christa?

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Everyone's already had a go at Kenny and Lily, but has Christa started to grate on your nerves in other playthroughs? Her self-righteous attitude and holier-than-thou cracks about my poor survivor skills really started to rub me the wrong way, to the point where I wish the game had let me ditch Christa and her boytoy while they were trying to hop on the train.

*"What the hell is wrong with you?! Is this how you protect your people?!"

"Nope. I just don't like you."*

  • I don't think I had much issue with Christa in my playthroughs, but I can see how some people could be put off by her introduction. She comes across a bit cold and lectures you about Clementine right after meeting you, but in a way, it sort of made sense with the idea of a future mother meeting a kid after so long and seeing her put into danger (unavoidable or not).

    To be honest, neither Omid and Christa left a huge impression on me at first. After the chaos of losing half of the group I just sorta saw them as the "replacements." But I did warm up to them more in Episode 5, right before making them Clem's Godparents (kind of).

  • To be fair people not warming to Christa and Omid was the point ... People finaly learned that in this world you work with people, you fight together but you take a long time to really care about people as at any moment someone could die. The amount of loss made people feel like Lee and not really want to care about anyone else for fear of getting hurt

    Oh and the OP i kind of feel I wanted to slap each of the characters at some point, particularly all of them towards the end of Ep2 for being so dumb.

  • I never had any problems with Christa. Maybe I'm just too forgiving, but I didn't feel any urge to slap a woman just because she had a bit of an attitude.

  • How can you justify slapping a pregnant woman with "I just don't like you"?

    Are you a caveman?

  • I never had anymore problem with her than I did with Lilly or Kenny. In fact, she's one of my favorite characters. Maybe its because she reminds me of my mom...

  • I liked Christa. She always said what she was thinking straight into your face. Yeah, she used to be bitchy at times but it was clear that she was just worried about everybody's well-being, especially Clem's. Her intentions were always good, the only situation I remember being pissed was her attitude when I helped her first and she was mad about it. Hello?! I couldn't help both and when it comes to serious situations you always give help to women and children first.

    • I mostly agree with you, except which seems better to save- a healthy woman, or a man with a badly injured leg? Now, keep in mind that at the time you couldn't have known she was pregnant...

      • Maybe I haven't made myself clear: I meant the train situation when you have to choose between Christa and Omid. By that time I didn't know about her pregnancy, that's right, but AFAIR it wasn't clear that Omid hurt his leg so bad, so I chose the woman.

        • He had just been shoved off an overhead and onto a train, which he smacked right off of. He was also limping very, very badly.

          Yeah, it was no contest. 'Women and children first' doesn't apply when the woman is completely healthy and the man's physical condition means he could expect to find walking, let alone running to catch a moving train, an almost impossible feat.

          • You're right. In the end it doesn't matter who you rescue, I just don't like being yelled at for helping. After that incident I liked her a lot, though.

    • It's one of those no win situations. No matter who you help she/he thinks that you should have helped her/his partner instead of her/him. Luckily no matter who you help, it doesn't affect to your relations with them. Although there is option not to help anyone, which probably does have some effect.

      I had no problem with either Christa or Omid. Both seemed to be relatively reasonable characters compared to some other members of the party, who constantly whined about everything.

    • I was actually trying to save Omid, but the game wouldn't let me. I ended up running out of time trying to get Omid onto the train, they jumped on by themselves and all that, and they were MAD. So I replayed the scene to try again. It still wouldn't let me pick Omid. Oh well. Sisters before misters. So then I was among the 60% who saved Christa. ^_^

  • God power keeps my pimp hand strong.

  • I do wish that early on I had a chance to tell her where to stick her overtly judgemental attitude. A little, "If you don't like how I'm teaching this little girl, you and your boyfriend can feel free to hit the ol' dusty trail" would have been nice.

  • I personally didn't trusted Christa the first time I saw her and Omid. There was something off about her because of her obcession with Clem. But after a while I realized that's just her personality... I liked Christa, i mean, I prefered omid because he was funny, but I also liked Christa, she was just agressive in her attitude but I'm like that too. Specially during an appocalypse, where you have to shield yourself from everything and everyone ;)

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