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Bigby theory (spoilers)

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maybe the disappearances of Snow, Faith, and anyone else that ends up "dead," get pinned on Bigby when accused by "The boy who cried wolf." The accusation ends up making the town's people to believe that Bigby is the murderer, when they aren't actually dead. Bigby could then be cleared of the murders in episode 4, (Wolf in sheep's clothing.) This may enrage Bigby, into committing murders himself, and when he is caught by one of the fables, (maybe the boy who cried wolf again?) nobody believes him due to the previous accusation. (episode 5: Cry Wolf) The picture of episode 5 shows Bigby in wolf form with blood on his claws.

  • I don't think it would be that great, the idea of the investigator ending up being a suspect has been way overdone.

  • I think that it's a great theory because in episode 1,I think that if you choose certain options that make the others hate you (Mr.Toad,Colin and others)they will remember it.And that could mean that in the future episodes, the fables that you have offended won't help you and won't be on your side if you are accused of the murders.

  • It was just a thought that I had, that happened to fit with the titles and pictures of the episodes, before i had even looked at them closely. I forgot to add before, that episode 3 "The crooked mile" would also fit with this theory. If Bigby is accused in episode 3 by the ginger with crooks on his tie, (believed to be the boy who cried wolf) the title could make sense. This is now my leading theory, as i have yet to find any holes in it. Unless anyone can disprove this theory, I will continue to search for even more evidence to strengthen this case in this thread.

  • Nothing in it to contradict the comics, one thing that explains a line in the comics. Bigby would know Snow is alive and base his arguments on Snow being alive. All it takes is one cigarette and Snow is found because then Bigby can only smell Snow White.

  • Bigby wont be committing random murders at any point in this series. That would too heavily contradict Fables which I suggest some of you start reading.

    • Thank you for catching my plan to make them read the comics, I wanted to see their reactions. Bigby's true nature would make him howl and if it is Snow's head bleed from the throat till he changes form. Hence I promise to say what I plan immediately.

  • The ending of this theory does not make sense. You mentioned Bigby's claws having blood. Remember that Bigby is sheriff, also Bigby's interrogation methods are very harsh. If someone admitted to at least harming Snow, there is no trial and Bigby takes justice into his own hands or claws for that matter. Crooked mile that Bluebeard walks even though he denies it. Also the consequences are already seen, and they are no one will answer your questions truthfully for a long time (my calmness has to prevail somewhere).

  • i agree with parts of your theory but i doubt that bigsby would go on a killing spree

  • One more mistake. The form we see a preview of is Bigby's wolfman form not his wolf form. His wolf form would be a hight of a 2 story building and the length would be at least 30 ft.

  • so he would never kill? even under the influence of a spell? what about all the people he killed before? YOUR arguments are full of holes friend. And besides, it's only a theory. If you played the game you would've noticed Bigby doesn't always grow into the size of a building when he wolfs out, so I hope you were joking there, or you are very ignorant.

    • You really have no right to be calling anyone ignorant when you are spewing theories this ridiculous.

      "OH HEY GUYS! What if Bigby becomes so annoyed that he is accused of being a serial killer...that he actually becomes a serial killer!" about arguments being full of holes.

    • I am not joking. You said wolf form not werewolf form. There is only one wolf form. He wants to protect everyone, and he was hungry for revenge on his father, and swore to eat bigger meals everyday till he meets his father to eat him. After the invasion of the kingdoms Bigby swore to spare everyone being chased after biting them, and eat the invaders. Just read the comics, because so far I have a feeling that Bigby will start howling sadly and maybe even painfully depending on Snow's condition. Bigby feels everything Snow does and the same thing happens to him as Snow. Bigby's only method of healing will be to change form at least past the human skin form, and fast if it's Snow's head. I agree that Bigby would get blamed for murder, but hardly anything else.

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