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I'm just curious since TWAU is the first time I've been introduced to something like this but I was wondering which fables I can expect and not expect to be in this game. (Princesses, Disney characters, mythological creatures, Hercules, Goku, Superman etc.)


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    Well, most "Disney Characters" are based on old fables, folktales or other stories.

    You might see: Prince Charming, Cinderella, Jack, Pinocchio, Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty), Boy Blue, Red Rose, Reynard the Fox, Frau Totenkinder (Black Forest Witch), Blue Beard, etc.

    You wont see: Superman (even though DC owns Vertigo) or Goku (he is just a lame ripoff of Superman anyways)

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    Though I want to hit you in the nose for talking s#it about goku. (jk)
    That's why I brought up Superman cause I thought DC only did superheroes, but now I know. I have a few characters I was wondering about. I assume that Jack is the person that climbed the beanstalk (feel free to correct) but what about Alice in wonderland, Rumplestiltskin, ..... I know a faster way of asking this. Does everybody that shows up in Shrek have a possibility of showing up in TWAU? (I know I was kind of everywhere when I typed this.)

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    You can expect anyone who was around before the 20th century, even if they were human (or monsters). Frankensteins Monster, Dracula and various wizards like Merlin might exist, as does everyone from Oz. Same goes for legends like Robin Hood and Sinbad, as well as mythological beings from other sources than english/american myths, for example Grendel or The North Wind. All talking animals are probably there unless they already died, all the Grimm tales are there, and there's also legends from the wild west and even the gangster era. You won't see any super heroes though, and definitely no cartoon network character or someone from a show like Game of Thrones.

    I won't spoil anything, but imagine that all sorts of worlds exist and most of them (though not all) are medieval. Narnia is probably there, Oz is there, the arabian nights world with all middle eastern fables is there etc.

    And yes, the Jack is pretty much ALL jacks. Jack with the beanstalk, jack the giant slayer, jack frost, jack o' lantern. A lot of fables go one multiple adventures.

  • Same here, sounds like a good idea to take fairy tales to the next level

  • Actually it's anyone to expect before the 18th century (New York is New Amsterdam in backflashes). Fabletown has European fairytale/myth/fable fables. Robin Hood and his men died before they could escape. Middle Eastern fables don't live in the games setting. Dracula was in Romania when Snow White found Bigby so we won't see Dracula. Wild West legends are children of lesser known fables that are human or used glamour.

  • Did you read Jack of Fables? There's a whole arc concerning Americana, and in that world there are fable worlds from the 19th century, even some from the 20th.

  • Ok cool. I think I found out what I wanted. Didn't know Jack and the Beanstalk/giant slayer was Jack Frost. (still might look that up just in case) I think the person I'm looking forward to meeting the most is The Headless Horseman. That sounds like a badass conversation/fight.

  • one more question... Since Grendel from Beowulf is in game, could characters like Hercules, Haides, and Zeus be in it? Or any giant elemental monsters besides The North Wind? This games got me wanting to look up old fables and myths.

  • Wow I was kidding but Santa Clause has a chance of being in this game.
    Of course I did just wiki the character list so who knows

  • Simply put, yes. The only characters you won't see are those still under copyright. Anything that's "Public Domain", (Google it) could make an appearance. Even characters from copyrighted material could make an appearance, if they're never actually named AS those characters but described/drawn looking kind of like them (though this is unlikely).

    In the comic book world of Fables characters are the same ones as those that share their names. The more legends, the more people remember them and the more powerful the character. So Jack is Very powerful as he is every character from Jack-be-nimble to Jac'o'lantern and Snow White is slightly less so since she only has one story, but everybody knows it.

    Goku isn't a rip-off of Superman. He's based off the Monkey King from the story 'Into the West' and several other legends. You won't be seeing any characters from Dragonball though. They aren't public domain, yet.

  • He may not be in the game, since he tends to pop up around the holidays (naturally). But, yeah, St. Nick has been in the comics. :)

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    Correct, Goku is based on Sun Wokong and I never said otherwise. That still doesn't change the fact that Goku's origin story is a complete rip-off of Superman's.

    Both are members of an advanced race that got wiped out. Both were saved from their planet exploding via space pod. Both were sent to Earth. Both were adopted by country folk and raised to be kindhearted. Both became the main protector of planet Earth. Both find out that they aren't the last of their race. Both confronted the being that destroyed their planet and defeated him. etc. etc.

    This really isn't debatable...

  • I was reading and it even said Winnie the Pooh was there in the background in two different comics. Of course due to copy right issues they didn't make a big deal out of him but still that's interesting

  • And he's rumored to hold the key to go back to the homelands.

  • 19th century which is when the fables of America came to life. Did I forget the part of some fables leaving Fabletown westwards, a little bit, I did read some of Jack of Fables. Also remember that the last entrance portal to our world was closed before the 19th century. There are tons of nameless fables that are poor. It's even mentioned how they got where they are, which is what I mentioned. If Beauty goes west than we might see American legends.

  • Check out issues 17-20. There are other ways to travel between worlds than portals (in this case, a train)

  • In it they also explained how they got to where they are. Their parents left Fabletown and headed West (they were the poorest). They built a railroad and created a portal inside the tunnel which is invisible to the eye. The only ways back to the Homelands are through the Wind kingdoms or the railroad. Bigby doesn't know of the railroad entrance when the comics begin, and neither does Jack.

  • That's one fat old man that is asking for a bad back and a rejected insurance claim!

  • Wolf Among Us has already left a few easter eggs. Cinderella her name was on the page before Faith's
    the Tarot Cards were brought back by Jack, Stinky the badger was shown in the Story Book and Fly is referenced twice.
    Even if we don't get to see a new character next episode, there is bound to be more teasers or hints related to the comics, but I really we get to see Fyl, Boy Blue and even the Black Forest Witch help aid Bigby if Crane tries to make Bigby out to be the killer…
    I just want Bigby to have some friends in his corner!

  • I think the bigger Cinderella easter egg was her shoe store.

  • We'll see who Holly's sister is, we'll see Georgie Porgie, hope we'll also see Frau in the next episode.

  • What about the dwarfs, are they getting an appearance in the game somewhere in here?

  • They have been dead for hundreds of years. They will not appear. They only get mentioned in episode 1.

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