Dee, Dum, and the Employer. [Theory]

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I feel like I might have something here. It's not too solid and is some what a continuation of another player's evidence ( Pretty amazing job), I feel I might have figured out something.
In HeartLocker's article, he explains the identity of a subtle reoccurring character. He drives a taxi, is seen waiting outside of Crane's office, seen in the chase sequence with Dee, and even talks to Bigby and Snow after she discovers Faith's head. Also in the comics, it is stated that he lives on the second floor of the Woodlands. Pretty weird, but what's even weirder is when you take a closer look at his tie. Crooks. Shepherd's crooks. The game has mentioned many Fables that have involved the Wolf, but they left a pretty big one out. "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". And with even MORE evidence (Bravo, HeartLocker, bravo), there is a pattern in the episode titles that further support that The Boy is involved.(Ep. 3 'A Crooked Mile', Ep. 4 'In Sheep's Clothing' Ep. 5 'Cry Wolf').
But there is one piece of evidence in the game that rules him out of the suspect list. The Piece of Fabric. It doesn't match. To be specific, it doesn't match a single character you encounter in the first episode, also ruling out Dee and The Woodsman. So why are the Tweedles interfering? I might have an answer. The Boy is the Tweedle's employer, hired them to locate Faith's coat, and has hired another killer in the process.
So let's start off with something rather important. Does The Boy have a name, or is it just "The Boy"? Even in the original story, he was just referred to as The Boy. It could be anything really...but there is a name mentioned once in the entire episode, and is easily missable. When you have to choose between Toad or Lawrence's Apartment, go to Lawrence's. Instead of finding him dying, you will find him alive, and he can be questioned. If you directly tell him Faith was killed, he will start crying and saying he knew it would happen. Bigby will then ask him if he has any information on who might have done this, Lawrence will then say"...f**kin' Georgie". If you ask him who Georgie is, you are interrupted with a person attempting to break into the apartment, and to your surprise, it's Dee. Weird that the name is never said again, or that neither Wolf or Snow know the name. Could be a Mundy, but could very be The Boy's real name. Nobody remembers the Woodsman's name (as said in the Book of Fables) due to everyone calling him The Woodsman for so long, so it could easily be The Boy. Maybe The Boy knew them, wanted revenge for something they did. Now back to the game. You can immediately jump out and begin the chase sequence, but if you sit and watch, you will see Dee looking around the apartment until Lawrence shoots himself and you jump out and begin the chase. If you jump Dee before Lawrence kills himself, he is seen the "Next Time" sequence alive and talking, so I suggest not to wait too long. Could it be he was looking for the coat? It also makes sense that a Tweedle is looking around The Woodsman's apartment, Faith's last know location. But why would someone want the coat? I think The Woodsman even said it pretty well himself when explaining Red Riding Hood to Bigby. For money. Oh yeah, and the chase sequence. Not only is The Boy seen lying around one of the hallways, it is also known that after the Tweedles knocked Bigby out, they hopped in a car and drove away. Remember that The Boy is seen most often driving a cab. Could that be the car? And when is the last time you see Snow? In The Boy's cab. There is so much to lead suspicions about this one character that says a single line, but occurs during, before, or after every major event.
So say none of that is true. That The Boy has no interest in money. Could it be possible he is killing every female that Bigby forms a relation with out of revenge for eating him? To everyone's knowledge, Bigby was the last person to see Snow alive. To convince people he hasn't changed his ways?
Reading back on this article that I just wrote, I am confused myself. It was a bit hard for me to stay on track when I would see another piece of evidence. It's a theory, so it isn't set to be true, but there is some hard and decent evidence to support.


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    All the evidence points to Georgie being Faith's pimp. Georgie Porgie was an English nursery rhyme: "Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie. Kissed the girls and made them cry. But when the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away."

    When you see Faith's pimp in the "Next Time" teaser, he has a tattoo on his chest that says "Kiss the girls", so it's heavily hinted that he's Georgie.

    As for The Boy who Cried Wolf wanting to get revenge on Bigby, I think that's likely, and his presence everywhere puts him in a good place to turn your decisions against Bigby when he's inevitably accused of some involvement with the crimes. I think that's a bit annoying, because (without spoiling anything) it reeks of similarity with where The Walking Dead went, but I think it's likely. Although perhaps that's a red-hearing, because of how much sense it would make. They did sort of shove the Boy who Cried Wolf in our face, as if to say "WE'RE HIDING THIS GUY HERE, SEE? HE'S PROBABLY INVOLVED."

    Also, it would be nice if you re-formatted this post, it was kind of hard to read in red like that.

  • I have no idea why the post looks like this...and I completely forgot about that nursery rhyme! That explains the prostitution and possibly where Beauty went.

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