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What's better The Walking Dead Game or The show?

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What's better?

  • lol, the game by a mile. It has better writing and is able to evoke more emotion than the show.

  • I went into the show with my hopes high. I was disappointed. The game's plot is far better paced, the characters are far more interesting, and altogether just far better. The show is decent, but only the game will be remembered for years to come.

  • What they said. The game.

  • I don't hate the show, but the game is FAR better.

  • The game. I don't have to deal with Carl...

  • Guys I think it's about what peolpe look for when it comes to entertainment if you went onto a twd tv show community and asked I'm sure they'd almost all say tv show. I've never watched the tv (nor do I plan to) but I can tell you from what I've heard it's like saying what's better a basketball player or a artist. Because there both completely different in there own ways, yes they take place in the same universe and they both take place in the zombie outbreak. But it's all about what you look for in social interaction amoung a group of survivors for the most part. I liked the video games because all the characters seemed be settled in on ep 2. I'm not sure if this has ever happened in the television show. I think the tv show does a good job pointing about stress between peolpe (it also is able to run more than video games because it's easier) if you want twd now and you mean now I would recommend the television show over the video game because it come out almost every week (other than inbetween seasons) and if you are someone who loves things that maybe aren't long and there's a large gap inbetween but it's rich and golden when you do play it id recommend the video game. So I hope this helps.

  • both. depends what you like as an individual. For me I had never heard of The Walking Dead until I gave the show a try. The game is better at being a game, and the show is better at being a show. So it depends on what someone is looking for at the time.

  • I agree with ^ both. The show is amazing and I don't see why people on here are throwing hate at it. One of my favorite shows on televisions.

    • Nobody is throwing hate here, you just don't like the fact that many people here don't share your opinion. If you ask the same question on the shows forum they say the show was better, so cheer up

  • I had no interest in the show prior to the games at all. I played the games up to 400 days and still no interest. I only kept up with the show the past 2-3 weeks due to the potential of news on the game. That's my take on it...

  • The game is more emotional but I do like the show.

    The show seems to concentrate on shocking us more making us go "HOLY S*** DID THAT JUST HAPPEN." But it does this way too often. It also has good action. But everyone must admit The show in season two got so boring towards the end and it did a little in season three. Of course everyone who remembers the show know that season two went out with a bang. But still the show needs to work on making every episode at least a little interesting.

    I love the AMC show. But if only one could stay I would pick the game every time. We are guaranteed and roller coaster ride of consequences, tough choices and making moral decisions that may or may not reflect badly on us in every episode.

    The game is deeper. Not just that how many zombies games evokes emotion? TellTale are really the only ones to do that.

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