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walking dead big choices

posted by donmike84 on - Viewed by 585 users

when you import the walking dead season 1 choices you made will it work like how you can import the game like mass effect trilogy

  • I haven't played Mass Effect trilogy, so I don't know how choices are imported there, but I assume that your choices will carry on just like they did between the episodes of Season 1 or between Season 1 and 400 Days.

    I assume that Season 2 just searches the Telltale Games folder (all TTG games create their saves to subfolders of this folder) to see if there are any save games and asks if you want to carry over your save game from Season 1 to Season 2 or have random choices (if you don't have save or don't want your choices to carry over).

  • Most likely the case. Maybe they'll just ask you to chose the save game directory if it can't find it. But I think the save games are always in the documents folder regardless of where you purchased the game.

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