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Hey guys, I noticed something marginally interesting when I played through the game for a second time yesterday: The man in line with the hat in the picture below is dressed an awful lot like Badger in the picture book. (I borrowed the picture from another thread, so ignore the highlights. I'm speaking of the man with the hat all the way to the right, in line at Crane's office.)

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I can't find a screenshot of Badger in the picture book for the life of me, but he can be seen in this video at 9:49:

This may mean nothing, but Bigby says that he hasn't seen Badger for a while when you click on him in the picture book, and the man in line seems to deliberately be avoiding eye contact with Bigby. Is it possible that Bigby's never seen Badger in Glamour before; or perhaps that Bigby just didn't notice him given the startling events of the evening? It should also be noted that although it's rather difficult to see in the included screenshot, people have said that the man in line seems to have a bandage of his knee, and is wearing jeans. I personally can't see it in the screenshot, but I definitely noticed it during my play-through yesterday, and I recommend replaying that part or looking it up on Youtube to see the man's avoidance of Bigby's gaze and the bandage.

I'm not sure what all of this means, if anything, but I thought it was an interesting thought.

Thanks ahead of time for the undoubtedly interesting discussion.



  • Badger is a badger with no glamor that lives on the farm he has a nickname of stinky he has the power to incase himself and others in a energy shell in the shape he chooses but its clear with a blue tint he then changes his name to brock blueheart after boy blues death and gains the power transform into a huge armored badger

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    So it is possible that if somehow he had obtained a Glamour, that could be him in line? It would also explain why he's avoiding eye-contact with Bigby, as he might not feel concealed on account of being new to the concept of Glamour.

    I'm not familiar with the comics, so this theory may be silly, but the other two people in line have some significance (Grimble and who we assume will be revealed as the Boy who Cried Wolf), so I don't think it would be a far reach to say that this man does as well, and he's dressed very similarly to Badger in the book.

    Is it possible that someone is trying to recruit the under-class of Fabletown and the inhabitants of The Farm to overthrow Bigby and Crane by promising them a better life? The concept of a downtrodden class is heavily pushed in Episode 1, and this would explain the bandage on the man's leg. Badger may actually have been the "murderer" (assuming that Faith is really dead) or at least a patsy that was sent to put the head on the steps.

  • That's a nice guess but no badger would do anything to keep all fable kind safe he even helps SPOILERS bigby save his children

  • Logical explanation for Bigby's comment on not seeing Badger for quite a while would be, when Bigby takes a cab to send a nonhuman fable to the Farm Badger meets Bigby just outside Farm territory because Bigby can't enter the Farm. Badger keeps fables in the Farm safe from other fables, while Bigby does it outside the Farm.

  • And as badger would put it my "my name is Brock Blueheart first brother of the sacred returnists! Wielder of the blue magic! And I will not be mocked!" (Fables 97 pg19)

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