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Where are you guys from?

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Well, I just want to know where are you guys from? Do Telltale ships an overseas order? :)

BTW, I'm from Philippines.

  • Berlin, Germany

  • I'm from Athens, GA. Which make playing or watching TWD strangely immersive.

    • Wow, I bet ! You could make a road trip following the journey of Lee and the group just like that, and with a bit of imagination, pretend you'd be in TWD season 1 for real... Actually only a few days ago I was looking their route up on Google Earth and other maps, well I'm still not sure about the precise roads, but I know they found the train somewhere in the area around Dublin, and it used the GCR shortline, going through Vidalia :D

      By the way, do you have a southern accent ?

      I'd love it if in season 2 there was a born and raised Georgian character in season 2 with a local accent, I just love to hear it.

      "We don't take kindly to zombies around here" :D

      • I moved here in 1998 from South Florida, so no, unfortunately I don't have a Georgian accent (which depends on what county you're from, really. A native of Macon, for example, sounds a bit different from a native Athenian). What I like about the game is that they didn't overdo the "Southerness." Older natives do tend to have heavier accents and use "folky" lingo but the younger generation are pretty homogenized (and again, that also depends on where in GA you're from, major cities or the sticks). Plus, there are a lot of out-of-staters who come to live in Atlanta or attend school in Athens. They could have easily fallen into the trap of making everyone sound like hillbillies right out of the Dukes of Hazzard or Deliverance or something.

        It was very surreal when I first played and Lee was revealed as having been a professor at UGA. I never attended but have so many friends who are/were students and professors, and since campus reaches right to downtown, I've been on the grounds countless times. Been to Macon a couple times so that was a treat in-game, too. Haven't been to Savannah yet, but my closest friend is down there often.

        Anyway, yeah, all of this made things really hit home, especially with the game. Athens, especially, is only mostly known for UGA and being the home of REM and the B-52s. So it was a treat to see (or rather, hear) it hit mainstream in another medium.

        By the way, I just visited Helen, GA the other day:,_Georgia It would be wild to see what this place is like after the zombie apocalypse.

        edit: Oh and about the show, Rick Grimes' actor's accent isn't the greatest but has definitely improved since the pilot and season 1.

        • the younger generation are pretty homogenized

          I think it's sad, it's the same in most languages, accents and dialects tend to disappear and make way for a more standardized language and pronounciation...

          the trap of making everyone sound like hillbillies right out of the Dukes of Hazzard or Deliverance or something.

          Yeah, I see what you mean. A lot of caricature about the South going on in your medias. (Dukes of Hazzard at least was in good mood and portrayed the people in a rather affectionate way, but in so many TV shows it's always the stereotype of the "stupid inbred meth using redneck", if I was a southerner myself I'd like to have a discussion with those people from Hollywood)

          Anyway thank you for sharing these impressions of someone who actually lives near the places, to hear about things you know in the game -and the show- must've been and be a surreal experience indeed.

          As for Helen, it looks gorgeous... But if I was a survivor in eastern Georgia (where I think season 2 will probably begin since Clem couldn't have made it too far on her own from Savannah), I wouldn't try to travel north and go through the densily populated parts around Atlanta. The large residential-free wooded zone around Fort Stewart looks safer to me, but perhaps there are too many soldiers = potential zombies there too, I don't know.

        • I'm from Louisiana, and it was refreshing to hear a realistic dialect for southerners. We aren't all hillbillies. Haha

    • Lucky you. My friend went to Georgia this year for college - was so jealous when she sent me some photographs taken in Savannah.

    • If I had said I come from "great" Germany, what would you have thought? Never mind ;)

      • Why would anyone think weird of great Germany ? Germany is great ;)

        And to whoever down thumbed inFamous913, I will add that the USA are great too indeed !

        Hooray for all our great countries :)

      • Great Germany doesn't sound that bad, because Großdeutschland is usually translated as Greater Germany. And even Greater Germany can be used to refer to 19th century German question or used as a translation for Roman geographic name Magna Germania, which refers to land east of the Rhine, which was outside the Roman control. ;D

          • Just saying, that there's nothing to worry about. Many Germans I have met seem to worry about what other people think about Germans and their history, when there's really not much to worry about these days. Personally I think that Germany is great, because from Germany comes a lot of good adventure games, movies, music and food. And most importantly beer. :)

            • because from Germany comes a lot of good adventure games, movies, music and food.

              I'm just curious, do you have a few examples?

              And you're absolutely right abput the Germans having issues with their past. Unfortunately I got to know a lot of foreign people thinking Germans are still Nazis in disguise. It's just an image that is still stuck in some minds. For the young German generations the guilt for history they were never a part of is still a burden on their shoulders. It lasts on my shoulders, too, though I was born in Poland but raised in Berlin.

              • Games or other stuff?

                If you mean games, then I must mention Daedalic's The Whispered World, Deponia and Edna & Harvey games and Animation Arts' Lost Horizon and Secret Files 1 & 2 (third Secret Files was awful). Having recently finished Daedalic's Chains of Satinav, I'm currently playing it's sequel Memoria and after that I'm going to play Secret Files: Sam Peters (which is supposed to be better than Secret Files 3)

              • Germans have every reason to be proud of their country, you have a millenial history, you can't just throw it to the bin because of a few dark years. Focus on the many centuries of greatness and wonderful cultural achievements, and stop listening to those who blame the Germans of today for WW2, they are idiots and deserve to be treated as such.

                Es Lebe Deutschland !

                • If I may join in here, going back to Germany has great food, I heard that you can get salt flavored chocolate there. Is that true? What other awesome foods like they have there? Sounds VERY interesting.

                  Btw I agree, people who think Germans are Nazis are downright stupid.

                  • Nazi is not a negative term at all. It means national socialist , which can be found everywhere.
                    People are indeed dumb.

                    edit: I mean not you, but some ignorant folks.

                    • Languages change. Nazi IS a negative term. Nazi comes from national socialist. That's right. But today it means a very specific mind set. You know that one from that small moustached guy? That hated all the jews? And the non-arians? The "national" outweighs the "socialist" by a large margin.

                      Do you use "Nazi" in any other conext? For simply describing someone who is a socialist with little national priorities? I don't.

                      • Like the way Lilly used it when everybody was looking at her as a BAD person, otherwise a bad leader.

                        • Yeah, that usage of the term "nazi" (like grammar-nazi and such) doesn't have anything to do with national socialist. That's just derived from the dictatorship part of the actual nazis. So yes nazi is negative term. And doesnt mean national socialist (if you call someone nazi today, that is, historically it does of course mean that). Todays usage focusses more on the dictator-part.

                          Like Lilly was the dictator on food rations.

                          • I see your point. Yes, in common use it is indeed negative.
                            Another topic,
                            But as national socialism, nazis can be found everywhere too. So marking german people as nazis is the most pathetic thing one can do. The only people who were nazis are the members of the NSDAP.
                            Many refer to them as nazis, if they see a german soldier, which is wrong.

                            I didn't really have anything to say, I just spoke my mind.

  • Cumbria, England. Nobody has heard of it, seriously most British people don't even know where it is ;-;

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    Norrtälje, Kingdom of Sweden!

  • Santiago,Chile

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lisbon, Portugal. They ship discs here but not at the sime time, like a week later or something ;)

  • im from this part of the galaxy.

    photo EarthInGalaxy_zpse5236423.jpg

  • syracuse New York.

    lmao virgil!! yea, multicolt was just a bit too specific.

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