GOTY commercial played during the walking dead

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I have mixed feelings about that GOTY commercial for TWD S1 that played during the walking dead Sunday night on AMC.

The voice used for the commercial was like a poor mans vision of the voice during those 1980 trailers of movies like die hard and die hard 2.

I just could not put my finger on it but that voice had something off.

What did you guys think of the commercial?


  • I hope the next commercial will be about The Walking Dead Season 2 Game :(

  • I wish I was there to see it. I hope the commercial get uploaded somewhere.

  • Though I heard the commercial sucks.

  • For those wondering:

    Could be better,sounds more like a movie commercial,but I don't see anything so wrong with it.

  • Well if it were me it would have one of the many Lee and Clem conversations, and have It's Over in the background in a few scenes, along with Armed with Death and the appropriate scene, but that is just me, could have been better, but also could have been far worse.

  • I dont get what's wrong with it. ::shrugs::

  • It didn't seem to be as bad as some make it out to be, but it's also not great, either. Just average, I suppose.

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