Returning back to Clementine's house in Season 2?

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Do you think we will? Because In the pic for season 2 it look's like Clementine is holding the hammer that Lee used to kill the zombie in Clementine's house.


  • It could just be a similar-looking hammer, but returning to Clementine's house would be really cool to see how things have changed

  • I think Clementine returning to her home,at least for a cut-scene or something, might actually be a plausible possibility. She knows the area, since she spent a part of her childhood there, and is, as we can see from the car crash zombie police officer scene, fond of wandering around and about in nature. She'd be able to get her bearings there, maybe, and then possibly stumble upon the/a group, unless of course she's going solo (at least 1-2 episodes).

  • It would be a problem how Clementine would travel all the way from Savannah/whatever she is in Season 2,all the way to her house.But I agree,its a good idea.

  • I don't think it will happen to be honest. I mean it's a nice idea and all and it would be kinda cool, but then she would just be going to the same spot and the walking dead always seems to take us to new places. And in the trailer, I think we just saw the house as a message saying "remember that place?"

  • It would be a nice little scene to remember where it started, but remember all those zombies in the backyard? Too risky.

  • ^ Eh, good point, but surely after like at least 6 months they would have dispersed or moved someplace else?
    Yeah,it would be cool if Clem started off from where it all started, and then moved kinda south west instead of south east... But heck, this is pure ruminating on my part.

  • I am very curious to see what the story is about in S2. Honestly I can't think of anything right now !

  • i think she goes back to the drug store to pick up Lee's picture

  • She more than likely picks up the torn part once Lee drops it.

  • It's possible, but I don't think we'll be doing that much backtracking personally.

  • i hope Clementine doesn't put herself in danger just to search for a picture.

  • But i would love to have some bourbon there...

  • I guess it's possible she just happens to move along the area where the house is, but realistically what would be the point of her returning to the house since she knows there would be no one there but hordes of walkers.

  • i think that clem will take the photo when lee is talking to carley and as i think she did take the hammer and hide it but i think that telltale games dont want us to know that

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    Also would it not have been a bit silly to leave any weapon behind after a zombie outbreak?

  • I don't think she will go back to her house. It would be very interesting if she did though. Imagine if she got through the crack of space in the bookcase blocking the upstairs, and we got to see Clem's room? I love seeing little details like that. Again, I doubt it considering she is wandering the outskirts of Savannah last time we saw her. It would be a looooong trip.

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