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  • P.B just went over this a while ago :/

  • It sure is dark in here...

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    General Message to TTG Forum Pals

    Be patient.... It's coming "soon".......Your gonna have to wait for episode 2 to release after the majority of us destroy EP 1 in one sitting regardless.
    Patience is a virtue and all that jazz...

    PS: It WILL be AWESOME, just give TTG a break.

    (To take your minds off this painfully slow process of release, PM me here with your GT if your on 360 and we'll get some Ghosts or GTAO going)

  • There's been a game I've been interested in (not gonna say the name, as I'm not sure of the site's rules on this stuff) and it was announced roughly... 6 months after said system's launch? Anyways, there's still hasn't been much info showed about the game after launch. Put it this way: imagine you have all the information you have TWDS2 but with "soon" being used as release for roughly 2 years. It has a trailer, screenshots (well, teaser trailer shots, even a message from the creator) and still no definite date.

    This little story here is me trying to say be thankful that your complaining about a "delay" of a month, instead of just being content with the situation because you're just so used to wondering if the game will even be released.

  • By any chance does the name start with H?

  • If you are talking about some non Telltale game, then I don't know why you wouldn't be allowed to mention other games as long as it was on topic (or in general chat). I don't understand the secrecy unless there is something else I don't know of...

  • I'm sure you're right. As cynical as I am, I don't think they'd really release the first episode on Christmas eve. I'm sure it'll be around the second week of December, maximum.

  • @Puzzlebox - there is nothing more fulfilling in life than catching the ;) wink smiley from a assertive TTG staff moderator. Absolutely made my day. Ahh I mean the news the game will be out by the end of the year.

    So what's the deal is the game coming this year or is news coming this year?
    Maybe we could have both? ;)

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    He said:"we don't announce concrete release dates until we've submitted the episode to first parties. " I'm taking that as they haven't submitted yet.
    Edit: Just my own point of view. Don't be vexed by this.

  • Even if The Walking Dead: Season Two releases in mid-December it would not be delayed. The only release dates Telltale has ever given for season two is Fall 2013 and before Christmas. That could mean that the game could be released anytime between now and December 20th and still meet its release date.

    Astronomically, Winter begins on the 21st of December in the Northern Hemisphere. That's the winter solstice, the day of the year when the Sun is farthest south.

    The United States (which is where Telltale is located) follows the astronomical seasons. I can confirm this personally, as I just checked my calendar, and the first day of Winter is listed as December 21st.

    The November release date came from The Walking Dead wiki. That is not reliable information, as the bad thing about wikis is that they can be very easily edited since they're open to edit by everyone, so there's a lot of fake changes on them at times.

    Wikipedia is also not reliable for the same reason. The good thing about Wikipedia though is that they require reliable sources. If you see a release date listed, take a look at the linked sources (reliable sources only, links to other wikis aren't considered reliable sources) to see if they back them up. If they don't (or if they don't have any sources listed at all), then consider the information false.

    Or better yet, just look at this forum's FAQ. It's maintained by moderators rather than Telltale staff, but we only update it with information that comes directly from Telltale staff themselves (either on these forums or through interviews or press releases with reliable gaming sites like IGN or Game Informer).

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    She said: "we don't announce concrete release dates until we've submitted the episode to first parties, been approved, and got confirmation on when we'll be coming out ."

    In my book, that means they could have submitted it, but won't tell until the approval process is done. ;)

  • ...the Telltale Office is not occupied between Christmas and New Year's. Just sayin'. ;)

  •  Make it lighter then. 
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    To reiterate:

    stop changing your minds telltale

    No Telltale mind happened to be changed for more than a year .

    Why cant telltale give us a release date

    While Telltale doesn't start each new episode 'from scratch', large parts of the development cycle still take place immediately before release. From writing to animation to voice acting to possible gamer input from the forums, it all comes together to form a new episode only weeks and days before release; and eventually, another time frame insecurity is added when console manufacturers receive the final build of the episodes for their quality assurance process. As a consequence, fixed dates will only be announced mere days before an episode releases.

    The four to six week release schedule is only possible because there's no time buffer scheduled in between, something other video game companies practically always have. Bottom line: for Telltale, getting a release date is just as exciting as for their fans. ;)

  • This is embarrassing, I omitted the rest of the sentence......

  • as I'm not sure of the site's rules on this stuff

    You can freely chat with people about what games you intend to buy without being accused of advertising.

  • So I guess, no November release at all. Thanks @puzzlebox for the update. And to you Vainamoinen and FreddeN93, love love love. :)

  • Nah, KAIO: King of Pirates.

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    Well, happy anniversary to Episode Five...

  • Episode Five could not be reached right now, as it is drinking its brains out at a bar

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    I wish we could give it something on it's anniversary day. I will gently play through Season One again, but I hope Telltale got a even bigger gift.

  • Welp, time to wait for Ep1's anniversary on April 24... maybe we'll get some info from Telltale then. Maybe.

  • what I wouldn't do for something CONCRETE for once....

  • don't worry they're working on it.

    photo Concrete_rebar_0030_zps330b3070.jpg

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    Stay positive, season 2 will come out before Clementine's puffy hair grows back.

  • "Do you ever think we'll get to play Season 2?" "I don't know, Clem.... maybe someday..."

  • I'm not sure if this have any facts to it.
    BUT when you look for season 2 on Greenman gaming they put anticipated release for Q1 2014 instead of this year.

    I hope we can get someone like @puzzlebox to confirm or deny it!

  • Thanks for the update, puzzlebox! Keep doing your thing! ;D

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    Greenman Gaming, Steam, the Wikia - All unreliable sources unless Telltale announce it themselves. Puzzlebox just confirmed it is still bound to come before this christmas. I wouldn't worry, the dates you find on game stores is just a placeholder. Steam have place Season Two between November 25 and December 3.

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    I also see it as a unreliable source for now until we get more information from telltale :)
    But i just wanted to add this to the conversation and hear other peoples thoughts on this.

    Edit: Thanks for that info! I didn't know about that and i guess that is why i got all the thumb downs on my post :/

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    Don't mind the vote system. It only count your positive votes anyway. I guess we're a bunch of sensitive people as most of us have been waiting for a year now for this game and don't want to hear stuff like it coming next year. :P

  • BUT when you look for season 2 on Greenman gaming they put anticipated release for Q1 2014 instead of this year.

    I think they're trolling Telltale. ;)

  • Will this be on xbox 360? I only found the Walking Dead season 2 for PC and Mac download (preorder) on

  • It will be for PC/Mac, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 at the start. Later iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Ouya.

  • I must keep missing it, but I cant find where puzzlebox confirms anything, only a post where she asks the question "maybe we can have both" referring to having news and the game before xmas. Could someone quote what was said for me please?

  • It says it all in the latest blog post,, It's busy times indeed here at Telltale HQ as we prepare for the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead: Season Two... more news on that in the coming weeks!

    News, in the coming weeks.. Which means likely 2 weeks before we get any more news on the game. Even if that news is the release date the game would be out at the earliest the 2nd-3rd week in December... at this point with no news on the game its more likely that it will be delayed and not make the "before christmas" deadline

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    You mean the latest blog post from nearly a month ago..? Yeah, totally not like we've been waiting for info in the weeks gone by or anything..

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