How much do you think sexism influenced the decision to give money in the start?



  • i gave her money, i admit i did it not only because i thought Bigby would be able to having a growing relationship with her, but also because i am a sap when it comes to looking out for females and children

  • I'm going to come right out and say that I gave her money because she was a prostitute. Note, this actually had nothing to do with gender. She's a hooker trying to get money from a John ($100 was a lot of money in that era and especially for a streetwalker), and if she didn't get the money back there'd be hell to pay with her pimp. She'd likely have wages "garnished" until she made up the difference, which could mean the difference between eating and starving.

    So, I suppose, since most prostitutes are female in that era, you could say it had to do with her gender, but it had more to do with her profession. She didn't need that kind of sorrow.

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