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  • Like I said before bigbys my favorite charater but beast is my second favorite character the funniest moment of the game is when u get into the elevator and beast runs up and asks if u have seen beauty (I didn't answer him) and he ends up cursing out loud

  • There weren't a lot of characters in ep1 to choose from, so i guess i'm choosing good ol' Bigby.

  • My favorites were Bigby, Snow White, Faith, beauty, and beast.

  • I choose Bigby. a lost soul tormented by his gruesome dark past that he was born into, trying to settle the beef between him and the man/beast in the mirror.

  • "Makes animals shit gold"

    The stares between them made me laugh XD

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    The dialogue option for "F*** off" when talking to buffkin is so hilarious.

  • Buffkin: =[

    Bigby: >|


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    "Fuck off", unsightly monkey !

  • hes not in the game yet but my favorite fables character is boy blue

  • lol I was happy to do the ripping :) He was being a asshole AND attacked me, F him XD

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  • Well if we're going to open up with Grendel and the choice question, I'll start there first. I didn't rip his arm off, and I chose not to because I didn't want to take it too far. Yeah Beowulf ripped off Grendel's arm, but Grendel was terrorizing a mead hall and Beowulf was a monster hunter. Flash forward to present day, all Fables living in Fabletown were exilted there on bad behavior, and what's Grendel doing? He's not trying to kill Bigby, just beat him up, and Bigby's a Fable too, who was only trying to take somebody in. Cops don't shoot people aggressively obstructing justice, they taser them, at least that's how it's supposed to go. At the end of the day, Grendel was in my way, and then he wasn't. He doesn't need to be taught a lesson, I just beat him up, that's a good enough lesson.

    Anyway. In all honesty, it'd have to be Toad. I know he yells at his kid, but I liked Toad from the books and I loved his accent, and he was trying to protect Junior. So yeah he's a curmudgeonly bastard, but he's lovable for it. The accent doesn't hurt either.

  • Bigby and snow of course!.....but in the comics my top 5 would be

    2.boy blue
    4. frau totenkinder
    5. prince charming ( i find him hilarious)

  • Nice choice I wish that they would of have gotten into the wiching cloak

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    hes not in the game yet but my favorite fables character is boy blue

  • What do u think of the whole prince brandish thing and with charming in fairest

  • At the moment I'm kind of thinking of Drunk Woody and Sober Woody as two different people. I quite like Sober Woody, but Drunk Woody deserves a fist to the face.

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    I still dont know if I can like Woody after what he did to Faith. Even drunk it was uncalled for.

  • These are my top 5.

    1. Bigby 2. Bufkin 3. Toad 4. Snow White 5. TJ (Toad Junior)
  • I love Mr. Toad, a slimy clever con artist, but a good father to the core, my props to Mr. Toad, I wonder if we will see Mole or Badger in the following episodes?

  • Top 5 in game are

    1. Bigby 2. Snow White 3. Bufkin 4. Woody 5. Colin

    Top 5 in comics

    1. Bigby 2. Snow White 3. Prince Charming (funny a lot of the times, and he contradicts himself a lot which is hilarious) 4. Frau Totenkinder 5. Bufkin (especially when drunk)
  • I'd say,from all the characters who have been introduced thus far; I'd settle on Bufkin and Mr.Toad. Bufkin,who appears to be a little simple-minded, was a great asset so far and is overall a pretty nice guy, as well as the only chracter in the fable community, who doesn't desperately wants to hide something about him,aside from that alcohol addiction,which is a minor secret in my books anyway. Do I even have to go into much detail, why I like Mr.Toad? It's been said before, that he is protecting his kids, although he is sometimes yelling at them, treats Bigby atleast with a little bit of respect,other than most fables you come across and that friggin sweet accent. Toad is a great character,who I hope will be featured more prominently in the coming episodes,Bufkin as well,but I think that goes without saying.

  • To me, Toad is the most entertaining to talk to in the game.

  • I like Bigby most because hes big and bad

  • I don't think feeling sorry for yourself is really enough to make me forgive someone for beating on someone, personally. Remorse only goes so far. He's an alright character at times, I like his dialogue, but I can't personally see him as "likeable."

    And displays what appears to be true remorse. He could be lying, but he seemed likable in the end of the episode. Or at least not completely deplorable, like at the beginning.

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    You can't go wrong with Jack though.

  • Colin is the best character. Or should I say WAS!


  • Bigby of course, but I also love Toad :) I'd like to see more from Beauty and Beast.

  • As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think we'll be seeing any Badger. And I loved The Wind in the Willows.

  • Bigby is the character I like the most :D

  • Colin, of course

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    I think Bigby, Snow, Toad, Colin and Bufkin are the best.

    It is really hard to make a definite choice though, because they are all written so well and just so darn interesting... :)

  • don't say that shit its embarrassing

    i'm currently reading the comics ( presents from christmas woo!) so i can't really say yet ...comic wise

    but in game..
    4.woodsman ..<-- ( i like the guy..i can't help but feel sorry for him)

    I like Bigby most because hes big and bad

  • Toad is awesome

  • Bigby by a landslide over almost everyone for me. I played him as anti-hero closer to Rorschach from Watchmen. Still haven't played a "noble" run of the first episode.
    Snow White is a very close second. Reminded me a lot of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.
    Is it just me, or was 2013 the year of plucky female sidekicks?

  • Girls. I like girls in TWAU. They're just so... i mean... Beauty, Snow, Faith... They are pretty and nice for Bigby... I like them.

  • Or an axe to the head ! :D

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    At the moment I'm kind of thinking of Drunk Woody and Sober Woody as two different people. I quite like Sober Woody, but Drunk Woody deserves a fist to the face.

  • I don't have a favorite character from the game yet. If i had to choose it'll be Bigby, but that's almost given to anybody since he is the main character.

    With that said I'm just looking forward to seeing the fight between Beast and Bigby, hopefully alot of action and screen taping.

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