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Will Clem's drawings play a part in S2?

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This is a character trait of Clem's that I always found enduring, and I'd love to see how it might resurface in S2 now that Clem is the PC. Maybe the player could have a small, seemingly trivial scene where Clem draws her interpretation of a previous event in the narrative, and we're given the choice of what exactly she puts on paper?

(This could have a significantly larger effect on the story than at first glance. Another character might spot one of Clem's drawings and form an opinion of her personality based on what he/she sees. There's a number of different possibilities that could open up.)

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  • I love this idea, because I like to draw as well, it's a sort of a meditation for me. Her drawings reflect her feelings and mindset. Since we are playing Clem now we can put our thoughts about certain events on paper. It would be great if we saw which pictures had been drawn, you know, the Player Choices at the end of an episde.

  • Yeah that would also be a nice way to keep Clem's childhood alive, since it would be easy to make her a miniature grown-up when she's on her own. She has lost a big part of her innocence though after the events of season 1, so i wonder how they could work this in in a believable fashion.

    I do really like the idea of having the player choices summed up in Clem's drawings. Either way Clem's drawing will have to play some part in the upcoming season.

  • I don't remember every single one of my Clem's drawings... I know they are supposed to be different according to what she sees ( and that's awesome) but I don't remember :S Can anyone tell me what drawing you know she does so I can remember wich ones she made in my game?

    • ^^see screenshot? ^^


    • Ok, I've read somewhere about this three drawings. 1. Katjia, Duck and Kenny. 2. Ktjia Clem and Duck. 3. Sad, alone Clem. And my opinion is that Clementine, Katjia and Duck might happen if she doesn't have a very good relation with Lee, but he doesn't treat her bad, so she sees Katjia and Duck as their "new" family, since they are the ones that past more time with her in the camp. The one where she's alone is if Lee treats her bad I guess (never saw that not even on the internet), so she is very sad and can't truste or relate with anyone... The one with Katjia, Kennt and Duck, is if Le treats her good, and so she sees Lee as her family, leading her to see Kenny, Katjia and Duck as a different family that she likes, but not her "new" family. I don't think it will have much impact in season 2, it was just a psychological fact that the writers had to game game ;)

  • I like the idea of Clementine's drawings playing a role in Season 2. Children tends to draw their emotions, their experiences, and their fondness of people on paper, and I'd like to see what she draws is influenced by how certain events impacts her mindset.

  • i dont think that clementine will ever draw again. she is forced too grow up fast and i cant imagine her drawing now. i think she is kinda depressed after all those things some months ago.
    just my opinion :)

  • I think bringing back the interest could be a nice callback for the quieter moments. Hard to say how much time for recreation we'll see her have though.

    Heh, I guess they could always do like Shattered Memories did, and leave it up to our potentially terrible drawing skills.
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  • That be cool. The dialogue wheel thing pops up and ask what to draw and you choice 1 of 4 choices. I would love that.

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