A Message to Telltale (Animated Video)

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Hello everybody!
My name is Luigi Black and I made this animated Message to Telltale about the next season of the Walking Dead. This is my first bigger animation, i hope you gonna like it! (And sorry for bad english! :) ) If you want to support me please like it and share with your friends. It helps me out a lot!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnightParody
E-mail: knightparody@gmail.com

Please tell me what are you thinking about the video! :)


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    I don't know i just wanted something quickly. xD An apron maybe.

  • This was so bizarre... I like it!

  • That was great.

    But I do want Majus back too.

  • video is good, but your accent...meh.honestly, sounds like potato stuck in your mouth.

  • If you have anything against non-native speakers of English, you're probably in the wrong forum.

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    I... I errr... What was that?! Bizarre yet funny

  • Telltale HAS to see this, I liked the part with Kenny being the dog.

  • hahaha funny video :)

  • ahem

    Please tell me what are you thinking about the video! :)

    is not that TS asked for? or I am allowed to leave only positive comments? keep lying to Luigi and he will not improve his vocabular skills.

  • It's people like you preventing us from unwinding ourselves to have courage in speaking a foreign language.

  • okay, thats your point of view.

  • Really good job with the video, found it really funny. I would like to see more from you :D

  • OMG , Clem has a mustache :D

  • Loved it :D

  • She's not alone.

    Take it from a linguist: language criticism is mostly pure arrogance.

    Especially when you're sitting in a glass house.

  • Besides: If you had corrected his grammar it would have been constructive. But you've just made fun of the sound of his voice and his accent - that was insultive.

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    Well you were only criticising an accent. So not even the language skills themselves. There's a difference between speaking with accent and speaking bad english or broken english.

    If accents count as "bad" there are very little good speakers out there, as native speakers have accents as well.

    And even broken english (or whatever language) is not that bad. I know so many people who don't try to speak a language out of fear to not speak it perfectly. So they don't speak at all. What does that achieve?

    I understand correcting grammar at times if the person speaking is comfortable enough to use that language in the first place. So that they can improve their language skills. But accents have nothing to do with the language as such.

    And also:

    but your accent...meh.honestly, sounds like potato stuck in your mouth.


    keep lying to Luigi and he will not improve his vocabular skills.

    Not the same.

    In my opinion the most important part in a language is the grammar. If you use how a language works you can still learn more sophisticated words anytime. You could have all the vocabulary in the world. If you dont know how to put the words together, it will be hard to understand you.

  • I respect your opinion Made, but this bud asked for our thougts (and criticism as well) so I said what i think.
    Monotonous voice with combination with italian (?) accent made me do it. Maybe someday he will become an excellent orator, but for now you guys just feed and raise his childish self-esteem.

  • We'll listen to your masterful rhetoric teachings as soon as your spelling and sentence structure miraculously turn flawless.

  • This was fantastic,I love how you turned into Clem at the end.

  • nah since im immune to trolling and let all of you downvoting babies live in your imaginary world with rainbows and gummi bears. keep your pink glasses on too. im outta this forums until ep2 twau release. Wont bother you anymore.

  • This was actually funny, I almost didn't give it a chance.
    I think you did a good job on the animation and as I said it was very funny.

    Also don't be "sorry" for your language abilities, you spoke fairly well and you'll get better with time.

  • Meh, I like to see Lily in a bikini too.

  • That was hilarious! Your voice kinda sounds like bane without the raspy breathing.

  • You certainly put a lot of effort into this, great video! To be honest I found it kind of scary..particularly because Clem's skin is gray.. we have people arguing about her ethnicity and you made her GRAY! haha. And I actually enjoyed your accent, especially when you said "mustache".

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    Noticed that all the posts other from Istibul's all have one thumbs down? Guess who was doing that.

  • Prepared to hate it. Instead, I found it thoroughly entertaining.

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