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I need some Help... any info on that Freakishly Disturbing movie "Saw?"

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So here's the deal... I lost a bet with a friend. I had no idea she was so good at UNO. Anyways, whoever lost had to watch a really scary movie that the other picked, from two choices. (Both of us are cowards who had never seen a scary movie)

If I won, she would've had to watch Psycho or Bloody Mary (I let her choose) If she won, I'd have to pick between Saw I or Saw II

So I lost, Obviously, and it really sucks. I know nothing about Saw except it's awesome theme music, Hello Zepp. So I'm screwed.

That's why I'm here to ask you all- which Movie is less Violent/Gory? I think I'm leaning towards Saw I, cause other friends told me it was way less violent than the sequel. Anyways, Could anyone now tell me what really ugly, bloody stuff happens in it? I'm not allowed to look it up on the internet, but this doesn't really count.

I'm freaked out, btw. We're not allowed to close our eyes. Good thing is, if I make it through, without screaming or anything, I get $40 bucks.

So, what parts of the movie are really creepy/scary? Lay it on me! (plz don't)
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