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At the end of Eposide 4 , you're supposed to know who came with you ,Alt text
My question is , why is it better if Kenny came with you ALONE (18%) than if the whole group came with you (16%) ?


  • It's not better that Kenny came with you alone, it's just the most chosen option. Even still, less then one fifth of players got that scenario.

  • What I'm trying to figure out is how come sometimes when I get to this point, it doesn't show who came with me. It just shows the episode stats then goes straight to the credits. I don't know why it skips it sometimes...

  • Maybe most people didn't trust Christa and Omid since they were new but 18% is only 2% more than the better option.

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    I actually got the 14% one, and Kenny got beat up by Vernon's group stealing the boat. I am not a Kenny hater, but Kenny wanted to stay behind to prepare his boat, while Clementine was being held captive by a stranger! If it would have been Duck and I decided not to go with Kenny, he would hate me and take every single chance to remind me of what I've done.

    I'm not a Kenny-hater, but I still haven't forgiven him for that.

  • It isnt better the percentage is just the percentage that got that option. Non of the choices are better just as there more popular all peoples opinions are different. Especially this one as you dont even choose it.

    Really the 18% are from the 20% of people who dont show the bite and therefore likely drop Ben and kill Larry which is the reason for the high percentage

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    Just Kenny, I hid the bite because I'm a pussy which meant Christa and Omid didn't come and I wanted Ben to stay with the boat because, y'know. It's Ben ...

  • The last option was just sad. :(

  • All the group actually came with me... This is really about choice is mostly about the affect of your past actions. I hid the bite from Christa and omid, but since I left Clem in the house with Omid they came along with me (according to them because Clem saved Omid and so they have to help her too). Kenny came with me because I said Clem was like family ( even thought I didn't liked him...) and I said Ben to come with us because leaving it alone or with Ben it's the same thing and 5 people are better than 4 against walkers (even if the fifth is Ben). I mean he retrived Lee's gun, that wasn't that bad...

  • I'm guessin in taht one with hid the bite, didn't left Clem with Omid, Kenny hated you and you didn't told him Clem is family and you either killed Ben or told him to stay. I think it's weird that a group of cancer patiens could overpower a group with 3/4 people to get the boat but ok.

  • The survivors had guns and the jump on everyone.

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    It is, but it felt right to me. I didn't show the bite and I told everyone I had to do it alone.

    On top of all that, I had Lee chop his own arm off!

  • Oh ok, I didn't remembered that . Than it makes sense ;)

  • You could also go solo by hiding the bite and simply telling everyone you want to go by yourself. I just did that on my latest playthrough with a friendly relationship with Kenny. No one argued about it or anything, even though it meant Kenny had to stay with Ben at the boat. I didn't leave Clem with Omid though, so I don't know if it would have played out a little differently if I did.

  • I didn't knew that. I'm guessin if you say you want to go alone then no one will go with you since in the end everyone is looking for themselfs and if you don't want help they won't risk themselfs.

  • If you look closer someone from omid or christa is weaker one that is actually "weeking" the group ( that is probably crhista beacouse she is pregnant)

  • My first gameplay was Christa and Ben, Kenny was a dick.

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    Yes, Kenny sure as hell can be an asshole. Chuckling, I mean: Kenny beaten up by a bunch of invalids

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